Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Please mistress!

"It’s not your decision Slub! You are my slut and I’ll do whatever I want with your mind and your body! "
He looked at me for a second and understood that this was his choice!
I’ve asked him to undress, put his collar around his neck and told him not to move. I was going to check every inch of his body!
 This body is mine and I am entitled to know everything. What skin type he has, what medical problems might appear and so on. Luckily, Slub is a healthy man so I was pleased to find out that overall check was ok. 
“Please bent over Slub, spread your legs and do not move! I’m going to check your ass…”
For a moment, he seemed to be embarrassed and uncomfortable with my wish but the only thing I heard was ….please Mistress, don’t!  I’ve put a latex glove and inserted one of my fingers in his ass. He was so tight!
“Is this your first time Slub?”
Yes, it was the first time and that’s why it was embarrassed. I ‘ve played with his ass for a half an hour, trying to make his hole larger but things were moving slowly. He was also unprepared for this kind of play.
“Slub, I am not so pleased with your ass, it’s too tight. I need to make your dirty hole bigger and also hope this is the last time I’ll find it so dirty. Understood?  Please go to the bathroom and clean it. You’ll find there everything you need. Next time you will not be able to control this process  so prepare for it. I’ll have the pleasure to do you an assisted enema! “
I have fucking enjoyed that moment! But I’ll tell you later about that.

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