Thursday, October 25, 2012

Letter from one of my slaves

Most Beautiful, Sexy Mistress
 I’m glad your email yesterday started with a “ : ) “ --- and you called me your precious future slave. There’s hope!
I’m so preoccupied today by my empty inbox this morning. I realize how much I look forward to every one of your messages to me.
They make me feel special knowing you’re thinking of me once in a while.
You are right… I’m sorry for asking as much as I did. Your precious object of affection is too spirited and independent at times.
You are right too. I am a hard target. For that I am most sorry. My life is complicated, and I know you’re not interested in or concerned about that.
I am new to this, but so motivated to be yours. In a word, you are captivating, my queen. When I see your picture, I take in every detail of your face, imagine the dark corners of your mind, yearn for the depths of your soul and crave the heat of your body.
I’m not sure I understand limits, but I’ll try and wait for you guidance. You know about my free time during the day and how that matches up with your day. I can verify. Early on, any pics I send to you would have to be done in a private bath or closed office.
I will begin to find other, more flexible, creative solutions as we go.
I hope you liked the pic yesterday, and I hope you will accept that as my first attempt to please your needs and share with you what’s yours.
Thinking of you always and the pleasure you would demand from me....

Taking a cane to me
Whipping me
Leaving marks on my olive skin
Tying me
Dressing me
Abusing me with toys
Having me serve you
Relieving yourself on me... in me
Making me taste you, lick up your period
Restraining me with leather
Causing me pain with your heels
Making me cook for you
Blindfolding me
Demanding I worship you
Making me beg for an orgasm
Hearing me cry out in pain
Handcuffing me
Fucking me
Pinching my skin
Putting me on a leash
Cutting my skin
Teasing me with your stockings
Teasing me with silk and feathers
Torturing my cock
Bruising me
Yelling and swearing at me
Putting a gag in my mouth
Having me on all fours
Tickling me
Not allowing me to piss
Using me to get off
Be anything you want me to be.
Please accept my apology Mistress.

Are you in pain, slave? :))))

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