Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Beautiful Domina for obedient slaves

Before you visit Mistress Monica:
Open your mind .. empty your thoughts and say this outloud : My kink drawer will be open, I will enjoy my spankings and look forward to obeying every command Miss Monica gives me, shamelessly!

I am on almost daily .. I am sometimes available for appointments so you may email me via CC mail and request for an appointment if I am free !

I am happy to consider both novice and experienced trainees and will look forward to receiving your humble application to worship at the temple of My sex. You will exist solely for, and your goal will be, My own personal pleasure and satisfaction!

Disobedient slaves .

What you can expect from my show:
If you would like to experience the honour of serving beneath Me then you may apply to serve Me . However, you should be aware that I accept only the very highest standards of devotion and obedience and should you fail to please Me in any way, you will of course expect to receive suitable punishment (within pre-set limits).

Optional Activities:
Bondage & discipline, Dominatrix, Leather, Latex & rubber, Legs, feet & shoes, Lingerie & stockings, Outfits, Role playing, Sadomasochism (S&M), Slaves, Spanking, Blindfold, Breast/nipple torture, Candle wax, Chains, Chastity devices, Clamps and clips, Cock and ball torture, Collars, Discipline, Domination, Gags, Gas masks, Handcuffs, Heels, Humiliation, Kneeling, Lipstick, Lycra/spandex, Masks, Masochism, Mistress/slave, Orgasm Denial, Pony play, PVC, Riding Crops, Sensory Deprivation, Submission, Teasing, Temperature Play, Whips

Why I Am Here:
Being naturally Dominant, I very much enjoy chatting with gentlemen who wish to experience sensual and sexual Domination at the expert hands of a highly experienced and stunningly beautiful strap-on wearing Goddess.

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Mistress train you to be a money slave

I am your deepest desire, your secret fantasy, and of course your wildest dreams come true. I am your mistress, and I will take pleasure in you giving me everything I want. Of course with your money, and your gifts. You will confess to me, how much you need my discipline and guidance. Admit how much I understand your desires, because of course I do. I know you want to please me, and agree to embrace my every wish. You know it’s your destiny, don’t you? You can’t resist Me. Only very special slaves get my attention, and of course you do want to be special to me, don’t you. I believe the greatest gift a woman can possess is beauty. You will worship my beauty and give me everything I desire.
You will serve me with each and every breath that you take. You will worship me and me alone. I will become the only reason for your being. Your true reason for being. No longer will you be alone or on your own, you will live for me, I will become your true and one and only obsession.

Money and power go hand in hand. One cannot exist without the other. Money can be an incredibly powerful sexual aphrodisiac. Giving, and taking, money can become an intense sexual fetish. Almost all money slaves experience an incomparable sexual gratification, and a vast emotional satisfaction, from the act of giving.

Financial domination gives a fulfilment seldom found in other fetishes – Fulfilment to a submissive' need to live for a dea or deus greater than themselves, to give all their best of themselves to that goddess. I am the one you have been searching for, all this time.
You are here because you have an insatiable urge, in some ways a sexual drive, to fulfil a need. The reason, and I am your reason you are here is beyond your control, you cannot resist me. My beauty commands your attention. My presence demands your obedience. You are merely a marionette – I pull your strings and you dance as I please on the stage of my Life.
Face it. Admit it. Even as you take in my words, your anticipation rises, your excitement builds, your need to please this goddess rises to an almost unbearable level.

You want to be mine; you need to give to me. To serve this goddess with your very being is your destiny. Feel your heartbeat rise, notice your breath become quicker, watch your desire build to an obsessive need, revel in the excitement. Then, when you can stand the rising tension no longer, beg to be allowed to pay me homage with a tribute or gift.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Webcam BDSM chat with Mistress Sandra

I am mistress Sandra. Enticing, beautiful, powerful and strict. The gorgeous curves that lead down from my round hips, to long sinewy legs and my pretty arched feet could be a version of heaven.The `WHERE YOU BELONG TO` heaven...

Absolute amateurs are encouraged to come forward and delve into their dark desires, I will be more than happy to take you by the hand (or leash) and guide you through the dark passages of your own mind.

Well trained, or experienced slaves are always welcomed as are those with strange and unusual Fetishes.

I relish in pushing the limits and boundaries of you loyal and experienced playthings, while perhaps introducing a few seductive games of my own.

Mutual respect is vital, just as I anticipate the utmost respect from my subjects, Miss will always respect your limits and accept reasonable requests - providing you ask politely of course!

Everyone has different limits and boundaries, so mutual respect in an integral rule in my gameplay.

Being a dominant, yet sensuous nature, I take delight in seducing and teasing you to the point when you lose control, when the surprising combination between demanding and caring catches you off guard. It's when you realize how weak you’ve become, that limits start to melt, being helpless is a sweet treat and, in the end, there is nothing you wouldn’t do for MY PLEASURE!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

BDSM slave session online

If you’re trying to learn how to be a slave, you might want to know more before you get started. With online BDSM slave training, you can find out more about yourself, your desires/fantasies, and what a slave should do for their Dominant. This sort of training can help you to develop the kind of mindset where you can completely please your partner.

Far too many submissives jump into serving the first that comes along. While I can understand the desire to do so this is a very dangerous thing to do. It is very important to be patient as a new submissive just starting out. If you leap before you are ready many terrible things can happen.

Entering into a relationship with an individual who is not competent or responsible enough to be a Dominant. Past horror stories have included practicing new submissive techniques on the submissive with horrific consequences (most techniques should be practiced on a pillow or towel first), a Dom/me pushing the submissive past their limits, ignoring safewords, not checking in during an intense scene, zero aftercare and no debriefing time. Worst of course is the mentally unstable abuser who is pretending to be a Dominant but as no true desire to take care of and/or protect their submissive.

If you don’t truly understand yourself and your desire you can never know what it is that you want and should ask for. More importantly you can never know what to avoid like the plague to ensure you don’t do something that you will later reject.

While many people will argue that you can never know if you like something until you try, I beg to differ. It’s true somethings may need a try before you can truly determine if you like them or not. For example if you like being spanked by a hand, then perhaps you may like being spanked with a paddle. Under a safe environment this might be something that in the future you might want to try to determine if you like it or not.

However, if you know yourself and you know you hate the sight of blood, then you know to stay away from needle play, cutting and all activities that cause blood to be drawn. If you are claustrophobic, then you need to stay away from restrictive hoods, mummification and caging/confinement scenes. You don’t need to test them out to know if you like them. You know because you know yourself and your desires. You have done the research on each activity and compared it to what you want out of a scene or relationship and you can fairly accurately determine whether or not these activities are right for you before you ever try them.

Just because you are submissive does not mean you don’t have a voice. In the end it is you who decides how you will serve and what you are willing and not willing to do. Don’t let anybody force you to do something, because they won’t have to live with the regret, but you will. Take your time and be patient, learn from a safe distance, and discover a deeper sense of yourself before you enter into any type of activity.

Online BDSM slave training can be a safer way to learn about BDSM, submission and your own desires. The reason being is because you can view everything from distance giving you the time to soak in everything that you learn. Online training can include:

Specific Lessons – teaching you how to be a better slave for you. you will learn how training might look when you’re with you a partner. You might find out what future bdsm slave training consists of and how you can perform in the best way possible for your future Dom/me.

Tips – you can gain tips from experienced Dominants and submissives to help you better handle anything from managing painful sessions to dealing with sub drop after an intense session to avoiding potentially fake/dangerous Dominants. You can also have access other slaves, showing the potential of your submission and giving you a glimpse into what is truly possible.

Instructions – you can also learn about the proper slave commands and positions. While your Dominant might use different instructions, having a starting point can help you understand what may be expected of you.

The privacy that comes with online submissive training is also a benefit, as you don’t have to share what you are learning with anyone.

So take the time you need to learn how to be a slave before you ever hand that job over to someone else. The more time you spend with yourself the better you will be prepared when the time to serve actually comes. In doing so, you will show your future Dominant just how much you care about their approval and being the best slave you can for them, which will please them all the more.

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Let`s play a little game called Hellen....BDSM restricted

CamContacts: GlamourDomme

Take a look at the strict,no nonsense Online Mistress above. 

She is the hardest,mos severe Mistress you will ever have the priviledge of serving. Submitting to a femdom webcam session with this powerful woman is not for wannabes. 

She is a natural dominant and commands complete and total respect and obedience at all times. What ever she commands in a femdom webcam session,she expects to have done. If she wants another elastic band on your pathetic cock,you better do it. if she tells you to put more tobasco sauce on your nipples,put more on. And if she screams “dance” at you when your wearing your little pink frilly panties,well you better dance good.

This is one of the strictest Mistresses online and if your only playing at being a sub and your really only wanting to test how far you can push her then you should just move on. 

She does not tolerate time wasters. There are many wannabe mistresses online who say they give femdom webcam session but do not have any idea what they are doing. But she is clearly an expert and knows how to bring weak,pathetic guys like you to their knees and to her heel with a simple sneer or click of her fingers. 

If you are a submissive male in need of some firm,female dominance then log on and see her. But remain respectful and humble at all times.

A femdom webcam session with her is a mind blowing experience and you do not want to miss out.

Sunday, March 30, 2014


CamContacts: xBlackMail

Turn-Ons: s/m bondage, discipline, cum control, trampling, financial domination, humantoys, body worship, blackmail, role play,feminization, sissification, corporal punishment cbt and others

Turn-Offs: My dislikes are cheap losers! I expect the best and the best I shall have! You don't even know the half of how spoiled this Queen is! You will see!

Do NOT dare to call me "bb", you little paypiggy, UNDERSTOOD ?!

I want to bring u down to ur knees and make u understand the power of a beautiful intelligent sophisticated woman.

Optional Activities:
Bondage & discipline, Dominatrix, Exhibition, Leather, Latex & rubber, Nails, Outfits, Role playing, Sadomasochism (S&M), Slaves, Smoking, Clamps and clips, Cock and ball torture, Discipline, Domination, Feminization, Fingernails, Glasses, Handcuffs, Heels, Humiliation, Lipstick, Lycra/spandex, Make up, Masochism, Mistress/slave, PVC, Satin / Silk, Strap-ons, Whips

CamContacts: xBlackMail

why I am here? ... looking for obedient slaves ... to have fun with and please me on and off ...I am strict and cruel, and I just love punishing little slaves, so you better please me or there'll be pain.

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Friday, March 14, 2014

How to get into BDSM

A Very Brief Primer on Getting Started in the BDSM Community

Step 1: Are you interested in BDSM?
Well? Are ya? This is something you just have to answer for yourself. A lot of kinksters feel like they've always been fascinated by pain, capitivity, and/or servitude; some only gain an interest when they learn about BDSM as adults. Two things that are important to know here:

1) What kind of interest do you have in BDSM? BDSM is what you and your partner(s) make it, so never feel that you have to do it "correctly"--anything safe and consensual is correct. So suss out, maybe even write down, what parts of BDSM interest you and in what role or roles you see yourself. Do you want to experience physical pain, or give it? Do you want to experience humiliation, or give it? Do you want to serve others, or to be served? Do you have specific fantasies or fetishes you want to fulfill? This stuff is all a la carte, remember, and there's no reason you can't receive pain while being dominant or neutral, or want to command someone but not hurt them, or any of a zillion other combinations. And whether, when, and how you add sex to this mix is also a la carte.

While many of these desires will come from or change with your experiences in BDSM, and while "I don't know, I'd have to try it" is a legitimate answer to the questions above, it's a good idea to have at least a rough idea to begin with. The more you know about what you want, the better your kinky experiences will be.

2) If you just want "sex, but spicier," you are probably not kinky, or at least don't have a thorough understanding of what kink entails. There's nothing wrong with wanting to have sex with someone who wears tight black stuff and has a femme-fatale demeanor, but that's not really what the BDSM community is about. If that's all you want, you don't really need to get into BDSM at all, but simply try to get your vanilla partners to add that in.

Although kink and sex are often mixed, the kink community is not a swingers' or free-love community; there are more people here that will beat you but not fuck you than vice versa.

Step 2: The Internets.
Hands-down, the best site for BDSM socialization is Fetlife. It's not a dating site, and to this end it deliberately does not allow you to search for people along parameters like "submissive women under 30 in Boston." The point of Fetlife isn't to find individuals to hit up for play, but to find events in your locality and discussion groups about your interests. If you become a serious member of the BDSM community, kinky friends will be a far greater asset than partners--get people to talk with first, people to commit acts of sexual violence with second.

Kinky friends will teach you BDSM skills, tell you who's good people and who's not, tip you off to secret things that aren't talked about on the Internet, become your partners or help you find partners, and help you keep some goddamn perspective in our wacky mirror-world. They're a wonderful thing to have and will make your life in BDSM a million times more fun and real. You may crave partners, but you need friends.

Step 3: Your First Munch.
A munch is a public meeting of kinky folk where everyone just talks and socializes. These are easier to find in major metropolitan areas, of course, but there are some munches all over; check "events near me" in Fetlife. Dress in normal street clothes and don't expect any play. Do expect to be pleasantly surprised by the diversity, vivacity, openness, and "hey, these are just people"-ness of your local kink community. And while it's lovely to meet a partner at a munch, don't expect to, especially the first time out; as online, Objective Number One is to build up a strong support network of friends.

Once you start meeting people in person, remember that You Do Not Talk About Kink Club. BDSM is still illegal in a lot of places and frowned upon in most, and you don't know who's "out" to their friends and families, much less employers. Don't call people by their "scene names" outside kinky contexts (not only is yelling "Hey Mistress DarkFyre!" at someone on the street gauche, but yelling "Hey Jennifer!" can also cause her problems if the people she's with don't know her as Jennifer) and don't talk about who attends kinky events. Don't talk about where or when kinky events are, either. Careless words can absolutely devastate people and sometimes entire scenes.

Also, three notes on kink etiquette:
1) Don't touch people or their toys, even casually, without asking.
2) Call people by the names and pronouns they give you, even if they seem hopelessly silly.
3) Do not act submissive or dominant to someone unless you have negotiated this with them. (And don't let anyone do this to you.) You're all just people and all equals until you specifically agree to act otherwise.

Step 4: Actually Playing.
This part I can't cover in a quickie one-post guide, but I'll hit the highlights:

-Playing at a party, or with non-participating friends around, is much safer than playing one-on-one. This goes double if your play involves bondage. Use a lot of judgement and vetting before you let someone hurt you or tie you up when there's no one around who would hear you scream. (If you're a top, you're somewhat safer, but there are still untrustworthy or downright dangerous bottoms around, so it's still a good idea to have your first play experiences somewhere with witnesses.) If you are going to play with someone one-on-one, get your kinky friends' opinion on them first or make sure you know them damnwell. Before the date, tell a kinky or sympathetic friend who you'll be with and where, and make sure your partner knows that your friend knows.

-Negotiate! That is, before you and your partner lay a finger on each other, sit down and talk about what it is that you propose to do to each other and what you absolutely mustn't do. No need to script the whole scene, but get an idea of what they're looking for--being hit? how hard? being given orders? to do what?--and of their limits. There is no "usual" and almost nothing "goes without saying."

-Always have a safeword. This is a word that stops everything dead. It's the emergency brake, the circuit breaker, the ejection seat. The instant someone uses it, you don't argue and you don't question; you immediately let them out of any bondage, stop any stimulation, drop your role, and just let them cool down. Sometimes that means cuddling them and sometimes it means not touching them, but either way, stay in cool-down mode until you've talked about exactly why they used it and whether they want to start again or call it a day.

Don't be afraid to use your safeword. It doesn't mean you're not strong enough or "real" enough or you're accusing them of doing something wrong. It just means that they're not a mindreader and didn't realize you were feeling bad about what was happening(physically or emotionally), and there's no reason you should tolerate feeling bad in a recreational activity. Relieve them of the need to mindread and tell them.

I like to use a "stoplight" safeword system--red is the true emergency brake, yellow means "ease up, but I'm not done" (I'll also use it to state my needs, as in "yellow, it's hard for me to breathe in this position"), and green means "this is awesome, don't you worry about me, keep on doing the awesome stuff."

Every bit of this goes for tops too.

-Experiment. Within the limits of safety and consensuality, never be afraid to break the mold of what play is "supposed" to look like. Sometimes it's one of you naked and cuffed to a St. Andrew's Cross being flogged; sometimes it's two clothed people on a sofa just using their bare hands. Sometimes it'll have you laughing your ass off, sometimes it'll have you fighting back, sometimes it'll have you in an altered state, sometimes it'll have you coming your brains out. It's all a la carte and you are not doing it wrong.

For more Info , please access links below

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BDSM Mistress - My personal beliefs are not negotiable!


Like most powerful women , I love playing with men's minds. I was born with a natural dominant personality , so obviously I'm deeply fond to BDSM activities, but most of all I'm a Femme Supremacist.Power exchange is My game. Good manners , charm , intelligence and creativity will get you quite far in my company. Some of the things I'm interested in : humiliation , CBT , sissification , worshipping, tease and denial, orgasm control , chastity, objectification, puppy training, financial domination

I'm not an 18 yo barbie-doll anymore, so don't expect me to act like one or treat me as such.I'm a grown-up woman, well educated and open minded ,I use my brain when I talk to you and I expect you to do the same in return. Don't you fucking dare calling yourself submissive and putting conditions to your submission. I require TOTAL SUBMISSION and I DO NOT take requests. I'm not forcing anyone to share My beliefs, so don't try to sell Me your ideas on D/s. My personal beliefs are not negotiable!

You can expect meeting a real Woman ,one who will connect with you on a psychological level. Sophisticated , stylish and real , I'm offering you the chance to get to know me.I train sissy sluts ,love to humiliate you and drain your wallet. Financial domination, toys training, D/s stories , CBT , orgasm control and denial ,cuckolds , chastity- I am THE ONE to show you the way to submission. I've come here to explore my darkest side and be your only reason to live.I've always been an independent person , a brat as a young woman and later becoming fully aware of My power and ability to make others surrender to My wishes.Obviously , a stubborn , independent woman like Me can only be a Domme.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

What makes a healthy submissive - online or real life

1. The healthy submissive is capable of, and thrives on, intense, intimate, emotionally open relationships. This is often evident in the number of nourishing, sustaining, and life affirming friendships she makes over the years.

2. The healthy submissive is a giver. She often needs help to ration herself because her impulses nearly always lead her to want to do good for others.

3. The healthy submissive is capable of intense joy, especially in the context of a sustaining relationship.

4. The healthy submissive finds significant relaxation when properly related. She is at ease in that place.

5. The healthy submissive has finely tuned interpersonal sensitivity. She is reactive to subtle shifts in the emotional tone of others.

6. The healthy submissive has a fluidity of self, a flexibility that enables her to adapt to changing circumstances.

7. The healthy submissive is playful.

8. The healthy submissive has no more than the usual cultural conflicts about her body, and its goodness and beauty.

9. The healthy submissive takes pride in her accomplishments.

10. The healthy submissive accepts herself as she is, knowing that while her culture values independence and self sufficiency, she has strong dependency needs and that there is no inherent "wrongness" about those needs.

11. The healthy submissive seeks nourishing relationships.

12. The healthy submissive, in accepting herself "as is" is tolerant of others. But neither will she allow anyone to tell her what her truth should be.

13. The healthy submissive has a reasonable self concept, aware of her difficulties as well as her strengths.

14. The healthy submissive hunger is to be the object of an intense and penetrating understanding. When her nature is understood and she is held in a loving and firm frame, her devotion is almost limitless. The healthy submissive has an enormous capacity for devotion, from which springs her service.