Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Financial Domination Mistress just for you!

 My name is Mistress Monicaa, nothing more nothing less. 

You will address Me as such. I am a Domme (Dominatrix), specializing in Financial Domination (wallet rape, human ATM, etc). I'm willing to bet you've spent a great deal of your pathetic life searching for this money mistress but the good news is your search is over. I am everything you could need in your worthless life and more.

CamContacts: monicaa

I am a spoiled Mistress, as you may tell. I do modeling on the side, but that doesn't mean I don't have a freaky side to Me. Do you have what it takes for Me to accept you into My freak show? Can you spoil this money mistress the way I deserve?

My interests vary and are very broad. My #1 specialty is financial domination.. I like complete control, but small money tributes/gifts are welcome, too! I am VERY controlling and demanding, I have the right to be. I'm above you. You're here to be used and abused by this money mistress any way I see fit. 

Oh, did I mention I love shopping, money, and financial domination? ;)

I'm always looking for new slaves. I do sessions, and I also do 24-7. I arrange single chat sessions, and with some slaves we speak on the phone and I mentor and monitor their every move. Which is you?

Now, let's starting making Me happy....

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