Thursday, November 22, 2012

Goddess Manuela - Part 4 : The prisoner

I heard the lock and Baya entered the cellar. She looked at me and started to get undressed. There she was, standing in front of me in her underwear, holding my mobile phone in her hand. The phone started to ring. "This one's for you slave", Baya said and she handed me the phone." "Good morning slave, Goddess Manuela said. I'm sure you understand how upset I am with you and that you still have to pay a lot for trying to deceive me, your Owner and Goddess. Now, you will obey Baya in everything she asks you to do. And let me tell you that you don't want her to be calling me reporting that you have been uncooperative, as I will not hesitate to post your videos on Youtube, as you very well know. We'll talk later." As she hang up, the stunning black woman looked down at me with a smile. "Slave, I will now dial your boss Cristina's phone number and activate the loudspeaker. You will explain to her that you had an attack and that you will have to stay in hospital for at least the next 3 months. She will receive a letter confirmation from us by the end of the week." I did as ordered, kneeling in the middle of the room, while the black goddess was casually walking around me. "Good, now we have found a total of 6 credit cards in your appartment and cellar. You will write down for me the pin code for each of them. Also, you will write down the passcode to your online ebanking platform." Things were getting totally out of hand, but I did not have a choice, and this sexy black panther was so desirable too! "Now, Manuela has decided that you would spend the next 3 months in this cellar. You are also on a strict diet of dog food and tab water. Here is a large bucket for you to pee and shit in. Regarding the belt, Manuela asked me to send her back the key, so don't even hope to get out anytime soon." She then brought 10 cans of that disgusting dog food, a can opener as well as 3 buckets of water. "Kathy and I are going shopping with your credit cards now, I'll be back in a few days." With that, she left the room, locked the door and switched off the light."

How long did I wait like this in the dark? I don't know, but it did seem like an eternity... Four times, Baya came to bring me dog food and water, pick up the shit bucket and "wash" me with a freezing water jet, without a word. How long could they keep me in there? This was such an inhumane torture. Finally, one day, as Baya came into the room, I felt that something was different. "Put this on", she said as she sent me a secure blindfold. I did as ordered, desperate for something, anything, to happen. "Now, you stay on all 4 and wait for further instructions." I heard her leave the room. A few minutes later, I heard steps approaching and the door opened. Someone entered the room. "So, finally we are meeting in person" I heard Goddess Manuela's voice say. I could not believe my ears. Here she was, with me, in that sordid room! "Quite a number of things have happend during the past 3 months slave, so listen carefully. First. your company found out that you were actually not sick, and due to your many years of service, they have offered you a generous severance package. I have resiliated your appartment's rent, starting next week. I have also sold your car and all your furniture." As my mind was computing these devastating news, she slowly removed the blindfold. "Keep your eyes down slave. You may stare at my feet." This was so incredibly exciting. Being in her presence and contemplating her feet in high hill shoes, after 3 months of total sensory deprivation. "I think that both of us are now ready to take our relationship a step further. We both realized that distance domination does not work, as you can still find ways to escape my scrutiny, which is entirely unacceptable. Do you agree?" "Yes Goddess Manuela." "Well, I am prepared to offer you to become my live-in slave, under my own conditions of course." Her live-in slave. Was I dreaming?

"First, we will need to get married, so that I have full access to all your property. Second, we will invest all your savings into a large and beutiful mansion in southern France. I have already made the scouting and found the ideal place. We will equip this mansion with all modern comfort, including a large dungeon in the basement as well as video surveillance and concealed confinment cells on all floors. You will also have to start earning money again, but not the way you used to, a way that will make you even more desperate, horny and humiliated. You will find out more about it in the coming days. You may now lift your head a little and look at my calves. So, do you agree." Hypnotized by her gorgeous legs, I responded "Yes Mistress, thank You Mistress." "Good. I will go and take the necessary steps to make this happen. The wedding will take place in 3 weeks, and I want to keep it as a surprise for you. In the meantime, as I will be very busy, I have decided to lend you to Baya and Kathy. They will come and pick you up later today.' I saw her feet reaching the door and leave the room. Finally, I thought, my dream is coming true... little did I know what was actually coming...

Later that day, Baya and Kathy entered my room and handed over to me a latex slut outfit with inflatable breasts & a blond wig. "Put this one on slave, and follow us." Dressed like a whore, I followed them in the basement and reached the parking lot. They opened the boot of a car and ordered me to jump in. We drove a few minutes and ended up in the underground parking of another building. They then took me to a small room with no natural light. "You will spend the next 3 weeks here slave, Kathy said" An even smaller room than my cellar! "But don't you worry, you will have a lot of visitors here, you won't be bored!" And both women bursted out laughing. "Have a look here, we have made a little installation for you in this room : the 3 wholes you see on this wall are called "glory wholes" in our industry. They have become very much in fashion these days. Guys pay some money to put their dick in them and jerk off in someone's hand or mouth. We have placed the wholes in such a way that you can work on 3 customers at the same time: right hand, left hand and mouth. That way, you will make more money for us, do you understand?" I was horrified. "Do you understand I asked?" "Yes Mistress." "We have also installed a little electric system here. Customers are able to provide a rating to your performance from 1 to 10 using a remote control fixed on their side of the wall. The remote control will be linked to an electric shocker attached to your balls. Low performance will be punished on the spot with a violent jolt." With that, Baya started to attach the device to my balls, as I was made to kneel. "Don't be upset with us, Kathy said. This was Manuela's idea : she thought it would be so frustrating for you to jerk off tens of guys every day while having to remain confined in your belt. What do you think? Isn't that funny?"

Starting that night, I spent most of my days and nights sucking and wanking cocks, as well as receiving electricity jolts my my sensitive balls. This was an incredible torment and I was running increasingly exhausted day after day. All the women working in the area (Baya and Kathy's colleagues) enjoyed spending time watching me perform for their amusement, and Baya had several videos done and sent to Goddess Manuela for her special collection of blackmail material. Finally, the 3-week period was over and it was time for me to say goodbuy to Baya and Kathy. "Tonigth will be a very special night for you slave, it will be your last night with Kathy and I, Baya told me." That night, they took me to one of their rooms and tied me up to the bed, naked, on my back. After several hours of waiting, Baya entered the room, more desirable than ever. She got completely undressed and keeled between my legs. "Boy, look what I have here. This is the key to your belt, and tonight, it is coming out... But before that, let's have some foreplay." "With the belt still on, Baya lied down on me, as I could feel her breasts press my chest and her tongue enter my mouth... the teasing lasted for 3 hours, when she made me lick her ass, legs, feet, pussy... Finally, she asked, "Are you ready to get release?" "Yes Mistress!" At she started to unlock me, the disgusting Kathy entered the room, also naked, with her 100+ kilos, looking at me with a smile. "Hello darling. Leave us alone Baya, we would like some intimacy..." Baya left the room in a laugh. "So, baby, Kathy continued, will you beg to fuck me?" I was so desperately horny, that I started to scream : "I beg you Kathy, let me fuck you!" "Tell me you love me now severin." "I love you Kathy." The monstruous woman jumped on the bed and started to lubricate my hard dick with a white cream... "This is a strong anesthetic cream severin, it will help you keep it longer" As she started riding me, I could not feel anything... no stimulation at all... so the fat and hideous woman enjoyed her ride for one long hour without allowing me any release...

As Kathy stepped down from the bed, Baya came into the room. "This is the most hilarious video I have seen in years, I'm sure Manuela will enjoy watching it!" They left me there on the bed, with my desperate dick pointing in the air... "Bye bye severin, it was nice meeting you. Goddess Manuela will come and pick you up later this morning..."



  1. please can ypu post more of this series?

  2. maybe I will...all you need to do is to check my blog daily . enjoy!