Thursday, November 1, 2012

Financial Domination - is that for you?

Financial Domination is when a person – usually a man and he is usually considered a slave or a submissive – pays money and gives gifts to a Dominant Female with NO expectation what-so-ever of anything in return. He receives pleasure simply by knowing that he is assisting in maintaining the lifestyle of a Goddess, Princess, or Queen and he receives INTENSE satisfaction from the sacrifice that it takes to do so. He often enjoys some form of humiliation coupled with the KNOWING of the fact that his “service” is as close as he will ever get to the object of his affection.

"What does financial domination mean to me?

Nothing more than accepting your cash as you wish to pay a beautiful mistress. Financial domination is not a game. It also is meaningful to me when you make use of yourself when there is a spot in my world as this makes me happy. Pay attention boy and know my wants and desires.

What I love .....
• I love losers paying for my car notes and insurance.
• I love when losers send gift certificates uncontrollably.
• I love when shopping slut boys shop for me, buying me anything I want.
• I love it when losers beg to PAY and serve ME period.(please princess let me serve and pay you)
• I enjoy and love when losers jump high and stupid for me to degrade themselves sickly(amusement fun for me)
• I love when losers send thousandths of dollars by mail, (funny when they compete against each other).
• I love it when losers are without limitations.(oh just take it all princess)
• I love it when I awake with more cash sent to my savings accounts.
• I also love it when I am not shown available and they still pay, ( I’ve got another life )
• I love it that I am SO LOVED!!!!!!

Are you a submissive slave seeking to belong to Mistress, Goddess or Princess? In fact allow me to take full control over your scornful pitiful world of what you call a life! 

Some very safe websites you can express this fetish are linked below.
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CamContactos - Fetichismo / Sadomasoquismo - Spanish speakers

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