Sunday, May 26, 2013

BDSM session - Kinky Mistress with a latex slave

Are you in a mood for dirty play?

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Classy and cruel bdsm Domina live

She is here to make all unworthy slaves kneel and beg to have the privilege of licking Her boots! Be sure that She will draw pleasure from your pain while taking away your dignity!
She knows how to dominate you and her femdom chat session are always “unique” no matter what. She will train you and you will worship her as much as she need to be happy and satisfied! 

This online mistress cam is what I’ve been searching for you  for quite some time and please keep in mind that  She  loves  obedient slaves, bondage, humiliation play, impact play, CBT, feminization, SDH, total power exchange, chastity, collaring, psychological bondage, objectification, smoking.

CamContacts: Demonica

In just one live session you’ll see how painful but exciting can be a true  Domina. You have to understand that this webcam Mistress will not do whatever you want on webcam….this is topping from the bottom. She will dominate you live on webcam in whatever ways she wants! The rest is up to you and your twisted imagination!! She will totally dominate and humiliate you and will make you a true slave.

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Thursday, May 9, 2013

TheSeductress BDSM Online Mistress

Hello slaves, I am back from a long vacation in which I have  indulged myself with lots of BDSM “fun” and kinky activities. Maybe I will tell you later about that ….now I have something else for you... a beautiful online Mistress.

As far as you are here, let me tell  you that you are done with the search, as will shortly realize  that you have finally found what you have been seeking all along. This Mistress is here to become the only one you will ever want to kneel in front of from now on. If you have ever fantasized about serving and pleasing a sensual, strong and dominant lady, being teased and dominated by extremely beautiful, powerful and seductive Goddess, or if you have a scenario you endlessly fantasize about, and not sure where to realize it, The Seductress can help you with that!!!
This online BDSM Mistress is here for those who want to find themselves in hands of an intelligent, gorgeous young Dominatrix, and being expertly controlled by her, for those of you who are truly ready to give themselves to her and being rewarded by the pleasure you could not even imagine exists.

Come into Her world and I bet you will want to do it again and again…At least, you will never forget about it…Men, women, and couples are welcome in her dungeon for submission, servitude, learning, or just voyeuring and enjoying the show.

The sky is the limit to your fantasy!

  CamContacts: TheSeductress


What you can expect from My show:
Sensual domination that involves manipulating your mind as well as your body. I will have you doing things you never thought you would do, crossing boundaries you didn't even know you had and engaging in the most cerebral sexy domination fantasies you have dreamed about.. you will lose your inhibitions and let out all your secrets... and you will tell me all about your disgusting fantasies.

Financial Domination & Exploitation - intoxication. I love to be entertained by men, who can make me feel good and relaxed. So if you want to show off your personality a little for Me, do not hesitate to enter... --Activities that I also enjoy : mind manipulation, cuckoldry, all types of worship (including foot, heel, boot), smokin' hot, tease & denial, orgasm denial, domestic slavery

Fake submissive men, cheap, greedy losers. Be good otherwise you will permanently lose any chance to serve me!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Mistress Anne live on Bdsm live Mistress

Hello Slaves
Please read carefully before contacting Mistress Anne

I enjoy control and relentlessly exert it upon my victims, taking anything I please from them: which infallibly leaves them begging for more.I must be loved, honored, pleased and served... and I deserve the best! Bad manners will not be tolerated at any time and only true Gentlemen should come and serve Me.

Optional Activities:
Bondage & discipline, Dominatrix, Exhibition, Kissing, Leather, Latex & rubber, Legs, feet & shoes, Lingerie & stockings, Nails, Outfits, Sadomasochism (S&M), Slaves, Smoking, Spanking, Breast/nipple torture, Candle wax, Chains, Chastity devices, Cleaning, Clamps and clips, Cock and ball torture, Collars, Cross-dressing, Depilation/shaving, Discipline, Domination, Feathers, Feminization, Fingernails, Fishnets, Flashing, Gags, aGas masks, Glasses, Gloves, Handcuffs, Hands, Heels, Humiliation, Ice Cubes, Interrogation, Kneeling, Lace, Lipstick, Lycra/spandex, Make up, Masks, Masochism, Medical play, Mistress/slave, Necks, Orgasm Denial, Pigtails, Pony play, PVC, Satin / Silk, Sensory Deprivation, Socks, Strap-ons, Submission, Teasing, Temperature Play, Tickling, Whips

Why I Am Here:
To give you the opportunity to escape your everyday boring life and wife and let yourself be fascinated and revitalized by my divine dominant, sensual eroticism.

Best online BDSM Mistresses

10 Dominatrix Training Tips

If you're a secret submissive and you dream of your woman dressed in latex and chains, you need to hear about these 10 dominatrix training tips. Not every woman is born ready to be in charge. Introduce your woman to bondage and discipline slowly. Show her what is in it for her if she plays along. Before long, your dominatrix in training will show you who is really in charge.

Question your motives. No matter what you do, your lover will not magically become a porn star image of dominance. Before you introduce your partner to BDSM, make sure you are doing it for the right reasons: to deepen the relationship and celebrate each other.
Start slowly. Gauge your lover's aptitude for dominance by asking her to order you around in normal, non-sexual applications. Try out some fantasies in non-threatening arenas, such as during phone sex.

Communicate. BDSM is always about communication. After sex or while you are feeling especially close to your partner, tell her you want to share some fantasies with her. Describe how it feels to let go of yourself during sex. Focus on the feelings of submission and dominance and how that would affect your relationship. 

Accept that you might not get everything you want. Getting a partner who isn't currently interested in BDSM to play your games is an exercise in trust. Keep in mind, however, that your woman might not ever want to be the kind of dominatrix you want her to be. 

Show her what's in it for her. Start with games of chastity: she gets to tell you when you can climax, and exactly how to please her. This is a great introduction in dominatrix training, because the payoff is obvious to her.

Don't top from the bottom. Spend extra time on communication before and after sex. Tell her the kinds of things you like, things you'll never be open for, and things you might want to try. Ask her to detail the same things for herself. After sex, talk openly about what worked and what didn't, being careful to word things in a positive way.

She chooses when, where, how, and for how long. In your excitement to play with the kinkier version of your lover, you might be tempted to set the time and place for these activities. Don't. You want her to dominate you at her own pace and for her own pleasure. 

Be open. As you continue to play these games, you both are going to reach levels of trust, communication, and intimacy that you've never experienced before. If you allow yourself to be vulnerable with her, she'll begin to see your sex games for what they are: vehicles for greater closeness in the relationship.

Be grateful. Without manipulating your lover, show her how much you appreciate her for playing along. Show your gratitude in ways that come naturally. Be physically affectionate. Make her breakfast the next morning. Send her to work with a love letter in her briefcase. This will let her know how important she is to you.

Continue to strengthen the relationship in other areas. Even though it is exciting to watch your lover transform into the dominatrix of your dreams, don't forget that isn't all she is to you. Continue to do normal things with her. Let her move at her own pace, and your dominatrix-in-training will surprise you in good, good ways.

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