Friday, September 21, 2012

Pay for Play

D/s relationships are especially rich in the mind, that most creative and demanding of sexual organs. Long distance domination, then, can be extremely gratifying even if those participating in it never see each other beyond words or webcam. At the very least, it is an opportunity to make fantasy that much closer to reality and enjoy submission by knowing that a beautiful and intelligent Domme is controlling your orgasms, among other things, hundreds of miles away

Long distance domination and BDSM online  has unique challenges. Subs are essentially on a very long leash, and often "while the cat's away....". Not only that, but physical forms of punishment and pleasure are not easily carried out, so it takes a lot of creativity and psychologically dominance .

Every Domina desires that her slaves and submissives to be well groomed, confident, coherent, intelligent and articulate with a level of self-respect worthy of attention. Also understand your calling for subservience and be willing to humbly embrace the concept that you are destined to relinquish your mind and body. And yes, nothing is for free.

Be very clear that payment of your tribute is NOT payment for sexual services. Your tribute is in exchange for intelligent, professional skills and creative ability to construct psychosexual erotic sesions in a safe and secure setting.

The link below will take you to a virtual dungeon in which you can find your perfect Mistress. Read carefully the descriptions and requirements and also don't forget why you are there! 

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