Monday, November 5, 2012

You are soo close, slave....


I have to say, I’m very curious what the beautiful mind of my deviant mistress has planned for me as my first test of my commitment to her?

                                        Source: via Goddess on Pinterest

You, my beautiful queen, are a sensual, feminine, desirable, and incredible woman. I’m far from worthy of the attention you give to me. I still don’t understand why you picked me out of the vast number of men who must beg to be in the position I find myself in with you. I wish I could fully show you my appreciation.

I soooo look forward to learning the depths of your dominance, intensity, depravity, dark imagination, savageness, and pervertedness -- as well as the heights of your generous, caring, loving, passionate, unconventional, and uninhibited nature.

As I think about you, I start to get hard, squirm in my seat, try to concentrate. Even though I try not to, I get even harder looking at your picture on my desk, my cock pushing against my pants. Every few seconds it involuntarily contracts, pumping as if you were close to me, silky blouse brushing against it, teasing the end. I imagine feeling your breath and the scratch of your nails on the sensitive skin. I can feel the tip getting wet, wanting to satisfy you.

I’m smitten by the power you hold over me."


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