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Domination is my lifestyle - MIstress Viv Online Dominiatrix

Mistress Viv is a Sensual , Strict  Mistress , Dominatrix ,Caring, Dominantand She wants to show you that the world of BDSM ,pain and Domination can be a continuing exploration for the experienced, and need not be intimidating for the novice or interested observer.

She finds great pleasure in manipulating, humiliating and torturing males both physically and psychologically. She is educated, well-spoken, leggy and in a position to indulge her bossy streak. She likes to play in a spontaneous, fun and natural way; entirely free of the cliches and theatrics of ‘traditional’ BDSM as She is a naturally dominant woman and certainly not going through the motions. In fact, you could call Her the ultimate, real, humiliatrix and foot goddess.

Mistress Viv welcomes session enquiries from submissives, fetishists, novices and experienced players alike, 

Fetish & Domination - BDSM slave training for inexperienced. Sessions from mild to extreme. Masochists welcome. CFNM. Edgeplay. Cam2cam preferred. Be prepared with toys & household items to use for CBT, Nipple Play, Anal, Gagging, Spanking, Wax, BreathPlay.

Respect my limits as I respect yours! I am solely Dominant, no switch.

What you can expect from my show:
The perfect tease with a kinky & perverted mind. Leg & Ass worship. Wigs. Queening. Financial Domination. Ignore Fetish. Extensive collection of Latex/Leather, High Heels & Boots, Nylons, large Strapon Cocks, Whips. 


Optional Activities:Bondage & discipline, Dominatrix, Leather, Latex & rubber, Legs, feet & shoes, Lingerie & stockings, Piercings & tattoos, Sadomasochism (S&M), Spanking, Other, Armpits, Breast/nipple torture, Candle wax, Chastity devices, Clamps and clips, Cock and ball torture, Cross-dressing, Discipline, Domination, Feminization, Fur, Gloves, Handcuffs, Hands, Heels, Humiliation, Humor, Lipstick, Lycra/spandex, Make up, Mistress/slave, Necks, Nylons, Orgasm Denial, PVC, Riding Crops, Satin / Silk, Socks, Strap-ons, Teasing, Whips

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Emotional and Financial Dependency

Emotional Degradation and Emotional Subjection

Emotional degradation is a form of emotional SM that goes beyond embarrassment or humiliation into the realm of stripping the bottom of self-esteem or inner resources. For many people being embarrassed, humiliated, or even degraded can be very hot. Where to draw the line, and how to be sure that the loss of self-esteem stays under control and does not pervade aspects of life where it is unwanted can be very difficult to assess.

The heavier and riskier forms of this kind of play bring up questions about potentially damaging someone's self-respect both in and out of scene. While many males find it very hot to be told their cocks are small and unsatisfying in scene, and many females and males alike find it very hot to be told they are dirty, disgusting, or too ugly to desire, it would potentially be damaging to reinforce someone's negative self-image. To tell someone that he is stupid, useless, or undesirable may be hot for the person at the time, but it carries a lot of risk if it is repeated daily. It is the responsibility of the partners to consider the long-term self-esteem issues involved and to be sure that this kind of play does not lead into nonconsensual areas that sneak up on the partners over time.

More than most kinds of risky play, emotional degradation seems to risk a relationship's crossing the line into abuse. If the submissive or bottom is constantly told he or she is useless or subject to the top/dom's every whim, told to stay home doing the only lowly tasks he or she is good for, devoid of an outside job, school, or independent friends, and otherwise made dependent financially and emotionally on the top/dom for any kind of support or approval, how do the partners know if consent is still being given of free will? Even though such a model of abject subjection and extreme dependency on one's dom or top is appealing to many people, top and bottom alike, there is a substantial long-run risk of entrapment involved. Such relationships can start off with freely given and informed consent, but risk long-run emotional damage as well as the loss of opportunities in life.

Not all such relationships go down such a sad road! But to not think about the risks in advance and periodically reevaluate the situation is foolish.

Blackmail and Financial Subjection

Some people fantasize about being blackmailed. After all, blackmail is a form of control. While this is an extreme form of play that is rarely talked about in public, it does occur consensually. In one variant, the bottom consensually gives the top control over financial resources like bank accounts. If the bottom does not do the top's bidding or maintain whatever agreement was made, the top takes away the resources or reduces the bottom's allotment. In another variant, the top investigates the bottom's life and threatens to reveal unacceptable details to family or an employer unless payment or acquiescent behavior are forthcoming. Obviously, smaller amounts of resources afford less risk. But most of the time I have heard of this kind of play, it involves astonishingly large sums, even a person's entire savings.

Clearly this sort of play risks the top's not returning the resources or using them inappropriately. Disputes, particularly between unmarried lovers, can be hard to resolve. Under ordinary social mores, many would doubt that anyone can possibly give fully informed consent to something so extreme. But it is a fact that people do play this way. For some it is successful play.

Successful forms of this play sometimes entail specific goals for the bottom, such as studying harder at school, losing weight, or more frivolous goals such as the bottom's learning to kneel each night before bed. The palpable reality of actually losing money can be highly motivating as well as erotic. Complete financial dependency or vulnerability can also be a form of erotic control.

There are instances of people losing a lot of money this way. You are very foolish if you think it can't possibly happen to you because your dom or top would never do that to you or because you will never have a dispute with your partner. The person you have negotiated with may be completely serious when it comes to the financial threats involved in whatever contractual arrangements you agree to. In fact, for many, the appeal of this kind of play is inherently intertwined with the top's "badness," seriousness, or unpredictability. On the other hand, there are people in long-term relationships whose subjection or jeopardy does consensually and erotically involve the handing over of such financial reins. After all, many traditional marriages throughout the world involve similar arrangements, with the female having no independent resources. Such arrangements, while they may not appeal to feminists, do not innately preclude happiness or love in life.

If you are considering such an extreme form of play, it makes sense to consider getting a good lawyer to go over any contract you sign. You should also consider the long-term situation you may be putting yourself or your dependents in if you cannot reclaim resources in the event of a broken relationship or contract. I don't know of any court cases to date of anyone suing to reclaim resources surrendered to a dom in such circumstances, but I won't be surprised to hear it come up eventually.Tops and doms can get used as well as bottom and subs, if the negotiations are not clear and mutually acceptable. For the top to provide financial support for the bottom with nothing commensurate granted in return is also unlikely to be tenable in a long-term relationship.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Fetishes With Massive Online Followings

The internet has enabled people to become a little less stodgy and more comfortable with their sexuality. They can gather- anonymously or not- to discuss a myriad of subjects related to sex on sites and blogs, forgetting about the supposed norms, rights and wrongs that society has imposed on them. After all, to each their own, right? The new sexual freedom has resulted in the surfacing of new fetishes, or fetishes that were previously unknown by most people. Several have gained relatively large online followings despite their unusualness. The 10 fetishes below may not be considered "normal" or healthy by people who don’t understand their appeal, but they’ve certainly earned their own niches. Please note: the list was generated on the premise that foot and underwear fetishes are the only ones that aren’t unusual. It’s a prude world.

Plushophilia: The "furry scene" has taken off in recent years, attracting a generation of people who presumably had childhood crushes on Rebecca Cunningham from "Tail Spin." These so-called "plushies" love teddy bears and other furry creatures that aren’t real. Some even like to dress up as animals, ascribing them human qualities; cartoon characters in particular are popular choices. The goal is to find a level of cuteness that stimulates arousal, and depending on the animal imitated, the imitator may also become much more cuddly.

Autoandrophilia: Both homosexual and heterosexual women have been known to imitate men and adopt their sexual roles as an extracurricular activity in the bedroom. Whether it’s their goal to assume a more dominant role, or simply to dress up, it’s not always the easiest topic to broach with a partner, especially if that partner happens to be a guy.
Agalmatophilia: Ain’t nothing like the real thing- unless, of course, your sexual fulfillment comes from mannequins or statues. And who can blame you? Most mannequins are quite attractive, which is why they’re so prominently displayed in the windows of department stores and boutiques. Statues can be sexy too, especially when they’re created by sculptors like Michelangelo who mastered the human form
Paraphilic Infantilism: Perhaps Freud could have offered further insight on paraphilic infantilism, the desire to wear diapers and be treated as a baby. Mostly men acquire this fetish, though not all of them exhibit the same behavior when they’re partaking in it. Some adult babies play the entire role of a baby, including using cribs, toys and bottles, while others act their age despite wearing disposable underpants. Psychologists have hypothesized that many AB/DLs (Adult Baby/Diaper Lovers) desire a lack of control and power.

Maschalagnia: Believe it or not, armpit odor is an aphrodisiac for some people. The smell acts as a muscular stimulant, naturally encouraging arousal, reminding armpit lovers of their favorite part of the opposite sex’s body. Compared to other fetishes, it’s not that weird. But don’t tell that to people in Singapore, where an armpit-loving man was recently sentenced to sentenced to 14 years in jail and 18 strokes of the cane.

Hematolagnia: Given the popularity of the "Twilight" saga and the deathly combination of teenage impressionability and hormones, it might not come as a surprise that hematolagnia- blood fetishism- has seen a recent spike in popularity. Wannabe Bella Swans and Edward Cullens have taken to fantasizing about blood, biting each other’s necks as they partake in forbidden love. In most cases, the drinking of blood isn’t involved despite the association of the fetish with vampires.

Odaxelagnia: Odaxelagnia goes hand-in-hand, or maybe mouth-to-neck, with hematolagnia. The fetish is experienced when arousal is stimulated from biting a partner or being bitten by a partner. So if your lover ever tells you "bite me," don’t fret because he or she may actually mean it. Take solace in the fact that your lover could say many, many more disturbing things than that.

Algolagnia: With algolagnia, pleasure and pain are one in the same. This highly popular fetish is characterized by inflicting or receiving sensations, typically in the erogenous zone, in order to heighten the sexual experience. Psychologists have paid close attention to algolagnia through the years, studying the brain’s interpretation of pain signals and the patient’s ability or inability to control their subsequent behaviors. The previously held perception that the fetish leads to greater violence has essentially been disproven due to a lack of evidence

Dacryphilia: Dacryphiliacs, or dacryphiles, are dispensers of pain, gaining arousal as they cause their partner to cry. They may also engage in algolagnia, odaxelagnia and hematolagnia, completing the superfecta of dark fetishes that are unusual to common folks but popular to the sexually adventurous, particularly those in the BDSM (Bondage and Discipline, Domination and Submission, Sadism and Masochism) community.

Somnophilia: Intruding on someone’s sleep is downright rude. Intruding on someone’s sleep to, well, have your way with them is downright perverted. But hey, if it’s two consenting adults, one pre-consenting, then who is anyone to judge? Somnophilia can range from erotically caressing a person while they’re sleeping to intercourse, so it’s not narrowly defined by a single activity.

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Looking for a BDSM mistress with webcam?

You are in the right place at the right 
CamContacts: GoddessFever

"I get really turned on when DRAIN MONEY SLAVES, tease & deny guys, train & torture good office plankton, unfaithful husbands, double-faced moralists, mama's boys, latent gays, just perverts & other unconventional sex characters, who live with masks of normal people on their faces 24/7. I like ONE-ON-ONE mode, because that way I can concentrate on your worthless personality more. You heard me, loser? I can smell your weakness from HERE! DON'T try to hide - I'll find & take you under MY control."

Here is true sadistic dominatrix. When she’s not out and about looking for new prey, she is in the dungeon abusing old prey, and online telling you pathetic little freaks all about it. Losers who wish to speak with her should use the link below to register for a session.. 

Your only wish is to serve her and make her very happy. Give this true BDSM dominatrix everything you have and hope she will keep you in her slaves list.. This webcam mistress really has plenty of ideas about how to humiliate slaves and if you really would like to get your dose of webcam domination then just apply to her femdom chat room. I’m sure you will understand what webcam domination is .. How to get a mistress? Here you got an answer!

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Do you feel trapped in a BDSM relationship? It’s a fake one for sure

M/many involved in the BDSM lifestyle have been introduced to it through the Internet and online chat rooms. Online can be very intense and very special. It can also lead to great harm to many, just as realtime relationships can be quite intense and special and for others just as harmful. The possible harm in the online world is mainly emotional harm, though physical harm can happen when a submissive follows directions from one who claims to be a Dominant who is either uneducated or not a dominant at all, but a player.

What I wish to speak of now is emotional harm. Where most physical harm will heal, emotional harm can last a lifetime. I have seen so very often where a submissive is harmed because he/she gives all their trust to one not worthy of it. Submissives have several desires…a desire to please…a desire to be owned…a desire to be loved…and a desire to be treasured. These desires can leave a submissive quite open to being harmed emotionally. These desires are very intense, but they are very much part of them. And it is important that a submissive understands these needs and how to have them met properly. For an abuser, it is easy for them to become prey, if the submissive does not understand. An abuser takes these desires and carefully uses them to harm another. So please understand…understand yourself, understand your needs, and understand that with patience, you will find what it is you seek and your desires will be met.

Abusers use these needs to trap a submissive. They are very careful, they know how to manipulate the desires of another. They act as though they desire them…make them feel as though they are loved, but the one who is being targeted knows in their heart the relationship is not a good one. What the abuser has done, is draw the one so deeply in, they feel they cannot back away. Even though they know it is a bad relationship, the abuser meets just enough needs to entwine them. The abuser makes them feel as if they are the one who is at fault for any problems in the relationship and in doing this, the abuser sucks the life from them, but does not allow them to be free. Often, it is said, when online, the "Off" button is a safety measure, and that can work for a time, but once one is drawn in deeply by the manipulations of an abuser, it is hard to hit that button, but you can be free of abuse.

I am going to express in points things one should watch for and consider. If these things are occurring, please seriously consider what is going on with your relationship…

1. Isolation - Are you regularly kept from talking to others, be it in a chatroom or any other venue? Are you not allowed to have input from others? Are you with no real cause not allowed to talk to others who were your friends? Temporary separation from others does happen, but it is only for a limited time and only to give a submissive time to consider things and learn. But, it is this important to consider, is this one who claims to be a Dominant so insecure about himself and your relationship he cannot allow you to talk to others? A true Dominant is not insecure and will not keep you from openly talking with others, so that you also are secure in yourself and the relationship you are building with Him/Her.

2. Belittlement - Do you feel as if you are put down? Do you feel like less of a person than you did before you met this person? Do your insecurities grow as you have gotten more involved with this person? A true Dominant desires to build up and help to make others the best they can be. If it is the one they claim as Their own, that desire is even more intense. To a true Dominant, this possession is a treasure and will be treated with great care and love.

3. Terror - Are you afraid to speak openly to the one who claims to be a Dominant? Afraid that your words will not be respected? Afraid you will be screamed at or made to feel guilty for expressing yourself? A true Dominant will not do that. you should feel and you need to know you have a right to express your concerns and that they will be listened to. A true Dominant will listen to you and allow you to express yourself and then the Dominant will talk with you. Does this mean the Dominant's view is right or your is…no…but a true Dominant will respect you, just as you respect that Dominant.

4. Lack of trust - Do you feel a lack of trust for the one claiming to be Dominant? Are there many questions in your mind and heart which cannot be answered? In any relationship questions do arise, especially as two begin to learn of E/each O/other. But are you not allowed to discuss them? Or the answer, if you do raise a question from the other is a question, "Why do you doubt Me?" A true Dominant will desire to build your trust and security. As I said, in any relationship questions arise, a true Dominant understands this and will allow you to express yourself. The Dominant's desire is that you have absolute peace and trust, first in yourself, then in the relationship Y/you B/both are building and living.

Trust your instincts and play safe !

Ready for an online session? Register Here!

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Live session with BDSM Mistresses

What ever requirements you have and where ever you are there is an unrivalled choice of Mistresses or Dominatrix to suit your particular interest. A professional Mistress or Dominatrix is more than capable of putting any man or woman in their place but they also understand the needs of a novice or any one who is new to the world of BDSM.
I hereby present you some of the best BDSM Mistresses you will ever find steaming live and offering BDSM training for obedient slaves. They have great experience in this mind games and let me assure you that you will not regret your decision.


Schedule - often
Turn-Ons - almost all fetish action and stuff, here not enough place to type about anything.
Turn-Offs - timewasters. My old accounts here " HotFlashVip" and " Lloyora" more photos you can check there
What you can expect from my show —I’m Lloyora Russian Fetish Model and Domina. Yes, kids, I live in Russia, I drink lot of vodka every day, playing on balalaika, fucking with matryoshka, dance with a bear in the Red square....Sometimes I do it simultaneously LOL
Why I Am Here-To meet new fetish people, here because its fun , here because its pleasure, here because i m online at camcontacts in dungeon category already 7 years, its like a drug life without webcam.



Turn-Ons:The ideea to be worship by you!! I'm a REAL mistress!!...respect and obey me! expert in hypnosis, cbt, cockold, sissies, humiliation and more..
Turn-Offs:Rude and unfaithfull slaves!!
What you can expect from my show:I am not just a woman, I am your mistress. Keep that in mind.
Why I Am Here:Sophisticated and powerfull, unbelievably beautiful porcelain Goddess for you to worship. Theres nothing you can tell me that would be too bizarre. "...your mind will eventually function only under MY orders

Schedule:Brighter days for you … mmmm, are you LUCKY!
Turn-Ons :I'm driving you wild as I lounge around, enjoy My SMOKE,pretty much IGNORING you, stretch My long bare legs, tease you with My PERFECTLY formed BARE feet, and SEXY LONG TOESNAILS
Turn-Offs:I do not like it when you abuse the free text chat feature.
What you can expect from my show:I am your Mistress. you're a boot-slut crawling around the floor begging to cum.
Why I Am Here:Financial domination you need Me becouse Im your Bank.!!likes nylon and lingerie,worship My divine feet, long toenails,fingernails)IM enjoy SMOKE UR FACE PIGY. SISSYWHORE CBT PAIN.OUTFIT LEATHER. LATEX PVC .COLLECTION BOOTS. HEELS.COAT. NUN. NYLON.STRAPON

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BDSM session - Kinky Mistress with a latex slave

Are you in a mood for dirty play?

Fulfill your fantasy now!

Classy and cruel bdsm Domina live

She is here to make all unworthy slaves kneel and beg to have the privilege of licking Her boots! Be sure that She will draw pleasure from your pain while taking away your dignity!
She knows how to dominate you and her femdom chat session are always “unique” no matter what. She will train you and you will worship her as much as she need to be happy and satisfied! 

This online mistress cam is what I’ve been searching for you  for quite some time and please keep in mind that  She  loves  obedient slaves, bondage, humiliation play, impact play, CBT, feminization, SDH, total power exchange, chastity, collaring, psychological bondage, objectification, smoking.

CamContacts: Demonica

In just one live session you’ll see how painful but exciting can be a true  Domina. You have to understand that this webcam Mistress will not do whatever you want on webcam….this is topping from the bottom. She will dominate you live on webcam in whatever ways she wants! The rest is up to you and your twisted imagination!! She will totally dominate and humiliate you and will make you a true slave.

                 Register Here for Online Domination !

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TheSeductress BDSM Online Mistress

Hello slaves, I am back from a long vacation in which I have  indulged myself with lots of BDSM “fun” and kinky activities. Maybe I will tell you later about that ….now I have something else for you... a beautiful online Mistress.

As far as you are here, let me tell  you that you are done with the search, as will shortly realize  that you have finally found what you have been seeking all along. This Mistress is here to become the only one you will ever want to kneel in front of from now on. If you have ever fantasized about serving and pleasing a sensual, strong and dominant lady, being teased and dominated by extremely beautiful, powerful and seductive Goddess, or if you have a scenario you endlessly fantasize about, and not sure where to realize it, The Seductress can help you with that!!!
This online BDSM Mistress is here for those who want to find themselves in hands of an intelligent, gorgeous young Dominatrix, and being expertly controlled by her, for those of you who are truly ready to give themselves to her and being rewarded by the pleasure you could not even imagine exists.

Come into Her world and I bet you will want to do it again and again…At least, you will never forget about it…Men, women, and couples are welcome in her dungeon for submission, servitude, learning, or just voyeuring and enjoying the show.

The sky is the limit to your fantasy!

  CamContacts: TheSeductress


What you can expect from My show:
Sensual domination that involves manipulating your mind as well as your body. I will have you doing things you never thought you would do, crossing boundaries you didn't even know you had and engaging in the most cerebral sexy domination fantasies you have dreamed about.. you will lose your inhibitions and let out all your secrets... and you will tell me all about your disgusting fantasies.

Financial Domination & Exploitation - intoxication. I love to be entertained by men, who can make me feel good and relaxed. So if you want to show off your personality a little for Me, do not hesitate to enter... --Activities that I also enjoy : mind manipulation, cuckoldry, all types of worship (including foot, heel, boot), smokin' hot, tease & denial, orgasm denial, domestic slavery

Fake submissive men, cheap, greedy losers. Be good otherwise you will permanently lose any chance to serve me!

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Mistress Anne live on Bdsm live Mistress

Hello Slaves
Please read carefully before contacting Mistress Anne

I enjoy control and relentlessly exert it upon my victims, taking anything I please from them: which infallibly leaves them begging for more.I must be loved, honored, pleased and served... and I deserve the best! Bad manners will not be tolerated at any time and only true Gentlemen should come and serve Me.

Optional Activities:
Bondage & discipline, Dominatrix, Exhibition, Kissing, Leather, Latex & rubber, Legs, feet & shoes, Lingerie & stockings, Nails, Outfits, Sadomasochism (S&M), Slaves, Smoking, Spanking, Breast/nipple torture, Candle wax, Chains, Chastity devices, Cleaning, Clamps and clips, Cock and ball torture, Collars, Cross-dressing, Depilation/shaving, Discipline, Domination, Feathers, Feminization, Fingernails, Fishnets, Flashing, Gags, aGas masks, Glasses, Gloves, Handcuffs, Hands, Heels, Humiliation, Ice Cubes, Interrogation, Kneeling, Lace, Lipstick, Lycra/spandex, Make up, Masks, Masochism, Medical play, Mistress/slave, Necks, Orgasm Denial, Pigtails, Pony play, PVC, Satin / Silk, Sensory Deprivation, Socks, Strap-ons, Submission, Teasing, Temperature Play, Tickling, Whips

Why I Am Here:
To give you the opportunity to escape your everyday boring life and wife and let yourself be fascinated and revitalized by my divine dominant, sensual eroticism.

Best online BDSM Mistresses

10 Dominatrix Training Tips

If you're a secret submissive and you dream of your woman dressed in latex and chains, you need to hear about these 10 dominatrix training tips. Not every woman is born ready to be in charge. Introduce your woman to bondage and discipline slowly. Show her what is in it for her if she plays along. Before long, your dominatrix in training will show you who is really in charge.

Question your motives. No matter what you do, your lover will not magically become a porn star image of dominance. Before you introduce your partner to BDSM, make sure you are doing it for the right reasons: to deepen the relationship and celebrate each other.
Start slowly. Gauge your lover's aptitude for dominance by asking her to order you around in normal, non-sexual applications. Try out some fantasies in non-threatening arenas, such as during phone sex.

Communicate. BDSM is always about communication. After sex or while you are feeling especially close to your partner, tell her you want to share some fantasies with her. Describe how it feels to let go of yourself during sex. Focus on the feelings of submission and dominance and how that would affect your relationship. 

Accept that you might not get everything you want. Getting a partner who isn't currently interested in BDSM to play your games is an exercise in trust. Keep in mind, however, that your woman might not ever want to be the kind of dominatrix you want her to be. 

Show her what's in it for her. Start with games of chastity: she gets to tell you when you can climax, and exactly how to please her. This is a great introduction in dominatrix training, because the payoff is obvious to her.

Don't top from the bottom. Spend extra time on communication before and after sex. Tell her the kinds of things you like, things you'll never be open for, and things you might want to try. Ask her to detail the same things for herself. After sex, talk openly about what worked and what didn't, being careful to word things in a positive way.

She chooses when, where, how, and for how long. In your excitement to play with the kinkier version of your lover, you might be tempted to set the time and place for these activities. Don't. You want her to dominate you at her own pace and for her own pleasure. 

Be open. As you continue to play these games, you both are going to reach levels of trust, communication, and intimacy that you've never experienced before. If you allow yourself to be vulnerable with her, she'll begin to see your sex games for what they are: vehicles for greater closeness in the relationship.

Be grateful. Without manipulating your lover, show her how much you appreciate her for playing along. Show your gratitude in ways that come naturally. Be physically affectionate. Make her breakfast the next morning. Send her to work with a love letter in her briefcase. This will let her know how important she is to you.

Continue to strengthen the relationship in other areas. Even though it is exciting to watch your lover transform into the dominatrix of your dreams, don't forget that isn't all she is to you. Continue to do normal things with her. Let her move at her own pace, and your dominatrix-in-training will surprise you in good, good ways.

Find more below
Rules and Conditions governing a Master/Slave Contract Orgasm Control Training: They Can't Resist For sluts, slaves, and before you try to write me!

Online BDSM Domina 
Online BDSM Queen loves to Discipline sluts

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Rules and Conditions governing a Master/Slave Contract

                                                                    Source: Uploaded by user via ఉన్మాదంగా on Pinterest

The following points will be used to set out the rules and conditions that both the Master and the slave will abide byfollowing the signing of a Master/Slave contract.

1. Once signed by both parties, the contract will become active and binding.

2. Changes to the contract are at the Masters discretion and his decision is final.

3. The slave will obey his Master at all times. The slave will do anything he is told to do, no matter what it is and no matter where he is told to do it.

4. If the slave does not do exactly as he is told, his Master is entitled to use whatever corrective methods he thinks fit.

5. The slave will be attentive to his Master at all times, waiting for instructions or trying to anticipate instructions and acting in advance, but at no time loosing sight of the fact that he must always be available to carry out his Masters wishes.

6. The slave will have no life outside of the Master/slave contract unless explicitly agreed by the Master.

7. The slave will put his Master before any other person including biological family.

8. A slaves existing relationships may be allowed to continue, but only after specific agreement from his Master and as long as they are not sexual in any way.

9. A slaves role is to make life as easy for his Master as he possibly can.

10. Unless told otherwise, the slave will always call his Master, Boss.

11. The slave will keep his body shaved at all times, shaving it at least once a week on a Friday unless told otherwise by his Master. *****

12. The slave will keep himself clean at all times, always being ready to service his Masters sexual needs as and when he has them.

13. The Master will decide what part of the slaves body will be pierced and when the piercing will be done.

14. The master will decide what tattoos the slave will have and where the tattoos will be on the slaves body. The Master can decide to have any part of the slaves body tattooed including fingers, hands, neck, head and face.

15. The Master will instruct the slave what clothes he will wear at all times and for all occasions.

16. The slave will perform any sexual act required by his Master and will know that his Master would not put his slave in a position that might be considered to be dangerous.

17. The slave will not be allowed to own anything. All goods will belong to his Master who may do with them as he pleases.

18. Any goods the slave has before signing the contract become owned by his Master after signing the contract.

19. The slave will not be allowed to have his own money. Any money earned by the slave will immediately be given to his Master to be used as he sees fit.

20. Any money the slave has before signing the contract must be given to his Master immediately following signing of the contract.

21. The Master will set aside a percentage - from 0% to 100% - of any monies the slave has or earns, to be placed into a savings account. The slave will have no access to this money unless allowed by his Master. *****

22. A detailed account will be kept showing where all monies the slave earns or had before the contract was signed, is used and/or saved. This account will be shown to the slave at the discretion of the Master and will be at least once a year on each anniversary date of the contract signing. *****

23. In the event that the Master dies before his slave, any monies set aside from monies the slave has earned or had before the contract was signed, will immediately revert back to the slave. *****

24. If the Master dies before the slave, the Master will ensure that his slave is able to stay in the Masters home for as long as the slave wishes, providing the contract has not been cancelled and has been in operation for at least 3 years. *****

25. The Master will decide if the slave will work. If the slave is allowed to work away from his Master, his Master will decide what job the slave does.

26. If the slave is not with his Master, he will always behave as if he was with his Master.

27. The slave will only ever be allowed one Master.

28. The slave will always be available to talk to his Master, especially if Master and slave are not together. Master will supply his slave with a mobile phone which must be kept fully charged by the slave. *****29. The Master will provide a living environment for his slave.

30. The Master will deal with all matters concerning his slave.

31. The Master will look after the welfare of his slave at all times, making sure he is fit, healthy and happy.

32. The Master will only ever have one slave.

33. The Master will carry out all the functions required in points 1 to 28.

34. If either party feel the contract rules are being broken in any way, either must bring it to the attention of the other. *****

Domina playing with her slave...