Thursday, September 13, 2012

Welcome to the Dungeon

So you fucking cunt it's time to twist your nipples again in my pursuit of pleasure and your pain filled use! This time with vibrating clamps while your tits are roped tightly and being beaten with a leather flogger by a dominate woman in a black leather bikini with gorgeous big tits and huge nipples. she is standing over your tied wide spread body the flogger blurring in the harsh lights as she laughingly swats yoru upthrust tits and enjoys herself as your moaning around the dildo trapped in your mouth.
Your staring up at her shaved cunt mound as the cream runs from her cunt and down her thighs, you love the look of her thigh high black leather boots against the creamy white smooth skin and the soft pink pussy lips you can barely see.
You know that soon you will be f***ed to tongue fuck that glistening cunt slit as a good little whore does, till she floods your face with her squirting orgasms.
The cunt juices are flowing down the crack of your own wide spread ass into a slowly growing puddle beneath your naked ass, the other slaves in the dungeon await the orders of the woman in black to rise up and stuff you full of their cocks, fingers, tongues or toy's whatever she desires to see you used and abused with.
The 9 of them, 6 women and 3 men all with at least 9" cocks either strapped on or hardened with viagra and cock rings wait for you!!!
The cameras are filming your every second.
It's been what seems an eternity since she had your tits tied and the clamps applied but it's only been 10 minutes of pain filled orgasms as the screaming whore inside wants to be unleashed and your cunt is on fire though no one and nothing has touched it, yet....=)
But you know, you know your time is coming. Soon she will grant you release, soon you shall know the feeling of being a cock filled cum slut and a wanton whore to be used by any and every cock in the room and any cock she commands you to take.
Your a fucking whore, a slut, a cock slave who must have cock to suck, fuck, fondle, rub on your face, tits cunt and ass.
To feel it swollen and throbbing in your asshole while it slides into the balls and begins to saw in and out the big ballsack slapping against your wet cunt as it bottoms out in your juice filled asshole.
You beg for cocks in your mouth and cunt, you want more, more, more. Your an insatiable cock lover who always has a wet cunt and a willing mouth for every cock and cunt that passes by, your every second is comsumed with lust for cocks and cunts to eat and fuck and to be eaten and fucked by them!!!
Finally the Mistress orders the dildo out of your mouth and you gulp in fresh air, laden with the smell of cock and juicy cunt. Two of the men pick up your trembling body and lay you face down on a sawhorse specially built for gang fucking a tied whore.
Now comes the flogging on your cunt and ass, your cheeks held wide by a willing female of 18 who is a petite little blond with a shaved cunt and a SLUT tattoo over her clit. You can smell her sweet young tender pussy so close to your face and you long to kiss and lick it, but you see her large thick cock and you want her to take you roughly and use you. Your a fucking nasty assed whore who loves to be used and she has what you want.
As Mistress slowly flogs your ass a redhead of 5' 10" with the same tattoo on her moist cunt strides over and turns her ass to you. Mistress commands you to begin to tongue fuck this tall slut so you taste her asshole without hesitation.
Mistess commands Red to bend over and press her ass back into your face so you can tongue her deeper still and you do, suddenly you know your pleasing Mistress and you feel a hot hard throbbing cock slam forward into your wet willing asshole!!!
Then another into your cunt, and then you get another one into your cunt with the first!!!
Your stretched and filled with 3 cocks in your hot holes and they slowly begin to move in you.the one in your ass to it's own rythem as the two in your cunt begin to saw back in forth to their rythem...
Your body is shaking and our beginning to feel the rising orgasms, the intensity growing as your straining into the asshole in front of you, the cocks plunging into your cunt and ass..
Your Mistress standing there flogging you on your tits and tied nipples, and finally she yell's CUM YOU FUCKING SLUT and you explode!!!!!!!
Your squirting and screaming out loudly while she continues to lash your tits and those massive cocks slam into you harder and faster as they are being driven to their orgasms by the other women left in the room who are grabbing their balls and talking nasty to them.
Finally they have to cum, and one by one they are lead to your willing open mouth to shoot their hot loads of cum into.
You cant swallow any though, you are helped up and then you learn you must share your bounty with the other women.
And all the while the cameras catch it all.....


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