Monday, October 29, 2012

So you want to call yourself a BDSM slave...


A submissive is one who hears the calling to submit, to surrender their control to another and not only obey, but serve. A sub lives to give of themselves to another; to see the needs of their Dominant come first. In doing this, the submissive fulfills a deep, aching, silent void within them.
The Pleasure slave:

This is probably the most common form of service otherwise known as sexual service. Everyone talks about pleasure slaves, many even make the claim but few truly understand what it really means or entails. A true pleasure slave exists to be used sexually. You have no say about when, where, how or who. That is now the right of your Dominant to decide, not you. Within this concept there are some givens which I will mention.

You are property or chattel, however you are valued property and your Master or Mistress WILL NOT, should NOT place you at serious risk. In other words, if your owner chooses to "give" you to another for their enjoyment, is the Dominant's responsibility to ensure safe sex or other arrangements are made.

A pleasure slave usually is a highly sexual being, or is trained to be. A smart Master or Mistress knows it is unwise to ever allow a pleasure slave complete satisfaction, for they are meant to be in a state constant sexual excitement. The latter is very important. Pleasure slaves understand they exist for one thing (basically) and one thing only; and they are to be ready at all times.

Do you have what it takes to be a pleasure slave?

Does the thought of being tied down, bent over and being used (Insert gratuitously fucked here) excite you?
Do you find yourself dreaming of being a sexual object boy / girl toy a central theme in your fantasies?
Have you found, during your past sexual encounters, you enjoyed pleasing your partner more than pleasing yourself?
Is there a deep sensual fire burning within you to be set free?
Do you find yourself wanting it all the time?
At the core of your being are you a (for lack of a better word) a SLUT?
Does the thought of someone else having complete control over your
sexuality for THEIR pleasure call to you?
Are you often consumed with thoughts of being loaned or rented out to others for their sexual pleasure ?
Do you want to be owned?
Can you let go of everything that you think you are in order to find yourself?
Are you intelligent, outgoing and capable of learning?

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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Welcome Slave, to the rest of your life...

I was looking for a online mistress to control most of my activities. I am such a slut that age doesn't matter.
I am also a sissy slut, I enjoy wearing female cloths and I would love for a mistress to send me things such as dildo's and panties, because even though I might seem confident on here, It's not the same case in real life, I am too afraid to go into a sex shop or even a panty store.
I have previously done many things like wearing my mothers panties. I had bought some nail polish and painted my toe nails. I would like a mistress who can help me and use me.
But with a lillte effort I found Her!
This webcam online femdom mistress is dominating , ruling and training me like the perfect sissy slave that I was not before I met her! I truly can’t even imagine what she will let me do today but I already know my humiliation on webcam is coming , and I will be completely humiliated and left on the floor!

Sissies, ATM’s piglets, Sugar Daddies. This live Goddess loves to dress you up, fuck you up, intoxicate you, abuse you, make you suck cum of real men from her panties (cuckold), DRAIN you completely. I promise – it will hurt you & you will be desperate and addicted… Financial webcam domination is becoming really even better than anything else !

You have to try a session with this Mistress and belive you will be intoxicated enough and completely addicted and depending on her!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Letter from one of my slaves

Most Beautiful, Sexy Mistress
 I’m glad your email yesterday started with a “ : ) “ --- and you called me your precious future slave. There’s hope!
I’m so preoccupied today by my empty inbox this morning. I realize how much I look forward to every one of your messages to me.
They make me feel special knowing you’re thinking of me once in a while.
You are right… I’m sorry for asking as much as I did. Your precious object of affection is too spirited and independent at times.
You are right too. I am a hard target. For that I am most sorry. My life is complicated, and I know you’re not interested in or concerned about that.
I am new to this, but so motivated to be yours. In a word, you are captivating, my queen. When I see your picture, I take in every detail of your face, imagine the dark corners of your mind, yearn for the depths of your soul and crave the heat of your body.
I’m not sure I understand limits, but I’ll try and wait for you guidance. You know about my free time during the day and how that matches up with your day. I can verify. Early on, any pics I send to you would have to be done in a private bath or closed office.
I will begin to find other, more flexible, creative solutions as we go.
I hope you liked the pic yesterday, and I hope you will accept that as my first attempt to please your needs and share with you what’s yours.
Thinking of you always and the pleasure you would demand from me....

Taking a cane to me
Whipping me
Leaving marks on my olive skin
Tying me
Dressing me
Abusing me with toys
Having me serve you
Relieving yourself on me... in me
Making me taste you, lick up your period
Restraining me with leather
Causing me pain with your heels
Making me cook for you
Blindfolding me
Demanding I worship you
Making me beg for an orgasm
Hearing me cry out in pain
Handcuffing me
Fucking me
Pinching my skin
Putting me on a leash
Cutting my skin
Teasing me with your stockings
Teasing me with silk and feathers
Torturing my cock
Bruising me
Yelling and swearing at me
Putting a gag in my mouth
Having me on all fours
Tickling me
Not allowing me to piss
Using me to get off
Be anything you want me to be.
Please accept my apology Mistress.

Are you in pain, slave? :))))

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Getting into BDSM: Your First Play Party.

Source: via Clara on Pinterest

I don't think a play party is a good first entry into BDSM. It's important to get to know people as people before getting all up in their nasty sexy-hitty business. It gives you a better perspective on BDSM as a particularly vigorous hobby activity rather than an exotic unreal fantasy, and it gives you a better chance of having people at the party who will give you some companionship and guidance. Seeing your friend Sally beat up her husband Bob is a totally different--and in my opinion, much healthier--experience than seeing some dominatrix lady beat up some submissive dude.

Whether you're entering BDSM alone or as a couple (or group), I'd really recommend going to a few munches, classes, or social events and putting in some mingle time before going to a play party.

How to find a party.
This totally varies depending on your local scene. Some places have relatively public playspaces that actually advertise their locations and schedules, and that's the easiest. Other places aren't that organized, but they have parties posted under "events" on FetLife, visible to any FetLife members.

But in other places, whether because it's a smaller or more conservative community or because the local law enforcement has given kinksters a hard time, things are a little more hush-hush. It's like buying weed, I guess; it's not exactly hard to do, but you can't look it up in the Yellow Pages. You gotta know a guy who knows a guy. Parties are hosted in private homes or other Undisclosed Locations and you have to be invited. The only way to do this is to get to know people in the scene, and it can take time, depending on your luck and social skills. (Yes, being conventionally attractive helps a little, but you can look like anything if you can put people at ease and give them the impression that you'll be chill and not creepy at a party.) This requires a little bit of social finesse, but when you consider the preponderance of Warcraft players, Ren Faire folk, and software engineers in the BDSM community, not that much really.

Five things to have before you go to a party:
1. The fee. Most parties require a small donation to the host. Find out beforehand how much and who to give it to, and in what form--some hosts prefer to receive it by PayPal, some want cash, and a few venues can even take credit cards. (Very few; if you don't know, assume cash.) This donation is just to cover use of the venue, equipment, and snacks; you're not paying for play and you're certainly not paying for sex.

2. A sexy but comfortable outfit. Elaborate fetishwear isn't necessary in most scenes (nightclub fetish nights tend to be dressier than play parties), but it's nice to dress up a little. A little black dress, a tight black t-shirt and well-fitted jeans, or your "night-on-the-town" shirt and a nice skirt or slacks will do fine most places.

3. Any toys you'd like to play with, and the necessary safer-sex supplies for any kind of sex you'd like to have. (Even if you bareback your partner at home, a lot of venues want you to use condoms/gloves/dental dams when you're there anyway.) You may not to get to use these if you're coming solo, but if you do, you'll be glad you weren't empty-handed.

Although some venues provide safer-sex supplies, it's a good idea to bring your own anyway just in case. It's also nice to bring a towel, small sheet, or even "puppy pad" or Chux if you're planning on sitting around naked or doing anything that might let off a few fluids. Your gracious host should not have to deal with your crotch-juice on their furniture.

4. Sobriety. Don't show up to a party drunk or high (and definitely don't get drunk or high while you're there). It's not safe to play under the influence and it's not socially acceptable to hang around a party smashed off your ass.

5. Managed expectations.
-You will get to socialize with lots of kinksters in a much more fun, relaxed, and flirty atmosphere than a munch.
-You will get to watch play. Probably some very cool and fascinating (and hot) play.
-There will be a bowl of M&Ms.
-If you came with a partner, you almost certainly will get the opportunity to play with each other. It may be a bit of a shuffle to get a good spot in the "dungeon" space if things are crowded, but it's usually not that hard. Ask a host if you're confused. Don't start whupping on each other in purely social space; no one wants a scene blocking the punchbowl or making a lot of noise and fuss on the chill-out couch.
-If you came alone, it's possible you'll find someone to play with. It's a toss-up. Depends on your social skills, depends on the crowd (some parties have a lot of pick-up play, some tend toward more prearranged scenes), depends on the whims of Fate. And depends whether you want to. If you're not comfortable playing, or if you get offers but they don't make you comfortable or aren't what you're looking for, it's perfectly okay to come to a party, socialize, watch some scenes, and go home.
-If you came alone, it's unlikely you'll get laid. As at any party, it could happen. But play parties are not orgies--a lot of people don't include sex in their play at all, or at least not casually. Some venues don't allow nudity or penetration. And even if you're surrounded by casual-fuckers in a sex-happy environment, I can't say if you'll get laid. Don't stake your enjoyment of the night on it. And certainly don't come to a party with the main intention of getting laid; not only will you likely be disappointed, but you'll miss out on enjoying everything else you could be experiencing at the party. Plus you'll be widely perceived as a total creeper.

The etiquette at play parties is largely about consent. Someone being a kinkster, being at a party, or being identified as a sub/slave/bottom/slut/dom/etc. does not give you permission to do anything to them. Ask before you touch--any touch, not just sexy touch--and negotiate before you roleplay. Sometimes a scene may look like a free-for-all with a lot of people joining in, but this may be prearranged or the people may all know each other in a way you don't. Wait to be specifically invited.

The same rules apply to you. Anyone telling you that you "have" to call them by some exalted title or do something (even something innocuous like grabbing them a soda) for them is full of crap--you have the choice whether you'd like to do that or not. (Likewise anyone who wants to call you by some exalted title or do something for you.) Anyone touching you without asking is being rude, and anyone touching you sexually without asking is a fucking creep and you're within your rights to tell them to fuck off and immediately tell the host what they're doing.

Most parties will have quite a lot of people expressing non-heterosexual, non-cissexual, non-monogamous, generally non-inside-the-box sexuality in various ways. Be cool about it.

Ditto when you run into people practicing non-"glamorous" fetishes. There may be animal players, age players, people in diapers, people doing various forms of intentionally goofy-looking humiliation play, middle-aged men in somewhat unbecoming latex ballerina costumes. You don't have to be turned on by it to be cool about it.

Don't provide color commentary on scenes within earshot of the participants. It's okay to watch public-space scenes, and it's usually okay to have quiet conversation in the same room, but don't get distractingly loud and don't make any helpful "whoa, I think I can see her cervix" comments on the scenes.

Don't touch people's toys without their permission. Their toys may have been carefully cleaned, or recently made extremelyunclean, or carry special emotional significance, or just be none of your damn beeswax.

As with munches, You Don't Talk About Fight Club. Talking about where a party is, who hosts it, who was there, what happened there--all ways to get other people in all kinds of unpleasant trouble.

Put a towel or sheet between your naked butt and the furniture. If not for the furniture's sake, then for your butt's.
Chill out and have fun.
The operative word in "play party" is party. No matter how well the night goes for you, between 75 and 100% of your time will be spent hanging out and socializing with kinky folks. Enjoy it, learn from it, and just relax in it. Don't expect to get all your fantasies fulfilled your first time out and don't spend the party stressing about how "much" you're going to "get." Grab another handful of M&M's, find a comfy spot on the couch, watch that gorgeous suspension scene they're setting up, and ask the ballerina man what he thinks of this weather we've been having.

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BDSM: Fifty Shades of Grey Unplugged

Turning up the heat in bedrooms and raising some eyebrows.
Published on March 6, 2012 by Sari Cooper, L.C.S.W. in Sex Esteem

With the recent buzz being created by EL James' book "Fifty Shades of Grey," I felt compelled to discuss the elements of the relationship described in the book as well as dispel myths that have recently come up in the media regarding BDSM type relationships. The definition of BDSM describes a relationship in which people take on a role of Dominant or a Submissive and may involve some type of restriction (Bondage) and the setting of rules by the Dom which if not followed properly by the Submissive he/she will be punished through some sort of discipline. People who participate in BDSM come from a variety of ethnicities, sexual orientations, ages and social classes

The Dom is in a position of power and authority and the Sub is in a position of helplessness and vulnerability in many capacities. These relationships are consensual and the submissive has code words to let the Dom know if he/she has had enough. Therefore, the myth that the Sub is actually being abused and in danger of being hurt is not true at all in a true D/S relationship because the Submissive has all the power to stop a ‘scene' by using the code word. The draw for people involved in the BDSM scene is multi-layered and varied but coincide with the desire to experience a non-Vanilla type of sensual, sexual erotic experience that occurs outside of the normal rational mind. When Ana first experiences this type of experience she is surprised by her erotic response which is immediate and highly charged despite her intellectual mind telling her she shouldn't be getting turned on.

Many people when they first hear about Bondage-Discipline and Sadomasochistic relationships think that there must be something pathologically wrong with the person(s) administering or receiving the pain, humiliation or restrictions which can be involved in this type of dynamic. However, couples involved in this type of relationship only come in for therapy when there are issues outside their sexual relationship that need help, or because one of them is not adhering to the detailed contract which was set up at the beginning of their relationship. Like the heroine Anastasia in Fifty Shades of Grey, she is asked to read over a list of activities to see which are hard limits (meaning activities she would never want to do under any circumstances) and soft limits (meaning activities that she might consider trying) and sign a contract.

People in this type of relationship describe it at times as an orientation the way other people might say they're gay or Lesbian in that they need certain threats or actions of pain or restrictions to make them feel turned on erotically. Many people do not want or give pain but rather another type of sensation that can cause the partners to get a type of "high" that other people might get finishing an Iron Man. It can put people in a type of trance-like state that lifts them out of their ordinary experience. For many people the actual act of intercourse or touching one another is not part of the experience and yet one or both partners are brought to orgasm through the anticipation, rule setting and/or restrictions put into place. One of my clients who was involved in this type of relationship acted as a Dom and her male partner was not allowed to touch her in any way except perhaps to stroke her boots as she set up restrictions for him.

In the press recently, it has been suggested that the book is reflecting a change in society somehow and that because women have broken the ‘glass ceiling' in their careers they are more likely longing for a place in which they can relinquish control. I would argue that these types of relationships have been around a long time and that the gender of the Dom and sub has been inhabited by both sexes. The most famous example of a man taking on the masochist role might be in the novellaVenus in Furs written by Leopold Ritter von Sacher-Masoch in 1879 was based on his own experiences as a sub to his mistress Baroness Fanny Pistor. In this relationship he begged to be treated as a slave and that she wears fur while subjugating him. The term Masochism was named for him by the Austrian psychiatrist Richard Freiherr von Krafft-Ebing in 1886 due to Sacher-Mosoch's writings on the subject. A modern interpretation of this novel entitled Venus in Fur by David Ives is being performed currently on Broadway in fact which illustrates the longevity of the erotic power the D/S dynamic.

The subject of this book should not be viewed through a socio-political lens since it lies in a realm that is beyond in a psychological, emotional and sensual world. It is an adult form of play that many people would rather just keep in their fantasies. Therefore, just because the book has become a hit in the suburbs, does not mean that all these female readers want to enact these roles. Some may and some may not, but you have to open up the topic with yourself and your partner in order to find out what you might want to try.

As I say to male clients sitting in my consulting office, the fantasy of being so irresistible to a man that he cannot control his desire is the ultimate libido cocktail for most women. This involves creative pursuing by one partner in order to build anticipation and psychological engagement. There is in fact a multi-billion dollar industry of romance novels that are filled with bad boy heroes and desired heroines that succumb to the alpha-type hero. Just as men watch their porn online, there are many women who go to websites in which laypeople share their erotica stories for others to read. A portion of these stories contain stories of BDSM. It is not weird, it is not pathological, it is a flavor of erotica, just as chocolate (and vanilla) are flavors of ice cream.

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Monday, October 22, 2012

The Power of the Desire to Survive

True Power is a gift freely given by those who understand the terms and conditions through informed consent. It is easy to take power forcibly or by deception but it is unsustainable as truths eventually are witnessed. These truths are at odds with claims and pronouncements of those that use force. Who is more powerful? The individual that must use extortion, lying and duress to get others to go along with his/her (horrid) idea or (dreadful) plan. The person who has cultivated animosity and destruction requiring constant attention to preventing/ending dissent or opposition. OR is the person who is given rule not just freely but by true brain lighting desire. A ruler that has been given authority by individuals who choose to be there (by informed consent), to inflict pain. The soul laid bare along with actual I.D. It is because of trust that is earned through meritocracy and mutual self interest. The person in control in this scenario also doesn’t have to put a lot of resources to always having to look behind them. Instead resources can be put toward building rather than suppressing.

I posit that the only true power anybody or thing has is the power that is willingly given-consented to by both parties. You can rescind and go home at any time . You have the ability and you always have had the ability. Just click your ruby heels together. Besides, it is easy to destroy and stomp. It requires no real skill. It is much more difficult and takes time to Master the art of cultivation, growth, and nurturing. Indifference, intolerance, injustice are so easy and also unsustainable.

That is the beauty and benevolence of the Dom/me<-> sub BDSM relationship. It at its heart is based on symbiosis rather than force. Permission and resources are freely given out of desire of both parties for their mutual benefit. Someone who enjoys X simply finds another who enjoys the same X.

We give new meaning and reinterpretations of cruelty. We are cruel to be kind in the right measure. We transform it into performance art and meditation. We co-opt the tools of violence and refine then redefine their use to make them into rewards of endorphins and sub-space. We challenge perception and require others to look closer. Things are not what they appear to be at first glance or even first inspection. Research. Read. Look closer. Ask questions. Do not just look at pictures and create a fantasy of secret and unresolved desires.

Both BDSM and fetish are the result of adaptation. It is how a whole bunch of people in society deal with pain and violence-both together (pain is associated with violence). The duo of pain and violence are antithetical to existence. Both can be harmful and use up resources that would otherwise be used for the enhancement of life. Through BDSM and fetish, pain is now attached to positive reward by association ->pain becomes desired treat->pain and violence are re interpretated in brain->pain is reward=violence removed

Force + Force=Force

The relationship between Dom/me and subby in a power exchange relationship is symbiotic. Each of the participants complements the other but also rely on each other. The masochist submissive wants to be beaten and the sadistically inspired Domina wants someone who can enjoy a beating . Greater pleasure can inspire intensity. Incremental increase of play and the body adapts and then can take more. By connecting enjoyable positive stimuli to what could be a barrier (pain) to most, instead becomes a new en-trance treat. A person who can accept a beating, pain, or some other extreme can survive better. Partners that are safe, sane and consensual can continue to play. It is sustainable. It symbiotic. It adapts and is adaptable. BDSM submission and fetish are moral.


As long as we allow others to speak for us rather than own the dialogue we are always in danger. We allow those who know nothing to speak as professors and make all of us into monsters to suit their evil narrative. Their rapt listeners drool for stories of corruption so to live vicariously while still feeling a sense moral superiority that is undeserved. It allows true villainy to wear the mask of status quo. It conflates anything and everything adult with bad and this results in anyone branded adult as bad. This false equation (based on rhetoric and hypocricy) Adult=Bad becomes a perfect excuse to steal our shit. Take away our jobs. Destroy our families. Who cares if something bad happens to a bad person? Mostly No One. That can open the doors to another Salem Witch Trial act 2 or McCarthy-ism 2.5. Who will speak for us? No One. It also makes it easy for thieves, be it an individual or a ginormous electronic third Party Payment system to steal. It is profitable to steal but it is not at all sustainable or symbiotic.

It is easy to use US for scandalous headline fodder of Faux News rags devoid of facts but full of bull. Everyone will believe it because that is the only message they see and hear. They don’t realize many of the people that they depend on to make their lives BETTER may be closeted kinsksters, fetishists, pornographers, porn consumers, Dom/mes, subbies, masochists. We are your sisters and daughters, brothers and sons. We are mothers and fathers, teachers and students, bakers and bankers, IT specialists and hackers, doctors and lawyers, construction workers and architects, artists and archetypes, police and firemen, judges, city employees and private sector employees. We are also atheists, agnostics, and believers of diverse religions and philosophies. This includes individuals from extreme religious sects like the Hasidim and Mormons. WE ARE EVERYWHERE.
Beauty is not in spite of but because of.

BDSM and Fetish celebrate diversity and beauty in its many joyous forms. There is no one type of beauty as there are so many things that comprise beauty. Perhaps only the vastness of galaxies could contain all the splendour. Big, small, tall thin, hung like a horse or a hamster, bald, furry, blond, gay, bi, try, with and without limbs. So many eyes and so much beauty to behold.

As long as we have a society based on control of the few over the many, forced gender roles, sexism, cruelty, inequality, violence, racism, and abuse, society (and the individuals who bare the brunt of those negatives) will find a way to adapt in order to survive under such afflictions. Therefore we will always have some form of BDSM and Fetish.

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Online BDSM Chat for French Speakers

Cliquez ici pour rencontrer des jolies filles LIVE par WEBCAMS!

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Sunday, October 21, 2012

For Sluts and not only- SlaveX is back with reviews

Ok lately I ve got into a very demanding online webcam mistress and she is seriously giving me hard time and I TRULY OBEY and try to do everything she would like me to do . SO well , its never enough for her and I finish my days humiliated and left apart without any hope. Yeah I ma hopeless slave and you can not even imagine how hard is to handle an online mistress cams ! Usually people think that online mistresses are not for real but believe me they are and this online dominatrix you see in the photo is the proof that what I m telling you is for real! I will be back soon with more bdsm chat mistress reviewed ! And I will be more than happy if you leave a comment on my blog!

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Bdsm Mistress playing with her slave!

Online Fetish Webcam

Important information! Please read!

CamContacts - how does it work!

Navigation and Registration:
You can find your main navigation always in the left sidebar, making the site navigation pretty simple. All the functions you need are there, login and manage your camcontacts account, view your favorites and browse the whole camcontacts platform with just a click. Registering for a membership is 100% free, however CamContacts does require your credit card details in order to verify your age, but rest assure; you will not be billed for your free membership. Register for free here!

Webcam Models and Site Features:
The CamContacts platform is a big success so there are always plenty girls online and ready for video chatting. At the time of this review I counted more than 500 live models in several categories, from non adult to adult hardcore. Especially the adult categories are always very crowded, so you will be able to find whatever you are looking for at CamContacts. There is a free text chat option available and the possibility to join an open session or start you own private session with of course the possibility for Cam2cam video chat. If you are not engaged in a video chat, you can have lots of fun as a free member by participating in the community forums and chat boxes. Share and gather inside information about your favorite girls with other members or just have a laugh!

Pricing and Payment Options:
CamContacts is definitely one of the cheaper webcam sites out there, maybe even the cheapest of them all. The lowest rate I’ve seen is $0.50 per minute and there are plenty hot girls available for you every needs for only $0.99 per min. The best bang for your buck! Credit card payments are done with Secure Socket Layer encryption and billed per minute. You can see your billing history at all times by visiting the viewer services.

Final Thoughts:
Well, as said before, CamContacts is just a little different, but in a good way. It is the only live sex site I know that doesn’t feel like a monster pay site hunting for your hard earned dollars, of course CamContacts is not totally free…but at least it feels more like a cozy and friendly community where friendly people from all over the world have fun….

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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Online Mistress on Webcam - love it!

Here is truly BEAUTIFUL, INTELLIGENT, SOPHISTICATED, SMART, BITCHY, SPOILEDD, POSH woman. And for you this is a huge honor to be usefull and serve her, adore her beauty, shaped figure, long legs and long hair live on her BDSM chat room.

The BLACKMAIL(TEAM VIEWER) is her favorite thing to entertain herself.
She is specialised in financial slavery sissy training, forced bi, chastity, foot worship, heel worship, cuckolding, manipulation, humiliation, goddes worship and other fetishes. She might give you a chance to serve her and make you from useless loser to a more usfull pig.
So take it as rule : you must learn that pleasing her it's your only job and worship your goddes its your single pleasure.
CamContacts: helenjonson

Im MISS_HELEN 25 yo,from London.Very skilled DOM WOMAN.

Here and now I give you a chance to be my slave. Isn't it your own dream to be abused by POSH, very beauitiful, sexy and, more over, smart as hell Mistress? MONEY SLAVERY sounds so nice and thrill minds, as mine, because I love money more than ever, especially yours, because of your weakness to give everyything untill your last penny to your GODDESS, spoil her wishes and pay for her luxury life. And maybe you will recieve speacial treat like worshipping my feet or go shopping with ur GODDESS

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Friday, October 19, 2012

Online Mistress on webcam - Live BDSM domination

I know that people have all sorts of fantasies and desires and I am trying to get you the perfect persons who also share the same fantasies.

Looking for Live Domina and the best BDSM chat ever?
I am bringing you the hottest Dominas so you can spend more time having 1 on 1 live sessions !

If pain is your pleasure and if you like to be naughty do not wait a second longer because this Goddess just can't wait to bend you over her knees and give you the spank of your life! 

You will beg for her attention and you will love it. She will love hearing you out in pain, restrain you with leather , demanding you worship her, fucking and abusing you like a little slut you are. You will be in hell and heaven in the same time!
A mistress that you are not going to forget so easily and believe me she will give you the hardest femdom session you have ever had! You will really loved her moody way to be from the first time you see her online. 

Being humiliated on webcam is something you will enjoy so much and she will make you feel worthless. She is specialised in financial slavery sissy training, forced bi, chastity, foot worship, heel worship, cuckolding, manipulation, humiliation, goddes worship and other fetishes. 

She might give you a chance to serve her and make you from useless loser to a more usfull pig.
So take it as rule : you must learn that pleasing her it's your only job and worship your goddes its your single pleasure.

She is educated, determined, inspired, thoughtful and cruel. Your fears and obsessions are Her inspiration, your agony Her pleasure....You will enjoy kneeling in front of Her and allow your Goddess to lead you on the journey of discovery and erotic excitement!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

BDSM Domination in public

I met Miranda in an on-line chat-room. She was describing how her current boyfriend just didn't "get" her.
It was a BDSM chat-room so it was pretty clear what kind of feelings he didn't get, but it was still surprising to hear Miranda talk about her fantasies, her desires.
She wanted to be controlled, more mentally than physically; she wasn't much into flogging and whips... although she said her nipples were very sensitive and enjoyed a good tweak.
Her pleasure was to be told what to do, what to wear and have herself shown off, like a trophy, but a slutty trophy.
The fact that we are both Dutch meeting in a predominately American chat-room naturally pushed us together. We chatted for several days and the conversation drifted to her wanting to be exposed. At that time, it was about two in the afternoon, I suggested we'd meet that day. She agreed and we decided to meet up at a highway restaurant. As part of the arrangement, I told her to wear a short skirt, a see-through top and panties, but no bra.
Until that time, we had not seen each-other, we had just described ourselves during chat.

As I drove to the restaurant, I half expected her not to show up, and as I waited, and the agreed time came and went I was more and more convinced I had been stood up.
I decided to give her 10 more minutes before I'd leave and just then the door opened and in walked this wonderful looking blond woman, in a tight white skirt, made of stretch material that clung to her bronzed thighs.
She had hidden her blonde curls somewhat in a pinkish baseball cap and to top it off she was wearing a really sheer white top. It was much more see through than I had imaged it to be, and as she turned to look for me, I could see her wonderful boobs clearly, nipples contrasting deeply and her nipples hard and almost pushing through the fabric.
I motioned to her and she recognized me from the description I had given her.
She quickly walked up to my table, followed by many eyes, of which very few were looking at her face.

She joined me at the table and asked me if I was pleased with her choice of clothes and if she executed the instruction well.
I smiled and told her she did.. she took off her baseball cap and shook her long curly hair. I though she looked fantastic and I had a very hard time deciding where to look: her wonderful tits or her sparkling blue/green eyes.

We started talking and thing went very naturally, there weren't any uncomfortable pauses and she said she was feeling a connection between us. At that point I decided to test her and asked Miranda to take off her panties for me. She nodded and got up to go to the bathroom, but I stopped her. "Sit down!", I said, "I meant right here at the table."
She looked right at me with her piercing eyes, saw I was serious, and nodded.
Miranda sat back down, but lifted her hips. Her fingers disappeared under her skirt and I saw the motions indicating she was taking off her underwear.
"Give it to me!", I told her when she appeared to be finished. "Over the table!"
It wasn't rush hour in the restaurant, but the fact it was on a busy highway and that Miranda was wearing a very see through top made sure that there were several sets of eyes focused on us at any given time.
She gave me her panties, a thong, which I put in my jacket pocket.
When the waiter came over he didn't know where to look, so the poor bastard decided the safest was to look straight at me. I ordered coffee for both Miranda and myself, and the waiter left without so much as having a glance at her tits.
Not surprisingly, another waiter brought us our coffees. A young guy who wasn't nearly as bashful as the first. He took a good long look at Miranda's tits before slowly walking away from us again.

Miranda confessed to me this was the first time she had ever exposed herself like that in public but that it had been a long time fantasy. I was glad she did obviously and asked her if she was ready to take another step.
"Yes, Sir", was her convincing answer, so I asked for the bill, payed, and guided Miranda to the exit.

Now, in the Netherlands, large highway stops are usually comprised of a gas station, a restaurant, and a parking area for cars and a separate one for trucks. I took Miranda outside and walked her towards the truckers parking area. I held her by her elbow and she followed like a good little girl.
Once we were about 20 meters away from the restaurant exit, I put my hands on her butt, which felt lovely and soft, and pulled up the tight white skirt to her hips, exposing her ass and her pussy.almost immediately we got a response, in the form of a car leaving the restaurant parking area, honking its horn.
I asked Miranda how she felt, and she answered: "I'm just fine Sir".
We kept walking and got to the truckers area, I told Miranda to take off her top completely, which she did without hesitation. I was still holding and guiding her by her arm and I could feel her shaking with excitement or was it fear?

In the corner of the parking area there was a group of Polish and Czech truckers hanging around their trucks. When they saw us walking up the eyes of some of the men damn nearly popped out of their sockets.
Wolf whistles were mixed with remarks I could not understand, but judging from the color o their faces, they were pretty happy to see Miranda in her current state.
I told Miranda: "I want you to show yourself to them and then suck me off".
Her eyes seemed to sparkle even more when she looked at my face and nodded. She turned around, did a little dance, spread her ass cheeks for the truckers. I could see the bulges in their pants and decided to call Miranda to me before the truckers could start their own private party with her.
"On your knees", I told her and Miranda obeyed dutifully. She opened the zip on my jeans and took my cock out of my boxers. Unsurprisingly, it was already hard as a rock.
I looked at her as her lips wrapped around my cock and started sucking. Her tongue circled the head and licked all the way to the base and my balls before returning to the top and nearly devouring all of my dick.
Miranda had no problem deep throating, something she had already told me in the chat room, so I wasn't really surprised, but I was still nearly overwhelmed with the intensity and dedication with which she sucked, licked and squeezed my cock.
I held Miranda's head by her long blonde hair and didn't let her get her head away from my dick, forcing her closer at times. I could see that some of the truckers had taken matters into their own hands as well as they were jerking off ferociously to the sight of this blonde Dutch woman sucking cock on "their" parking-lot.
Before long her tongue and piercing eyes got the better of me and I felt the cum bubbling up from my balls. "I'm going to cum in your face!" I groaned, but she wouldn't have anything of it. Miranda sucked my dick hard and deep into her mouth and didn't let go until she felt my hot cum spraying her throat and mouth.
She didn't swallow it, but opened her mouth and proudly showed her rewards to the masturbating truckers, who one after another followed my suit and came and shot their cum over the tarmac.

I put my dick back in my pants and pulled Miranda up by her hair. Then I took her back to the main parking area, leaving the truckers screaming all sorts of things at her in languages and phrases neither of us could understand but both of us knew the meaning of. Miranda was still topless and had her pussy and ass exposed when we reached her car. She had to get back to her boyfriend.
She got in her car, still not adjusting her clothes, looked at me and said: "Thank you Sir, I will never forget this".
She then drove of, and although I saw her online in the chat-room regularly afterwards, she never agreed to meeting again.

BDSM chat and Fetish Online Mistress

If you want to know how to find a BDSM mistress for your alternative lifestyle, this article is for you! The submissive/dominant culture is an exciting way of life, but it can be hard to find someone who is likeminded and shares your desires.

Women don’t like talking about their sex life as much as men do, so even if they are into being someone’s mistress, it could take some coaxing to get this information out of them. Not surprisingly, a high number of women today are also looking for a man they can boss around. However, finding these women can be a chore.

How to find a Mistress by Putting Yourself Out there Online

It may seem scary, but you have to put yourself out there if you want a woman to come out to you with her sexual desires. You have to let women know you are willing to do anything for them if they only become your mistress and keep you in line. If you feel more comfortable, you can use a fictitious name to create your account. You can even just put up a profile picture of your body, cropping out your face. In your information is where you should put exactly what you are looking for in a mistress.

How to find a Mistress on Social Sites and have an online bdsm chat

Now that you have some ideas for how to create your sub seeks dome profile, where should you look for a mistress?

Facebook has groups you can join that have similar-minded people. Search these groups for alt, alternative lifestyle, dominatrix, submissive, or dominant. Join as many groups as you like and friend some nice looking girls in the group. You can begin talking to them casually, 100% for free and just see where things go.

Sometimes you can even find groups near you, so you increase your chance of meeting a mistress in real life, and sparking up a relationship.

Twitter is also a good social site with many women involved in alternative lifestyle. You can also run a search on twitter to find self-declared mistresses, and follow them. Don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation. Again, you must put yourself out there!

If you are a submissive boy, then you know about hard work. So even though finding a mistress is hard work, you can do it! Especially now that you have some great ideas for how to find a mistress. 

Online BDSM sites are also a good alternative if you want to have fast resoults. It's not free but you can enjoy as much as you want and have a great range of options. Below I have listed some of it.

Safe websites
CamContacts - Fetish / Dungeon 
All Cams - Fetish / Dungeon 
WebCamLife - Fetish / Dungeon 
CamSexNow - Fetish / Dungeon 
CamContact - Fetisch / Dominas - German speakers
CamContactos - Fetichismo / Sadomasoquismo - Spanish speakers

Have fun!