Thursday, March 13, 2014

BDSM Mistress - My personal beliefs are not negotiable!


Like most powerful women , I love playing with men's minds. I was born with a natural dominant personality , so obviously I'm deeply fond to BDSM activities, but most of all I'm a Femme Supremacist.Power exchange is My game. Good manners , charm , intelligence and creativity will get you quite far in my company. Some of the things I'm interested in : humiliation , CBT , sissification , worshipping, tease and denial, orgasm control , chastity, objectification, puppy training, financial domination

I'm not an 18 yo barbie-doll anymore, so don't expect me to act like one or treat me as such.I'm a grown-up woman, well educated and open minded ,I use my brain when I talk to you and I expect you to do the same in return. Don't you fucking dare calling yourself submissive and putting conditions to your submission. I require TOTAL SUBMISSION and I DO NOT take requests. I'm not forcing anyone to share My beliefs, so don't try to sell Me your ideas on D/s. My personal beliefs are not negotiable!

You can expect meeting a real Woman ,one who will connect with you on a psychological level. Sophisticated , stylish and real , I'm offering you the chance to get to know me.I train sissy sluts ,love to humiliate you and drain your wallet. Financial domination, toys training, D/s stories , CBT , orgasm control and denial ,cuckolds , chastity- I am THE ONE to show you the way to submission. I've come here to explore my darkest side and be your only reason to live.I've always been an independent person , a brat as a young woman and later becoming fully aware of My power and ability to make others surrender to My wishes.Obviously , a stubborn , independent woman like Me can only be a Domme.

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