Friday, September 28, 2012

Online Mistresses NOW!

No matter what fetish, kinks or pleasures you have in the virtual dungeon you can fulfill all your desires. These Mistresses are professional and very skilled; they know what to do and how to treat you. Some of them are cruel, love to cause you pain and humiliation, send you to heaven and hell in the same time love you for what you are and use you for their own needs. 
It’s time for you to stop a few minutes and take a look at the pictures or see Video PLAYBACK of PAST sessions, and you will understand that this is the perfect playground. A full description is available for each profile. 

Expertise includes all aspects of Domination & Disciplin : cbt, strap on, spanking, chastity, blackmail, forced feminisation, humiliation, forced intoxication, degradation, money slavery, small cock humiliation, financial domination, tease&denial, bondage, cuckoldry, SMOKING, retifism role play and much more.

You don’t have to go outside and show your real face, expose you in any way, here you will be completely anonymous and for that reason you can open up for new BDSM adventures.

You deserve to be happy and live your life as you wish!

Below is a preview with some of the online Mistresses. Get in touch with the ones you think are suitable for you.

Serve a Mistress Now!

It make take a while until registration is completed so I am recommending you to do it now. You never know when you are in the mood for playing and  moreover, registration is completely free of charge! 

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Financial Domination Mistress.

Financial Domination is when people, usually slaves and submissive men, pay or tribute money to a Dominant Female. This fetish is brought on by the need to be controlled in any and every way possible. True financial domination means that the slave tributes money of his own volition without expecting anything in return. Often, the Mistress humiliates the slave verbally while he tributes Her.
Many financial slaves tribute on a weekly or daily basis, as well as buy their Mistresses gifts whenever told to or whenever they feel it necessary. Often a financial slave will take it upon himself to adopt a Mistress' bill which he will pay faithfully every month for Her.

The financial slave desires for his Goddess or Mistress to live like a Pricness or a Queen while he himself is often forced to make financial sacrifices.
Sometimes financial domination is coupled with a blackmail fetish. The blackmail fetish (My personal favorite as a femdom Mistress!) brings the slave deeper into his submission by forcing him to obey and tribute his Mistress or bare the consequences of his blackmail information and/or pictures being posted by Her. Often there is a blackmail contract involved since blackmail is a potential legal hazard for the Mistress unless all bases are covered.

I enjoy being pampered and spoiled by submissive weaklings all around the globe. Indugle yourselves in my sick sadistic practaces of blackmail, tease denial, foot fetish, online shopping slaves, assignments, hypnosis, human toilet, human atm, cash cows, pay pigs, trampling, smothering, sheer, nylon, panythose, stockings, socks, high heels, distant training, exploitation, forced intoxication, feminization, humiliation, dangling, prostate cleansing, many many fetishes boy. PICK YOUR POISON until you fucking go broke!

Do not send me emails to request any kind of favours! 

 Just register free and serve a financial mistress now!

Monday, September 24, 2012

MissAlexya - Online Mistress Of the Week

Have you been naughty and need to be taught a lesson? Are you in dire need of a mistress? Well, you are in luck because this Mistress has all the kinks you need for a BDSM play! Sign up completely free of charge and obey her completely. She knows how to be rough and tender at the same time. If you thought that an online Mistress is hard to find, you will soon find out how wrong you are. Best BDSM chat ever!

If pain is your pleasure and if you like to be naughty do not wait a second longer because this Goddess just can't wait to bend you over her knees and give you the spank of your life! You will beg for her attention and you will love it. She will love hearing you out in pain, restrain you with leather , demanding you worship her, fucking and abusing you like a little slut you are. It will be in hell and heaven in the same time!
A mistress that you are not going to forget so easily and believe me she will give you the hardest femdom chat you have ever had! You will really loved her moody way to be from the first time you see her online. Being humiliated on webcam is something you will enjoy so much and she will make you feel worthless.

Serve MissAlexya Now!

About HER

usualy every evening GMT+3 time

I must admit I love being adored, spoiled, and worshiped by horny weak boys, losers, money slaves like yourself drive me crazy.
Fetishes I enjoy:
pain, torture, sissy, financial domination, feet worship, smoke, heels adoration, humiliation, mind control, ...d fem, shoes-boots training, sissy play, trampling ,soles and more

you're not here to turn Me off boy, are u??
but what i dislike is when u loser, compare Me with others so don't ever do it, by the way NOT all horny "babes" wearing latex are Dominant!
now press the button i want u to...........

What you can expect from my show
Im irresistible, Im expensive, Im addicting!
One more thing, if u are looking for any nude sex show (pussy/tits nudity shows) My room is not what u need. I DON'T offer fucking sex shows. What i offer is differnet, is Tease& Denial, is mind fuck, in brain wash, is using your weak cock to My tease, so I get where i want to..into your mind.

Why I Am Here
My fav : FINANCIAL DOMINATION, TEASE, MIND GAME . Dont think that if u pay u're the boss, u're wrong, u pay and u serve! i get the money and i choose the slave I want.

Obey to MissAlexya NOW!

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Sunday, September 23, 2012

You are a bit of a dirty cunt aren't you?

I strip you naked and blind fold you. I let you see me for a while and you know i am fully dressed. You feel me turn you around by your arm and I sit you on a chair. I tell you to wait and you hear me going through some draws and then feel me take your wrists and handcuffs being placed on each wrist and cuffed to the back of each side of the chair. Then there is silence and you wonder what is happening, before you feel my hands part your ankles and you feel me cuff your ankles to each leg of the chair.
You then hear me breathing in your right ear as i stand over you and you then hear a stern whisper "move yourself to the edge of the chair" I say. You don't question me and you shuffle your bottom forward to the edge and you then feel me place something soft behind your back, which prevents you from moving back.
Suddenly you hear me in your ear again "spread your legs you dirty cunt" I snarl in your ear. Embarrassed and ashamed you do as I say and you then feel me tying a rope several times around your knees (wrapping it around above and below your knee)and once done you feel the tension on the ropes pull you legs into a fixed exposed position - you know your pussy is hanging off the edge of the seat and already you have felt your pussy lips part and you know you are going to be wet already as your body trembles and yearns for something to happen to you.

You then feel me standing over you again and jump when, unexpectedly you feel my finger slap into your pussy slit and over your clit. You arch your head back and moan but your pleasure is short lived as I remove my hand almost as soon as I have touched you.
You hear me again in your ear as i whisper "You are going to cum so quick you dirty slut - you are so wet, you might even cum without being touched". You squirm a little in your seat as my words ring true in your ear....

Then.. you are left for a while. Maybe five minutes, maybe 10. But all the time you know I am in the room looking at you. You feel exposed and can not help but feel even more turned on.

After what seems like a long time - you feel me near you again. I pull your hair back with my hands as i stand behind you and you feel me scribing something on your forehead. "There" you hear "Now you are labelled as what you are.... A slut".

Suddenly you feel rough hands on your legs and running into your inner thighs. You are so turned on by now you are almost ready to cum anyway and then.... Finally your body tenses as you feel the long stroke of a tongue on your pussy - One long stroke from the base to the clit. Your body tenses and then as you exhale and relax with a naughty slut moan.
You are so turned on and you know you are going to cum so quickly as I concentrate on licking your clit in long circular motions, before occasionally running my tongue up your soaking wet slit. I dip my tongue deep inside you and you wriggle with excitement before i return to your clit again.
Within seconds you start to confess that you are going to cum and and you start to grate your hips as you feel me and then.. you cannot help but arch your back and cum so hard all over my mouth - like a dirty little whore.
You are softly licked until you are finished and then.....

Suddenly the blind old is removed - you see me standing in front of you and then notice beside me a video camera on a tripod facing you. "oh my god" you think "he has filmed it".
As your eyes focus and you try to understand what has happened you are suddenly hit by a realisation that everything is not as it seems as you lower your head to see that it was not me licking you.
Shocked and embarrassed your eyes focus as you realise that the man actually licking you is in fact a VERY old wrinkly man. He has white hair and is bald on top. He in knelt between your spread legs as you expose yourself to him and you notice that he has your pussy juice all around his mouth as he smiles at you with his perverted knowing grin. "I told you she was a dirty slut" i say to the old man. He simply smiles at you and says "yes - i can see that - she came in seconds".
I then thank him and tell him that he can go - and you watch him leave in his old patterned cardigan and trousers and notice that he is hard in his trousers as he leaves the room.
You then look at me embarrassed. I start to laugh "Ha ha - you dirty whore - you just let an 81 year old man lick you and you were so excited you came in a moment of seconds.... Ha ha...... and.. Guess what?" I say "I turn and point to the camera "I filmed it all.. Ha ha".
You then watch as I press play on the camera and the film comes up on the TV on the wall in front of you. You watch as i cuff you and tie you. And then the wait - as you watch you bring the old man in.
You are amazed as you watch that HE was the one who has written SLUT on your forehead in a black marker pen and I whisper in your ear and then finally humiliated and ashamed you watch as the old man gets to his knees and start to lick you and you are LOVING every second of it.

I stand behind you as you watch yourself on TV and you hear me whisper in your ear "Ha ha.. Look at you - look at how much you love him licking you". Embarrassed you watch yourself squirm on film. Loving his old tongue as you are displayed and exposed. SLUT engraved on your forehead you then hear me say "And watch this" as you watch yourself confess to being about to cum, before arching your back and throwing your head back as you moan loudly and cum all over the old man's mouth.
The film ends and a black and white fuzz fills the screen as I step in front of you and face you. "You are a bit of a dirty cunt aren't you?" i say.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Pay for Play

D/s relationships are especially rich in the mind, that most creative and demanding of sexual organs. Long distance domination, then, can be extremely gratifying even if those participating in it never see each other beyond words or webcam. At the very least, it is an opportunity to make fantasy that much closer to reality and enjoy submission by knowing that a beautiful and intelligent Domme is controlling your orgasms, among other things, hundreds of miles away

Long distance domination and BDSM online  has unique challenges. Subs are essentially on a very long leash, and often "while the cat's away....". Not only that, but physical forms of punishment and pleasure are not easily carried out, so it takes a lot of creativity and psychologically dominance .

Every Domina desires that her slaves and submissives to be well groomed, confident, coherent, intelligent and articulate with a level of self-respect worthy of attention. Also understand your calling for subservience and be willing to humbly embrace the concept that you are destined to relinquish your mind and body. And yes, nothing is for free.

Be very clear that payment of your tribute is NOT payment for sexual services. Your tribute is in exchange for intelligent, professional skills and creative ability to construct psychosexual erotic sesions in a safe and secure setting.

The link below will take you to a virtual dungeon in which you can find your perfect Mistress. Read carefully the descriptions and requirements and also don't forget why you are there! 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fantasy of a slave

My fantasy starts with my unexpected call to travel to Romania on business. I call you right away and you graciously offer me a place to stay, and a day and night to spend together. I don’t want to impose, but you insist with a wink. Of course, I obey.

The day comes and I travel from the airport to a café where we’ve agreed to meet for coffee. I arrive and immediately recognize you… you’re the most beautiful woman there, the most gorgeous I’ve ever seen. I find you in a deep red leather skirt that hugs your thighs and hips and zips up the front. A white silk blouse with an extra button unbuttoned…I can see a red shelf bra underneath, and the shape of your nipples showing through. You have on a thin black leather belt, and simple, classic, 5” (I’d guess) black stiletto heels of course. Black painted nails and your hair up with a 

long hairpin. Deep red glossy lips that match your skirt and smoky eye makeup to accentuate your seductive chocolate-colored eyes. My heart beats faster… my breath short.

We actually have an enjoyable time as we get acquainted in-person. I can’t help staring at your face, down your blouse, at your legs, your feet…and you catch me looking you over. You pull a bag out and tell me to go to the washroom, that I’ll know what to do. I comply of course.

Inside, I find a jelly butt plug attached to a cock ring with a rubbery cord. I know just what to do. I spit on the plug and slip it into my bottom imagining your fingers pushing it in. It fits perfectly… it stretches my ass open with just enough discomfort to be erotic. I then tighten the cock ring around the base of my balls and cock. So tight that every time my cock throbs, I can feel the plug move a little in response. Almost like you are moving it a little bit in and out. I come back to the table. You look pleased and give me a very long, sexy kiss, telling me I’ve obeyed my Goddess well. You then poke a heel under my pant leg, and slowly run it up my calf, deliberately leaving a long red scratch on my skin. I love that it hurts.

You take my hand as we talk for a little while longer. While I’m trying to stay focused, all I can think about is going somewhere to get very sexual with you, and you with me. Right then, you notice that my watch is still on my ‘home’ time. You’re very unhappy with me. I can see it in your eyes and in your posture that you’re frustrated with me to let something so important be so wrong. You tell me we must leave immediately.

We start walking to your apartment…you’re one step ahead of me as I try to keep up with you. I can’t take my eyes off of the perfect curve of your body sheathed in leather even though I feel like I’m very much in trouble. We duck into a secluded alleyway and into the closest doorway. You tell me to unzip my pants. As soon as I do, you reach down and tighten my ring -- the pain and pressure is excruciatingly perfect. I zip up and we’re off again, this time a little harder to keep up due to my discomfort. I’m so hard I feel like could cum already, and my ass is beginning to throb in concert with my heartbeat.

We make it to your apartment… climbing the stairs is a little more painful than I expected : ) We get inside and you demand that I strip. You slip on a pair of over-the-elbow satin gloves and you look as amazing as any woman on earth has ever looked. ‘Oh, my queen’ I say as I drop to my knees in adoration. My cock rock hard and point straight up. So thick… the skin pulled so tight it’s shiny an incredibly smooth.

You put a collar on me and tighten it. It’s hard to breath at first. Cuffs on my wrists and ankles. You put me on all fours and use a cane on me, leaving red marks with every stroke. You make me say “I am Goddess Clara’s slave” “She is my beautiful Queen” “I am nothing without her”…..

You pause, help me up and grab my cock in your hand and squeeze as hard as you can to make a little pre-cum come out. You take it on your finger and feed it to me. You give me a kiss, our tongues sharing the saltiness, and tell me to go into the kitchen and get you a drink. When I come back, your skirt is unzipped up to the waist, and you’re wearing a strap-on. You look so in charge and confident. Like my wild huntress. You tell me you bought it just for us. You take your drink and lie down on the couch, taking an ice cube and rolling it over each of your nipples. You tell me to lie on the opposite side, facing you. I obey of course. You take off your little black belt and wrap the buckle end around the purple head of my cock and lie back down, holding the end of it like a leash, tugging, pulling. The sensation is insane.

You slide a heel between my legs, pushing on the plug with the stiletto tip… fucking me with it. You then put the heel on my balls and start to push. And push more. And push harder. You’re stoking your strap-on while you watch my expressions and listen to the sounds of pain and pleasure I’m making. You tell me to slip one of your heels off and worship it, then each toe… every detail of your foot. I happily comply, but the other stiletto crushing my balls, cutting into me, the cock ring so fucking tight, plug so warm and squishy is almost too much to bear.

You pull me to your end of the couch and kiss me. Then, demand I suck your cock. I hesitate, so you give your belt a hard snap like a whip, and of course I obey. You’re talking so dirty to me. I’ve never wanted to give a blow job, but you have me so turned on and in pain/pleasure, I jump right in. Only for you. You pull my head onto it and to my shock I can swallow it whole. You grab my hair and pull me back and forth until you’ve had enough.

You push me to the floor, my elbows on the couch, ass up in the air. You sit on the couch, legs spread in front of me. You slip your fingers into your soaking wet pussy and let me lick them clean. You taste so sweet… like nothing I’ve ever imagined. I’m on all fours and I know what’s coming. But you surprise me. You tell me you have to go to the bathroom. I expect you to get up, but instead, you push your pussy on to my face and tell me to not miss a drop. I feel my mouth filling with your piss…warm, no…hot, sweet and bitter and salty at the same time. Filling my moth… I can taste your sex mixed in. I drink in every drop using my tongue to make sure your clean and beautiful.

You come around behind me and pull out the plug that I’ve been enjoying all morning. My ass is wide open, waiting for you. Still covered with my spit you slip it inside me and fuck me. Pulling on my collar, swearing at me, choking he shit out of me. You are completely unleashed. Time stands still.. I don’t know how long this goes on for. I’m exhausted by your passion. Panting. Moaning. Smiling. Shaking.

You pull out of me, drop your strap on and help me to my feet. You tell me what a good slave I’ve turned out to be. How you love how well I take direction, and how well I can take your abuse. You take me by the wrist cuff to your soft bed and lay me on my back. You tie me to the bed. You slowly take off your shirt. Your blouse. Your bra to show me your complete beauty from head to toe. You are stunning my Queen. You slowly remove my cock ring and the blood rushes back in making me bigger and harder than I’ve ever been. As you hover over me, you take your hair pin out… your raven hair cascading over your bare shoulders. Sitting on the tops of my legs, my cock standing straight up, it rides against your belly as you move on top of me. You take the hairpin and start to poke me with the sharp end, leaving little bloody pokes on my chest, shoulders, nipples. You straddle me, your sex dripping onto my chest. You back onto my cock… your body is so warm, your skin so smooth, your smell so delicious. As you slide onto me, you push your tongue into my mouth, firmly taking mine between your teeth, biting my lip to draw blood.

You use me for your pleasure until you’re completely satisfied……it’s like an out of body experience as I see your eyes close, your thighs tighten, your body quiver and your pussy squeeze around me as you let out a final moan and your body relaxes in a heap on top of me.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

BDSM - Myth and Fact

Myth: Once you start playing BDSM games you will want more and more and engage in increasingly risky and dangerous play
Fact: It is true that newcomers are often like kids in candy shops. After all, they are discovering new things and the feelings associated with them. But most people find who they are in the scene, and enjoy staying there. They might experiment and even find out new things about themselves, but stay centered.

Myth: Everybody plays heavy, there's no room for people who consider a feather heavy.
Fact: There is room for everyone. One persons heavy is another persons light and vice-versa. In fact, being in the "scene" doesn't have to involve BDSM at all. If you encounter the people who keep "score", find other people.

Myth: All I see in the magazines and on the "net" are beautiful people in million dollar outfits, I'll never fit in.

Fact: You are looking at magazines and the "net". It says more about societies concept of body image and beauty then it does about the scene community. Bear in mind that not all sites are created by people who belong to the scene community. The pay sites in particular tend to sell what they believe to be societies fantasy BDSM community, not real people and scenes. Often, they take vanilla fantasy and sex, and add a small amount of bondage or discipline to make the sale. Things are changing, if you look you will see more and more "real" people in BDSM media. Our community is very diverse and real and that is to be celebrated.

Myth: "Leather" is only for Gay men who meet in bars.
Fact: It is true that "Leather" has its roots in Gay history. The Leather Scene evolved out of the post WW2 "veterans" organizations (for an in depth look at this subject see "The Old Guard" by Guy Baldwin). Many of the trappings involved with what we now refer to as the "scene" come from these organizations, such as referring to yourself as "old guard". Some of these Leather organizations have almost nothing to do with BDSM while others are almost totally about BDSM. The myth is that Leather is a "Gay only thing". When TonyDeBlase created the Leather Pride Flag he created it for everyone and it has been slowly adopted by the pansexual community. You can be into BDSM without wearing leather. In many ways "Leather" is an euphemism for many aspects of the scene, not just BDSM, or even wearing leather, but by everyone using the term Leather we all become part of a larger community.

Myth: The "scene" is all about pain. I don't see how pain can be enjoyable to anyone.
Fact: It should be said that the scene doesn't have to involve pain. Aside from that, people are wired differently. Most of us would agree that oral sex is a lot of fun and yet there are those who will say it is over rated. The same thing can be said for pain (perhaps a better word is sensation). There have been studies that show sexual arousal stimulates endorphin production. That production can also be stimulated by BDSM. This gives rise to the concept of pleasure/pain that you may have heard about. Some submissives get enjoyment in the thought that they are accepting pain for their dominant. Others simply enjoy the sensations of heavy "stimulation". It isn't unusual that some people who enjoy heavy pain DON'T enjoy it right after sexual release. Prior to that release though, they can go quite a long time and can achieve an endorphin high that is remarkably similar to orgasm. Finally it should be said that the concept of pain as a bad thing is a western one. Other cultures except pain as a natural thing and even use it to achieve higher states of consciousness, Hindu fakirs for example.

Myth: All Dominate women are man hating bitches and Dominate men are woman hating bastards.
Fact: You've been reading magazines again. Seriously, the man/woman hating concept is more a product of BDSM media, and certain political agendas, than reality. There are many web sites that cater specifically to the woman or man as bitch/bastard and the slaves as helpless, and "forced against their will although they really want it", servants. While that may be a fantasy for some, it can be perceived as an all encompassing scene reality to many since the distinction between the two isn't made. The flip side of this myth is that submissives are weak willed doormats who allow themselves to be coerced into anything the dominates wants. This is another product of media, both BDSM and vanilla, where the sub is seen as victim, not consensual partner. Does all this mean that no one in the scene has ever been a man/women hater? No, but those people are quickly recognized as such and have very few, if any, play partners.

Myth: I'm Master or Mistress so and so. Everybody will respect me.
Fact: Says who? Anybody can give themselves a title. It's what we do that defines us. This is not about giving yourself a scene name, it's about the attitude behind the name. Which means more to you, that someone calls you Master or Mistress or even Grand Poobaa because you ordered them to, or they call you Master or Mistress because they respect and recognize you for your love, honor, caring, compassion and integrity and not just your ability with a flogger?

Myth: I'm a submissive. I'll be expected to act a certain way.
Fact: Probably the best way to act is to be yourself. Submissives/bottoms/slaves don't come prepackaged from the BDSM factory. If you are new and unattached, politeness and courtesy will go a long way towards getting that play date. You might end up in a very formal club, where submissives are expected to act a certain way, but you should know that going in. Some Dom/sub relationships can be very formal, the sub only speaking when spoken to, always kneeling, never making eye contact etc. By extension some clubs/organizations can be the same way. Most are more laid back though and everyone does their thing, some people being very formal and others more relaxed. Neither is necessarily right, just different. If you are new, it might be best to seek out a less formal organization at first and figure out for yourself what the best role is for you.

Myth: This is what BDSM is about and if you are not doing it this way you're wrong.
Fact: This is sort of a my kink is OK, yours isn't variant. Aside from formal clubs where certain things are expected, BDSM relationships, play, and roles can be very fluid. The right standard is what is right for you and your personal comfort level. Always remember though, that others may very well have different standards and comfort levels and those too should be respected. Also, it's not right to expect others to have the same relationship you may have (in the scene sense or any sense) or to hold yourself to some else's standard, unless of course, that's a standard you admire.

Myth: All that Master, Mistress, subservient stuff is just play acting

Fact: No it isn't. While people can assume roles for the duration of a scene and then come out of those roles afterward, remember that while they are in that scene the role is real, others stay in their role all the time and their relationship is very real and should be respected. One more thing on this, if someone is in a more formal role, scene etiquette says you must respect that. If you want to talk to the sub, you should speak to the dom first. If someone is wearing a collar (no, not the kid at the mall) they are NOT community property, someone put that collar on them and that is who you seek out. To assume that it's all play acting will most likely get you a ticket to the door.

Myth: I'm a submissive, therefore I can be brat and the center of attention.
Fact: This is a touchy subject. There is a very fine line between being playful and being a obnoxious. Where that line is will depend on a lot of things. If you have to be the one who always has the best scenes, the best play partners (or the reverse "doesn't everyone want to play with me") be the loudest, and let everyone know how wonderful you are, you will probably find yourself on the obnoxious side of the line. The thing is, scene people are a pretty polite bunch and won't tell you that you're obnoxious, they just won't play with you. Once again though, this is touchy, one persons role is another persons brat.

Myth: BDSM = Sex
Fact: BDSM can be intensely sensual, but it doesn't have to be intensely sexual. To say that sex never occurs in BDSM is a lie. It's just that it doesn't have to. Many people have wonderful, leave you limp, experiences without any sexual contact at all. Also, being in the scene doesn't mean you are going to get laid. Finally, if you use your position in the scene to coerce sex, non consensually, see What BDSM isn't.

Myth: This is all too complicated, I'll never get it.Fact: The real scene community can be a complicated world but part of the "I'll never get it" feeling is because you have found something and you want it very quickly. If you were starting a new job where you didn't know the routine, how would you go about learning the routine? If you went to a party and knew very few people, how would you get to know new people? Patience, courtesy, and consistantly showing up will go a long way toward starting your scene life. The reward is well worth it.

Myth: My kink is OK, yours isn't.
Fact: Sadly, this isn't always a myth. When you first come into the scene community it's virtually guaranteed that you will see things that you never dreamed of and don't understand. That's normal. But if you start saying that "thing" is bad or wrong simply because it's something you don't what to do or something you might be afraid of, YOU are wrong. If you don't understand something it is perfectly permissible to ask questions. Knowledge IS power. Taking this one step further, the scene is not bisexual, gay, heterosexual, lesbian, or transsexual. It's also not Master, Mistress, Top, bottom, submissive or slave. IT BELONGS TO EVERYONE!!! Stepping off soapbox now.

Monday, September 17, 2012

You will obey to Erotyca4u - virtual dungeon

She will be your personal Online Mistress versed in many forms of domination, humiliation and control. Once you succumb to her you will no longer have any reason to be, or importance, except to serve her, please her and of course amuse her live on her BDSM chat room.

You can find her online every day and she will have the pleasure to train the novice slaves.

CamContacts: Erotyca4u
She loves kink and fetishes and loves to train and teach novice slaves! If you want to meet her please follow this link!
every fucking day

MII am dominant MILF who loves financial domination (money slaves), verbal and physical humiliation, sissification, leg, boot and shoe worship, spanking, or whatever whim crossed my mind. You will be submitting to my Superior being and you will cease to have any importance, value or purpose in life – other than to please and amuse me!. My every Command shall be obeyed. My every wish will be fulfilled. Failure to comply will result in your expulsion from My world. .U willingly hand oveR

rude sluts
What you can expect from my show
new experience with a milf rough mistress u will never forget!!!

"You will obey every command without question, you are here to serve only Me and do what is expected at all times. At any time if you choose not to comply you will be banished from my sight forever. I am the Superior being and demand to be treated as such through feet, leg and body worship, your humiliation and sissification, financial control and verbal abuse"

Register here!
Highly recommended by !

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Saturday, September 15, 2012


Here is truly BEAUTIFUL, INTELLIGENT, SOPHISTICATED, SMART, BITCHY, SPOILEDD, POSH woman. And for you this is a huge honor to be usefull and serve her, adore her beauty, shaped figure, long legs and long hair live on her BDSM chat room.
The BLACKMAIL(TEAM VIEWER) is her favorite thing to entertain herself. 
She is  specialised in financial slavery sissy training, forced bi, chastity, foot worship, heel worship, cuckolding, manipulation, humiliation, goddes worship and other fetishes. She might give you a chance to serve her and make you from useless loser to a more usfull pig.
So take it as rule : you must learn that pleasing her it's your only job and  worship your goddes its your single pleasure. 

CamContacts: HelenJonson

Im MISS_HELEN 25 yo,from London.Very skilled DOM WOMAN.

Here and now I give you a chance to be my slave. Isn't it your own dream to be abused by POSH, very beauitiful, sexy and, more over, smart as hell Mistress? MONEY SLAVERY sounds so nice and thrill minds, as mine, because  I love money more than ever, especially yours, because of your weakness to give everyything untill your last penny to your GODDESS, spoil her wishes and pay for her luxury life. And maybe you will recieve speacial treat like worshipping my feet or go shopping with ur GODDESS 

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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Welcome to the Dungeon

So you fucking cunt it's time to twist your nipples again in my pursuit of pleasure and your pain filled use! This time with vibrating clamps while your tits are roped tightly and being beaten with a leather flogger by a dominate woman in a black leather bikini with gorgeous big tits and huge nipples. she is standing over your tied wide spread body the flogger blurring in the harsh lights as she laughingly swats yoru upthrust tits and enjoys herself as your moaning around the dildo trapped in your mouth.
Your staring up at her shaved cunt mound as the cream runs from her cunt and down her thighs, you love the look of her thigh high black leather boots against the creamy white smooth skin and the soft pink pussy lips you can barely see.
You know that soon you will be f***ed to tongue fuck that glistening cunt slit as a good little whore does, till she floods your face with her squirting orgasms.
The cunt juices are flowing down the crack of your own wide spread ass into a slowly growing puddle beneath your naked ass, the other slaves in the dungeon await the orders of the woman in black to rise up and stuff you full of their cocks, fingers, tongues or toy's whatever she desires to see you used and abused with.
The 9 of them, 6 women and 3 men all with at least 9" cocks either strapped on or hardened with viagra and cock rings wait for you!!!
The cameras are filming your every second.
It's been what seems an eternity since she had your tits tied and the clamps applied but it's only been 10 minutes of pain filled orgasms as the screaming whore inside wants to be unleashed and your cunt is on fire though no one and nothing has touched it, yet....=)
But you know, you know your time is coming. Soon she will grant you release, soon you shall know the feeling of being a cock filled cum slut and a wanton whore to be used by any and every cock in the room and any cock she commands you to take.
Your a fucking whore, a slut, a cock slave who must have cock to suck, fuck, fondle, rub on your face, tits cunt and ass.
To feel it swollen and throbbing in your asshole while it slides into the balls and begins to saw in and out the big ballsack slapping against your wet cunt as it bottoms out in your juice filled asshole.
You beg for cocks in your mouth and cunt, you want more, more, more. Your an insatiable cock lover who always has a wet cunt and a willing mouth for every cock and cunt that passes by, your every second is comsumed with lust for cocks and cunts to eat and fuck and to be eaten and fucked by them!!!
Finally the Mistress orders the dildo out of your mouth and you gulp in fresh air, laden with the smell of cock and juicy cunt. Two of the men pick up your trembling body and lay you face down on a sawhorse specially built for gang fucking a tied whore.
Now comes the flogging on your cunt and ass, your cheeks held wide by a willing female of 18 who is a petite little blond with a shaved cunt and a SLUT tattoo over her clit. You can smell her sweet young tender pussy so close to your face and you long to kiss and lick it, but you see her large thick cock and you want her to take you roughly and use you. Your a fucking nasty assed whore who loves to be used and she has what you want.
As Mistress slowly flogs your ass a redhead of 5' 10" with the same tattoo on her moist cunt strides over and turns her ass to you. Mistress commands you to begin to tongue fuck this tall slut so you taste her asshole without hesitation.
Mistess commands Red to bend over and press her ass back into your face so you can tongue her deeper still and you do, suddenly you know your pleasing Mistress and you feel a hot hard throbbing cock slam forward into your wet willing asshole!!!
Then another into your cunt, and then you get another one into your cunt with the first!!!
Your stretched and filled with 3 cocks in your hot holes and they slowly begin to move in you.the one in your ass to it's own rythem as the two in your cunt begin to saw back in forth to their rythem...
Your body is shaking and our beginning to feel the rising orgasms, the intensity growing as your straining into the asshole in front of you, the cocks plunging into your cunt and ass..
Your Mistress standing there flogging you on your tits and tied nipples, and finally she yell's CUM YOU FUCKING SLUT and you explode!!!!!!!
Your squirting and screaming out loudly while she continues to lash your tits and those massive cocks slam into you harder and faster as they are being driven to their orgasms by the other women left in the room who are grabbing their balls and talking nasty to them.
Finally they have to cum, and one by one they are lead to your willing open mouth to shoot their hot loads of cum into.
You cant swallow any though, you are helped up and then you learn you must share your bounty with the other women.
And all the while the cameras catch it all.....


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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fetish Consent Contract & Worksheet

This worksheet allows for a more open communication between Mistress and slave. By consenting to the participation in various fetish acts, both individuals can move forward in their sexual adventures with a clear idea of what each one expects. It's a tool to open discussion between partners and a chance for master and slave to create boundaries, limits and to feel more comfortable in their roles.

Yes      No!   Maybe Fetish Activities:
_____ _____ _____ 24/7 (Total Power Exchange)
_____ _____ _____ Age Play
_____ _____ _____ Anal Sex (Giving)
_____ _____ _____ Anal Sex (Receiving)
_____ _____ _____ Arse (Ass) Play
_____ _____ _____ Asphyxiaphilia (Breath Play)
_____ _____ _____ Biting
_____ _____ _____ Blindfolds
_____ _____ _____ Bondage
_____ _____ _____ Breast/Nipple Torture, Clamps, etc.
_____ _____ _____ Candle Wax
_____ _____ _____ Chains
_____ _____ _____ Chastity Devices
_____ _____ _____ Chinese Balls/Ben Wa Balls/Anal Beads
_____ _____ _____ Cock and Ball Torture, Clamps, etc.
_____ _____ _____ Collar and Lead/Leash
_____ _____ _____ Confinement/Caging
_____ _____ _____ Coprophilia (Shit Play& or Toilet Training)/Scat
_____ _____ _____ Cross Dressing
_____ _____ _____ Cupping (Suction of the Skin)
_____ _____ _____ Depilation/Shaving
_____ _____ _____ Dildos (Handheld & Strap-ons)
_____ _____ _____ Discipline 

_____ _____ _____ Domination
_____ _____ _____ Exhibitionism/Sex in Public
_____ _____ _____ Feathers
_____ _____ _____ Fire Play
_____ _____ _____ Gangbangs
_____ _____ _____ Hair Pulling
_____ _____ _____ Handcuffs/Shackles
_____ _____ _____ High Heels 
_____ _____ _____ Humiliation
_____ _____ _____ Infantilism/Diapers
_____ _____ _____ Klismaphilia (Douching/Enema)
_____ _____ _____ Lace/Lingerie
_____ _____ _____ Latex
_____ _____ _____ Leather
_____ _____ _____ Making Home "Movies"
_____ _____ _____ Masks
_____ _____ _____ Masochism
_____ _____ _____ Massage
_____ _____ _____ Master/Slave 
_____ _____ _____ Masturbation
_____ _____ _____ Mutual Masturbation
_____ _____ _____ Nipples 
_____ _____ _____ Oral Fixation
_____ _____ _____ Pain (Punching &/Or Corporal Punishments)
_____ _____ _____ Pantyhose/Stockings
_____ _____ _____ Participating in Erotic Photography
_____ _____ _____ Piercings
_____ _____ _____ Pinching
_____ _____ _____ Play Piercing
_____ _____ _____ Podophilia (Foot Fetish)
_____ _____ _____ Power Exchange
_____ _____ _____ Retifism (Shoes or Boots)
_____ _____ _____ Rimming
_____ _____ _____ Rubber
_____ _____ _____ Sadism
_____ _____ _____ Sensory Deprivation
_____ _____ _____ Sex During Menstruation
_____ _____ _____ Spanking/Paddling
_____ _____ _____ Talking Dirty
_____ _____ _____ Tickling
_____ _____ _____ Toys
_____ _____ _____ Urolagnia (Water Sports/Urine-Toilet Training)
_____ _____ _____ Vibrators
_____ _____ _____ Voyeurism
_____ _____ _____ Whips

MASTER'S CONDITIONS:: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

_________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

MASTER'S SIGNATURE:: _________________________________

SLAVE'S SIGNATURE:: __________________________________

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Do you have a fetish?

A fetish (derived from the French fétiche; which comes from the Portuguese feitiço; and this in turn from Latin facticius, "artificial" and facere, "to make") is an object believed to have supernatural powers, or in particular, a man-made object that has power over others. Essentially, fetishism is the ethic attribution of inherent value or powers to an object.( source Wikipedia ) 

I know that are many who are turned on by something unusual for a normal person, and this could be a leather underwear, heels, shoes, blonde hair or even furniture. This may sound crazy for the “normal’s” but you know what? ….we are normal too. Personally, I get really excited when I see shibari ropes. Bondage is one of my favorite kink play, If I may say so. I like to keep Slub in bondage as often as possible ….and he enjoys it so much! 

I also know that are many of you who are not so lucky to have someone around to play with, and this may cause you a lot of frustration and unhappiness. It’s hard to meet someone that shares the same fetishes with you. It’s not something that you can say out loud or to meet your soul mate on the street.

This list I have post it on a previous page of this blog contains almost every BDSM play that may happen in a D/S scenario. It’s a written agreement between your Domina / Master and you. In this game please keep in mind always this rule : Safe, sane and consensual. After that, everything is permitted.

Keep in mind thet Bdsm is not something cool to joke around. This is a way to enjoy your sexuality in a different way. Nobody is entitled to tell you what to do and how you should feel. So, just be you and you will find the right path to explore.

If you don’t have experience in this game , the best way to start this lifestyle at a safe level is to find someone to train you. To explore how it feels. Some people will try this with their partners. Others will not have the balls to do that.

A good way to explore and to be absolutely safe is to use online Dominas. I personally recommend the best and also the safest site to explore your kinky personality: CamContacts. There are thousands of kinky girls to ply with but if you need something hard please see the Fetish & Dungeon section.

This links will get you there in a second. Register here!

CamContacts - Fetish / Dungeon 
All Cams - Fetish / Dungeon 
WebCamLife - Fetish / Dungeon 
CamSexNow - Fetish / Dungeon 
CamContact - Fetisch / Dominas - German speakers
CamContactos - Fetichismo / Sadomasoquismo - Spanish speakers

And don’t be shy….it’s time for you to explore your kinky fetishes.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Online Domination - CruelKira

Best BDSM Live Mistress ever!
"I enslave you with seduction, lure you with temptation and sweet promise of bliss. Deviant, Sadistic and Twisted, I will take from you everything, turn your world as you know it upside down, feeding off your fetishes as I take your soul straight to Hell."  

CamContacts: cruelkira

What you can expect from my show:

24/7 total POWER exchange- you will be under my spell
Ass play -I will stuff that ass of yours with everything my wicked mind, desires
Asphyxiaphilia (Breath Play)-I will control not only your mind, body and soul, but your breath as well , hahaha
Biting-Ohh I love it so much, bitting your ears, bitting your chest, bitting all parts of you , umm mmm
Blindfolds-My favorite ,feeling your fear as you hear my heels and whip hitting the floor
Body Hair-So gross, makes you look like a moneky, but GODDESS will take care of all
Bondage-Shackles or Cuffs? Losers!!!
Branding-Be carefull how you behave, If you displease me you get branded
Breast/Nipple Torture, Clamps, etc.-Twisting your nipples will make me smirk
Bukkake-Oh my , you lil tramp, why is your face so full of cum?
Candle Wax-Have you been to Madame Tussaud?
Cash pig-stupid worker (2 jobs at least) to satisfy his GREEDY GODDESS
Chains-Loyal slave might get priviledge, live in a basement, chained and be fed, with left overs from Goddess Table
Cling Film-I will wrap you for my amusement anytime
Cock Balls Torture-Yes pussy, pray to God to find me in ``soft mood``
Clown-Yes morron, one of your goals is to keep GODDESS entretained on a daily basis

Collar and Lead/Leash-Dont dare not to own a collar and a leash puppy, Woof Woof
Confinement/Caging-To avoid that BEHAVE IDIOT
Cross Dressing-Open your closet sissy and let your transformation BEGIN
Cuckold-Either you have a shrink dick or not, you will blowjob my bf and all his friends.Why? Because I fucking wish so!
Dacryphilia (Arousal from Tears)-Seeing your cry makes me LAUGH
Denim-Oh my lil slave toy,the sight and smell of denim gets your clitty so so wet
Depilation/Shaving-Brazilian style wooooo hoooo
Dildos (Handheld & Strap-ons)-You think you only have 2 holes, wait to see my discoveries
Ears-Each time I feel you lie ,I will pull your ears and attach clothes pegs on, so you learn your lesson
Electrotorture (EMS TENS units)-How about some electroshock to remind you HOW OWNED YOU ARE
Exhibitionism/Sex In Public-I heard you stay nude with curtains open, next is sex in public at my command
Fire Play-This will happen to unfaithfull sluts, I will burn their pubes and something else ...
Fisting-The supreme honour a slave can get, GODDESS FIST IN HIS BUM
Gangbangs-Call your friends and neighbours and let the orgy begin
Hair Pulling-You should let your gair grow
Humiliation-Glory Hole,diapers,trash bin, toilet seat,toilet brush to dirty?
Infantilism/Diapers-What a bad boy, you made a huge mess in your panties,you are now a DIAPER BOY
Money slave-I will take your money idiot, and you can get MY MIDDLE FINGER
Making Home Movies-Scripts: You suck cock, you get fucked, you get pimped, you suffer for me
Pantyhose/Stockings-Wait to see 10 ways, how to use them
Pinching, Piercings-You will get a PRINCE ALBERT piercing to please me
Pony Play,piggy play,puppy play- so PATHETIC
Rimming-what fluids a slave deserves??

Rubber-All my rubber sluts are welcomed in London sussex g
Scent- Addict by Dior (smell it whore in mall dont dare to BUY IT)
Sensory Deprivation-Brainwash you
Spanking/Paddling-Feel my crop, my spiked paddle or baseball bat, hahahaha

Have fun !