Friday, June 29, 2012

Bound Bliss - the wake up....

He sucks my tongue firmly, playfully capturing the stud in my tongue between his teeth. His hands grip my waist, pulling my lower body downwards slightly. The man behind me continues to thrust into me slowly, grinding his hips against my rear, and taking his time. I feel the penis of the man beneath me pressing against the opening of my sex, and I squirm a bit, attempting to take him inside. I feel the head slip in, and I whimper softly, pleading for him to fill me completely. 
He teases me for a bit, sliding inside me little by little, then pulling out again. I desperately try to get the full length of him inside, but he continues to tease me, and I finally give up. Realizing that I have stopped trying, he gingerly thrusts up into me, bringing a soft yelp of pleasure from my lips. I tug on the ropes binding my wrists to the headboard, growling quietly, enjoying the feeling of being completely filled. 
The two men gradually begin to thrust into me faster, groaning and grunting softly. The man behind me kisses and bites my shoulder roughly, and the man beneath me plays with my breasts, squeezing them as he sucks my nipples hungrily. The bed sinks yet again, but I am by now too lost in my pleasure to notice. I feel a hand grip my hair gently, pulling my face up. My mouth is yet again greeted, by another penis. I willingly open my mouth, letting it lodge itself between my lips, and this third man begins to thrust his penis into my mouth eagerly.

The men beneath and behind me settle into alternate rhythms, the man inside my ass pulling out while the man in my vagina thrusts in, their speeds gradually increasing. I happily suck the penis in my mouth, my shrill moans muffled as it repeatedly slips in and out of my throat. Out of nowhere, all three men seem to get on the same wavelength suddenly, as they all begin pounding me savagely, thrusting with reckless abandon. 
The stimulation finally proves to be too much for me, and I descend into a bright abyss of ecstasy and sheer orgasmic delight, my body jerking and quivering with the power of my climax, my ass and vagina convulsing wildly around their invaders. The men all continue thrusting, and I feel the penis inside my mouth expand slightly, and hot jets of semen are delivered into my mouth and throat, which I swallow, not allowing a single drop to escape. The man behind me climaxes soon after, roaring out almost frighteningly as he explodes inside my ass, coating my insides thoroughly. The man beneath me grunts loudly, pulling out of me and spraying my stomach and breasts with his steamy essence.
The third man pulls out of my mouth and hops off the bed, untying my wrists, and I collapse on top of the second man, moaning softly as the first man pulls out of my ass. The man beneath me gently slides me off of him, wiping me off with a towel, and I am turned onto my back, my wrists once again secured to the headboard, and I am told to rest as I am covered with a blanket.

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Bound Bliss - part two

After a long period of silence and discomfort, the gag is removed from my mouth, my arms are let down, and I am forced to sit on my knees. My leash is connected to a ring on the floor, so that I cannot escape. My wrists are once again handcuffed behind my back, and I sense someone standing before me. A hand is placed under my chin, lifting my face upwards, and I feel something firm placed against my lips. It feels like a penis. I am ordered to suck, but am reluctant. A hand tugs on my hair firmly, and I am ordered once again to suck the penis that is attempting to force itself past my lips. I finally open my mouth. A pair of hands grips my head firmly, pushing my head forward, and I suck on the invading organ vigorously, hoping to please my captors. My attention is slightly diverted as the chastity belt is removed, along with the plugs. I let out a tiny sigh of relief, but I am foolish to think that relief will last long.
The penis is pulled from my mouth momentarily, and the hood is pulled off my head, but instantly replaced with a blindfold before I have a chance to open my eyes. The leash is removed from the ring in the floor, and I am ordered to stand up. I stand up immediately, and I am pulled forward. I am pushed onto a soft surface.. a bed. My hands are tied to the headboard, and I sit there on my knees, tugging at the rope, though I know it is futile. I notice the bed sinking on one side, and realize someone has decided to join me. Fingers tickle my sides lightly, and I feel arms wrapping around my waist, and a very erect penis pressing against my rear. His hands explore me slowly, starting at my neck, trickling down my breasts and stopping at my nipples momentarily to pinch them. He takes his time rolling them between his fingers slowly, effectively rendering them erect.

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He rubs his penis against my eager sex lightly, teasing my clit with the tip, and I quietly beg him to take me. He leans back slightly, and I wait patiently for him to enter me. I gasp as I feel him pressing the swollen head of his member against my still tense ass. I tense up even more, fearing pain should he try and take me there, and a shiver scurries up my spine as I feel cold lube being spread over the newly deflowered orifice. With a quick thrust, he is inside me, and I yelp softly, my anus burning with a dull pain. He buries himself inside me as far as possible, his hands gripping my hips as he gyrates against my rear. The pain quickly fades to pleasure, and I attempt to move against him, but he holds me in place, and starts to thrust into me with a gentle rhythm. I feel the bed sink again, and another body slides beneath me, forcing me to straddle it. It is another man. He grabs my leash and pulls me down a bit, kissing me hard on the lips, snaking his hot, slippery tongue into my mouth and exploring leisurely.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bound Bliss - a story by Somenosuke

I wake up in my own bed, or, what I believe is my own bed, and it is dark outside. I sit up and look around, realizing I am in a strange room, and in a strange bed. I try to get out of the bed, but as I move my legs, I feel resistance, and cuffs on my ankles. I move the blankets aside to find my legs chained to the bedposts. Panic immediately fills my mind as I try to think of a way to get out of this predicament. My whole world goes black abruptly, as a thick hood is pulled over my head, and my wrists are seized and cuffed together behind my back. Before I can protest, a dildo gag is shoved into my mouth through the opening in the hood, and secured tightly at the back of my head.

I feel something being placed around my neck. A collar? Something is attached to it, and my ankles are released. I feel a quick tug on my collar, and realize that it is a leash that has been attached to it. I get out of the bed and walk obediently in the direction I am being pulled, knowing that the less I fight, the better the chances are of little harm coming to me. I hope. I am led into another room, silently wondering what it is that shall be done to me. I feel my clothes being cut away with a knife, and pulled from my body quickly. I shiver as the slightly chilly air in the room hits me, goosebumps forming all over me.
My panties are carefully cut and removed, and now I stand naked, shaking somewhat out of fear, and also from being chilled. The cuffs are taken off my wrists, and my arms are pulled forward to be tied, this time with rope. My arms are then lifted above my head, the rope placed on a hook, which is pulled upward, pulling me with it until I am forced to stand on the tips of my toes. This becomes uncomfortable very quickly, and I squirm a bit, wishing for more slack. My efforts to decrease my discomfort are answered quickly, as I feel a latex covered finger wriggle between the cheeks of my rear, coated with lube. The finger teases the tight pucker of my anus roughly, before it snakes its way inside. I bite down on the dildo gag harshly, whimpering and squirming as best I can in my current position.
The finger moves around a bit, and in and out slowly, preparing me for what's to come. The finger slips out, and is replaced with a small butt plug, coated generously with lube. As the plug is inserted, my muscles tense up in an attempt to push it out, but the resistance is not enough, and the plug is shoved in. I feel hands on my legs, pulling them apart and stroking my inner thighs. I feel something smooth and slick being dragged over the outer lips of my sex, and my body trembles in response. Without warning or preparation, the object is shoved inside me, filling me completely. The butt plug is tugged gently, and pulled out partially, then is thrust back inside me once again, and this continues for a moment, before it is shoved back in and left to sit. My legs are then guided into some sort of leather garment, and it is pulled up to my waist and tightened. I feel a thin, wide strip covering my violated orifices, holding the plugs in place. I squirm a bit, as the plugs are somewhat uncomfortable, and I realize I am now wearing a chastity belt. My shoulders have begun to ache terribly, but there is no relief in sight any time soon. I am left in this position for what feels like many hours, all of my orifices filled, my body completely available for whatever activities strike my captor's fancy.

To be continued....
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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Good morning Your Majesty

And this is how an interesting message begins.
I would like to clarify for everyone who is interested in me and what I am doing on this planet. I decided to write about my passions and put parts of my life here, as this is one of my hobbies.


I am dominant female who had very interesting experiences in the BDSM area and still counting, if I may say so. I love to have submissive people around me that one day could become my slaves. I am not interested to have as many as possible but to have one more submissive that is honest, emotionally balanced and also to have enough professional success in order to keep my needs and my desires at the highest level possible.

In the real life (not that this writings are not real) I am working for a successful company where I occupy a middle management position for which am working really hard. I have maximum one hour per day to update my blog and read my messages. I also have Slub *(  If you don’t know who he is just read my previous postings and you’ll find out) who is one of the most important person in my life and the only thing he desires to do, is fulfilling my  dreams.

For the rest of you craving for some kink ….Just try to have fun and keep it simple!
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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Top and bottom

In a BDSM relationship the partner who has the active role in a session or in the entire relationship is described as the "top," a role that often involves inflicting pain, degradation or subjugation. The partner referred to as the "bottom" submits voluntarily to the actions of the top.

Although the top is usually also the dominant partner and the bottom the submissive partner, it is not inevitably so. In some cases the top follows instructions from the bottom according to the bottom's desires and in a way the bottom expressly requires. This is sometimes called "service topping." If the bondage/discipline aspect of BDSM involves a top actively performing a skill while a bottom willingly submits, then the dominance/submission aspect here is reversed from what is typically expected.

In contrast, a dominant top controls their submissive bottom partner, sometimes by using physical or psychological techniques, although consent is always established first. This power relationship is so common, "bottom" and "submissive" are sometimes used interchangeably in the BDSM community.

A similar distinction also may apply to bottoms. At one end of the spectrum are those who are indifferent to, or even reject physical stimulation. At the other end of the spectrum are bottoms that enjoy discipline and erotic humiliation but are not willing to be subordinate to the person who applies it. The bottom is frequently the partner who specifies the basic conditions of the session and gives instructions, directly or indirectly, in the negotiation, while the top often respects this guidance.

Other bottoms often called "brats" try to incur punishment from their tops by provoking them or "misbehaving." Nevertheless a small, very puristic "school"exists within the BDSM community, which regards such "topping from the bottom" as rude or even incompatible with the standards of BDSM relations.
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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Dominatrix: A BDSM History

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Please mistress!

"It’s not your decision Slub! You are my slut and I’ll do whatever I want with your mind and your body! "
He looked at me for a second and understood that this was his choice!
I’ve asked him to undress, put his collar around his neck and told him not to move. I was going to check every inch of his body!
 This body is mine and I am entitled to know everything. What skin type he has, what medical problems might appear and so on. Luckily, Slub is a healthy man so I was pleased to find out that overall check was ok. 
“Please bent over Slub, spread your legs and do not move! I’m going to check your ass…”
For a moment, he seemed to be embarrassed and uncomfortable with my wish but the only thing I heard was ….please Mistress, don’t!  I’ve put a latex glove and inserted one of my fingers in his ass. He was so tight!
“Is this your first time Slub?”
Yes, it was the first time and that’s why it was embarrassed. I ‘ve played with his ass for a half an hour, trying to make his hole larger but things were moving slowly. He was also unprepared for this kind of play.
“Slub, I am not so pleased with your ass, it’s too tight. I need to make your dirty hole bigger and also hope this is the last time I’ll find it so dirty. Understood?  Please go to the bathroom and clean it. You’ll find there everything you need. Next time you will not be able to control this process  so prepare for it. I’ll have the pleasure to do you an assisted enema! “
I have fucking enjoyed that moment! But I’ll tell you later about that.

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Monday, June 11, 2012

First night

I like the night because of the view deprivation and the silence of your environment. If you stay long enough to listen the sounds of the darkness you may have a big surprise. Everything is different…especially your feelings can be overwhelming.
At 9 PM I have invited Slub to my place. He was frustrated and confused because for 1 week I didn’t answer his call, he left me a lot of messages, emails and nothing from my side. Until that evening.  I have called him in the morning and asked him to be at my place at that hour and bring something that he considers to be important to our future relation.
 I heard the bell ringing at 9.00 PM sharp. I knew at that point at least that evening will be exciting….I left him waiting at the other side of the door for a couple of minutes. 
I opened the door and invite him in. Before he had the chance to say something I asked him what he had brought for me. He handed me a small package, coved in black paper. Inside was a collar.
I got excited instantly…..
From that point I understood that his intentions were real, so real that he is giving me the power over him, not total of course but it’s a good start.
He was familiar with the BDSM world and the rules.  The basic rule of this type of commitment is to respect the other as much as you respect yourself or even more. To do everything in a manner that is safe, sane and consensual and never to try something with your partner that is not discussed and agreed upon. You must have always a clear judgment and take care of the other’s needs before yourself.  Respect other’s limits and never try to push it , unless he has been giving you the power to do that.
That evening we have discussed about all our needs, dreams, fetishes, limits and much more.  He was on his knees , with the collar put it on in a submissive state of mind and ready to start this journey.

First Days

I don’t know if this is the right place to talk about my life , but what I know is the  fact that many of you , who will end up here reading this , are  like me….kinky people with kinky ideas about sexuality.
I meet my Slub 2 years ago at a quite boring conference about people management. He was one of the organizers and had a nice speech about how we can motivate our employees, what are the best techniques to improve attrition and so on.  I was impressed by his experience.
By the time I was preparing to go home to have my perfect dinner , I was unexpectedly touched on the shoulder by someone.  It was Slub , who saw me from the moment I entered the room but It was too shy to talk to me. We exchanged business cards and we had a nice conversation about management, people, whether, books and movies.  This charming, submissive man just caught my attention. After 3 cups of Champaign we were much more familiar that I was able to be with a total stranger.
After a couple of somehow romantic dinners , one evening he invited me at his place and I accepted. From the moment I entered I knew that he will be my next submissive.
He invited me to sit on a black leather sofa, brought me a coup of red wine as I have asked, kneeled took my shoes off and start rubbing my feet with a special massage oil. I asked him if he were a slave before, or even submissive to Domina. He said yes...he was craving after those moments.