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Rules and Conditions governing a Master/Slave Contract

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The following points will be used to set out the rules and conditions that both the Master and the slave will abide byfollowing the signing of a Master/Slave contract.

1. Once signed by both parties, the contract will become active and binding.

2. Changes to the contract are at the Masters discretion and his decision is final.

3. The slave will obey his Master at all times. The slave will do anything he is told to do, no matter what it is and no matter where he is told to do it.

4. If the slave does not do exactly as he is told, his Master is entitled to use whatever corrective methods he thinks fit.

5. The slave will be attentive to his Master at all times, waiting for instructions or trying to anticipate instructions and acting in advance, but at no time loosing sight of the fact that he must always be available to carry out his Masters wishes.

6. The slave will have no life outside of the Master/slave contract unless explicitly agreed by the Master.

7. The slave will put his Master before any other person including biological family.

8. A slaves existing relationships may be allowed to continue, but only after specific agreement from his Master and as long as they are not sexual in any way.

9. A slaves role is to make life as easy for his Master as he possibly can.

10. Unless told otherwise, the slave will always call his Master, Boss.

11. The slave will keep his body shaved at all times, shaving it at least once a week on a Friday unless told otherwise by his Master. *****

12. The slave will keep himself clean at all times, always being ready to service his Masters sexual needs as and when he has them.

13. The Master will decide what part of the slaves body will be pierced and when the piercing will be done.

14. The master will decide what tattoos the slave will have and where the tattoos will be on the slaves body. The Master can decide to have any part of the slaves body tattooed including fingers, hands, neck, head and face.

15. The Master will instruct the slave what clothes he will wear at all times and for all occasions.

16. The slave will perform any sexual act required by his Master and will know that his Master would not put his slave in a position that might be considered to be dangerous.

17. The slave will not be allowed to own anything. All goods will belong to his Master who may do with them as he pleases.

18. Any goods the slave has before signing the contract become owned by his Master after signing the contract.

19. The slave will not be allowed to have his own money. Any money earned by the slave will immediately be given to his Master to be used as he sees fit.

20. Any money the slave has before signing the contract must be given to his Master immediately following signing of the contract.

21. The Master will set aside a percentage - from 0% to 100% - of any monies the slave has or earns, to be placed into a savings account. The slave will have no access to this money unless allowed by his Master. *****

22. A detailed account will be kept showing where all monies the slave earns or had before the contract was signed, is used and/or saved. This account will be shown to the slave at the discretion of the Master and will be at least once a year on each anniversary date of the contract signing. *****

23. In the event that the Master dies before his slave, any monies set aside from monies the slave has earned or had before the contract was signed, will immediately revert back to the slave. *****

24. If the Master dies before the slave, the Master will ensure that his slave is able to stay in the Masters home for as long as the slave wishes, providing the contract has not been cancelled and has been in operation for at least 3 years. *****

25. The Master will decide if the slave will work. If the slave is allowed to work away from his Master, his Master will decide what job the slave does.

26. If the slave is not with his Master, he will always behave as if he was with his Master.

27. The slave will only ever be allowed one Master.

28. The slave will always be available to talk to his Master, especially if Master and slave are not together. Master will supply his slave with a mobile phone which must be kept fully charged by the slave. *****29. The Master will provide a living environment for his slave.

30. The Master will deal with all matters concerning his slave.

31. The Master will look after the welfare of his slave at all times, making sure he is fit, healthy and happy.

32. The Master will only ever have one slave.

33. The Master will carry out all the functions required in points 1 to 28.

34. If either party feel the contract rules are being broken in any way, either must bring it to the attention of the other. *****

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