Sunday, November 11, 2012

Online domination

What is all this BDSM about? Is it safe? Are you likely to get anything out of it? Is there any way to try it out and minimize the risks even further?

If you don't wish to get dressed up and venture into one of the BDSM clubs that may be found in your city then you may find that 'testing the waters of BDSM' through some form of on-line communication may suit you. Many clubs prefer couples to attend and turn away singles. Or you may not have an easy way to get out and about. If you have a computer and are connected to the Internet then there are other options that you may try before taking the bigger plunge into the real world of BDSM.

Fantasy play on-line is fun - but it still has to be within sensible guidelines. If you don't learn to practice safe, sane and consensual BDSM on-line correctly then you will never be able to make the transition to real-life. Even if this is not your intention, you will still gain greater respect from the real-life Dominants on-line if you practice correctly on-line. And you never know if you may suddenly decide you do want to make the transition. If you don't do it right on-line you will be a danger to others and yourself.

What about real-life play directed on-line? Yes - this works. Your greatest challenge is to follow the instructions correctly. There is one sure-fire way to know about real life play directed through on-line commands. Try things yourself. Experience it so you know what it feels like. Discuss with your dominant and compare what they know with what you say. Real-life directions can be especially effective through email as you'll have more time to carry out the tasks, think about what is happening and provide a coherent reply. Remember the rules of safe, sane and consensual and make sure you have your safe-word.

You may scene wonderfully with a Dominat on-line but may find that their skils and attitude less than perfect in real-life. They may not be prepared to do all the things in real-life that they do on-line. Once again - TALK. Then talk some more. And after that TALK!! In BDSM, communication is paramount. This is why starting on-line can be very effective. It forces you to communicate in the first place.

Are there risks? Well everything in life carries risks. However, if your make your initial meetings either in groups of other on-line people or in public places, you can get a chance to gauge the reality of the other person. I would suggest that this is especially important for submissive because they are the ones more likely to be open to possible abuse in a BDSM relationship. Whatever you do, don't hand out your personal information on-line until you get to know the person or people in real-life first. This may of course only take one or two public meetings before you feel comfortable.

On-line BDSM is possible, practical and can be perfect. It can be a great place to learn and gain experience and to understand who you are in a BDSM context. In addition, there are real-life BDSM people on-line that can give you information and advice and who may even provide contacts in your area that may allow you to look more closely at real life BDSM.

And for those people that may have some reason that stops them participating in real-life BDSM (i.e. situation, distance, etc.) then it is an excellent alternative.
Try it - you may like it! 

Some very safe websites are linked below. 
CamContacts - Fetish / Dungeon
All Cams - Fetish / Dungeon
WebCamLife - Fetish / Dungeon
CamSexNow - Fetish / Dungeon
CamContact - Fetisch / Dominas - German speakers
CamContactos - Fetichismo / Sadomasoquismo - Spanish speakers

Have fun and feel free to write me anytime! 

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  1. Thanks for this post! I have tried one of this sites and indeed is like you;ve said. I have also found 2 gorgeous Dominas that I am playing with, and it's awsome. sexybitchrita and iwasborntodomm. I ahve also send you a private email. Hope to keep in touch. Gary

  2. Thanks for your comment Gary! Have fun !