Sunday, September 9, 2012

Online Domination - CruelKira

Best BDSM Live Mistress ever!
"I enslave you with seduction, lure you with temptation and sweet promise of bliss. Deviant, Sadistic and Twisted, I will take from you everything, turn your world as you know it upside down, feeding off your fetishes as I take your soul straight to Hell."  

CamContacts: cruelkira

What you can expect from my show:

24/7 total POWER exchange- you will be under my spell
Ass play -I will stuff that ass of yours with everything my wicked mind, desires
Asphyxiaphilia (Breath Play)-I will control not only your mind, body and soul, but your breath as well , hahaha
Biting-Ohh I love it so much, bitting your ears, bitting your chest, bitting all parts of you , umm mmm
Blindfolds-My favorite ,feeling your fear as you hear my heels and whip hitting the floor
Body Hair-So gross, makes you look like a moneky, but GODDESS will take care of all
Bondage-Shackles or Cuffs? Losers!!!
Branding-Be carefull how you behave, If you displease me you get branded
Breast/Nipple Torture, Clamps, etc.-Twisting your nipples will make me smirk
Bukkake-Oh my , you lil tramp, why is your face so full of cum?
Candle Wax-Have you been to Madame Tussaud?
Cash pig-stupid worker (2 jobs at least) to satisfy his GREEDY GODDESS
Chains-Loyal slave might get priviledge, live in a basement, chained and be fed, with left overs from Goddess Table
Cling Film-I will wrap you for my amusement anytime
Cock Balls Torture-Yes pussy, pray to God to find me in ``soft mood``
Clown-Yes morron, one of your goals is to keep GODDESS entretained on a daily basis

Collar and Lead/Leash-Dont dare not to own a collar and a leash puppy, Woof Woof
Confinement/Caging-To avoid that BEHAVE IDIOT
Cross Dressing-Open your closet sissy and let your transformation BEGIN
Cuckold-Either you have a shrink dick or not, you will blowjob my bf and all his friends.Why? Because I fucking wish so!
Dacryphilia (Arousal from Tears)-Seeing your cry makes me LAUGH
Denim-Oh my lil slave toy,the sight and smell of denim gets your clitty so so wet
Depilation/Shaving-Brazilian style wooooo hoooo
Dildos (Handheld & Strap-ons)-You think you only have 2 holes, wait to see my discoveries
Ears-Each time I feel you lie ,I will pull your ears and attach clothes pegs on, so you learn your lesson
Electrotorture (EMS TENS units)-How about some electroshock to remind you HOW OWNED YOU ARE
Exhibitionism/Sex In Public-I heard you stay nude with curtains open, next is sex in public at my command
Fire Play-This will happen to unfaithfull sluts, I will burn their pubes and something else ...
Fisting-The supreme honour a slave can get, GODDESS FIST IN HIS BUM
Gangbangs-Call your friends and neighbours and let the orgy begin
Hair Pulling-You should let your gair grow
Humiliation-Glory Hole,diapers,trash bin, toilet seat,toilet brush to dirty?
Infantilism/Diapers-What a bad boy, you made a huge mess in your panties,you are now a DIAPER BOY
Money slave-I will take your money idiot, and you can get MY MIDDLE FINGER
Making Home Movies-Scripts: You suck cock, you get fucked, you get pimped, you suffer for me
Pantyhose/Stockings-Wait to see 10 ways, how to use them
Pinching, Piercings-You will get a PRINCE ALBERT piercing to please me
Pony Play,piggy play,puppy play- so PATHETIC
Rimming-what fluids a slave deserves??

Rubber-All my rubber sluts are welcomed in London sussex g
Scent- Addict by Dior (smell it whore in mall dont dare to BUY IT)
Sensory Deprivation-Brainwash you
Spanking/Paddling-Feel my crop, my spiked paddle or baseball bat, hahahaha

Have fun !

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