Sunday, November 18, 2012

Dungeon Videochat review

Dungeon Videochat Overview

Webcam shows are perfect for exploring sexual desires you wouldn't consider in real life. There are certain things you dream about in your darkest moments but you would never let a woman know about them because they embarrass you too much. You can't let them out because you might be humiliated or someone else might find out about it. But if you're online and you're chatting with a webcam girl then no one has to know. You can let a webcam show make your dreams come true. Dungeon Video Chat is for the guys that have the darkest desires and want to let a webcam BDSM Mistress unlock them and have some fun.

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Before you can register fully they require that you give them a credit card for an age check. At some point all webcam sites are going to require this. . If you don't want to sign up you can still get a feel for the kinds of ladies they have. If you do sign up you're not going to be charged for anything until you actually authorize it so you don't have to worry about your credit card number.

They are 1500 registered dungeon Mistress and at any given time you'll see 20-50 of them online.There's a nice collection of regulars and they will have you covered where dungeon webcam chatting is concerned. Each BDSM Mistress has a profile where she details what she's willing to do and since we're talking about fetish chat it's important that you know what she will do to you and for you before you go private with her.

A lot of the women at Dungeon Video Chat are dominant and I suspect that most of you reading and looking for babes are submissive so it should work out perfectly. Some of the girls have specialties. You'll find babes that absolutely love crossdressers and sissies and will work hard to turn you into a cocksucker able to suck dildo and maybe even cock. Some girls love to humiliate and will talk into a microphone and make you feel like less of a man in hopes of turning you on. Some babes do financial domination if you're into giving your money away for sexual arousal. The bottom line is that you can experience a little of everything and that's what makes it fun.

They have the occasional babe that's submissive if you're in a dominant mood. I suspect those chicks do less business but they're available. Just make sure you read all the descriptions. Prices for the shows are set by the hostesses and you'll generally pay $2-5/minute with the best babes charging a little more. If you want something besides a dungeon babe they have general fetish, lesbians and escorts.


Dungeon Video Chat is a terrific site and there are dozens of hot chicks in fetish outfits waiting to fulfill your fantasies of fetish. The girls here mean serious business. They will kick your ass and they will make you feel like a bitch doing it. They get joy out of humiliating you and making you fuck your ass with a dildo or making you give blowjobs. Anything related to domination and submission they're willing to do so you just have to find the right one and she will make you a very happy boy.

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