Monday, December 3, 2012

Enema for my slave

Yesterday I decide to punish Slub because he wasn’t 
able to finish his morning task, so the thought to give him an enema was quite exciting.
“Slub come over here! "
As he walked in the bathroom ,I was both excited and nervous about what would happen. There was me holding the big red bulging enema bag with a big black nozzle.

He said "please Mistress, not with that big nozzle ". 
I just told him to be quiet, undress, and bend over the tub.

“No more comments you dirty slut!”
I told him that I have made the enema big hot and very soapy and proceeded to lube the nozzle. 
Then I put a glob of vaseline on my finger and told him to spread his cheeks. 
As I pushed my finger up to his bum I couldn’t believe how good it feels. After a few in and outs with my finger I pushed the big black nozzle up his bum.
I then release the clip and the enema starts to rush in. At first he was feeling good as always but soon the extra soap starts to give him cramp and he started to beg me to stop.
"No way Slub your going to take the whole bag" and started to move the nozzle out and in. Those made him feel good and took his mind off the cramping. As the rest of enema flows I started to rub his belly. When the bag empties I removed the nozzle and told him to hold the enema and put him a butplug.
“Do you want to go? I asked Slub while I was punching slowly his belly with my high heel black shoe. Or do you want some more? I know that your dirty hole is full and you will need to take all out. But you’ll not use the toilet….standing on your knees you’ll make it on yourself….And I will very much enjoy it!
I took out his butplug and told him to release all the shit on him….And he did …
“You’ll stay like this until I’ll come back….in your own dirt”….
And closed the bathroom door and left him in the darkness.
After 10 minutes I’ve come back and asked him to clean himself and also the entire bathroom…
“I will expect you upstairs to try my new latex long gloves on your ass….hurry up!”

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