Saturday, November 3, 2012

The perfect , true submissive doesn't need any rules.

The perfect , true submissive doesn't need any rules. He knows by instinct what's expected from him : to put his Mistress needs and wishes first. That's how you please anyone , not just a Domme. However , for the newbies or those who are not sure yet what submission truly means , here are some guide lines.

I'm not role-playing your kinks. This is topping from the bottom. I do what I want , when I want and however I see fit. Role-playing on demand is not Domination .
If you have a foot fetish and want to worship my feet/legs , there's only one way to do it. Buy Me shoes and hosiery from My wish-list. This is how you are an online foot slave. Do not come in and expect Me to show you My perfect legs/feet so you can simply jerk off. This would be only pleasing for you , and it's topping from the bottom again. Be a good slave and worship My beauty by contributing to My well being.
I've said it before and I'm saying it again. I'm not here to perform for you. I'm not providing a service. I'm here for My personal amusement , just being Myself. Don't even think that if you're spending money on Me you're buying something , anything. I'm not for sale. You're paying by the minute for My attention , no strings attached.

Do not expect Me to read your mind and guess why you're visiting Me. I assume that since you joined Me in My personal webspace, you are there to serve and please Me. Always be honest and open with Me. Be creative , use your brain and communicate . A successful D/s relationship is based on trust and respect , from both sides. That involves a lot of getting to know each other conversations. D/s is a state of mind , it's 90% brain act and 10% action only.Open up and talk to Me about what's going on in your mind , your most hidden thoughts and fantasies , your limits. Let Me inside and I will know what buttons to push . Remember , D/s is consensual and it takes two to tango.

To the non-submissive men who keep trying to convince Me otherwise : you are wasting your time. And Mine . I'm not looking to sell submission on you , I'm not even trying to convince you that My way is the right one. I am what I am and I'm happy like that. I don't care about your judgemental preconceptions. My principles and lifestyle are not negotiable. I'm not looking for a bf , a husband , a sugar daddy or even a sex toy. Period.

Finally , Domination is not about kinky sex.Domination is about power exchange. If you're capable to understand this , then you probably have a good potential as a sub. If you're just looking for kinky sex , I'm sure there are many women out there who will give you what you want. I'm not one of them...

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