Friday, June 29, 2012

Bound Bliss - the wake up....

He sucks my tongue firmly, playfully capturing the stud in my tongue between his teeth. His hands grip my waist, pulling my lower body downwards slightly. The man behind me continues to thrust into me slowly, grinding his hips against my rear, and taking his time. I feel the penis of the man beneath me pressing against the opening of my sex, and I squirm a bit, attempting to take him inside. I feel the head slip in, and I whimper softly, pleading for him to fill me completely. 
He teases me for a bit, sliding inside me little by little, then pulling out again. I desperately try to get the full length of him inside, but he continues to tease me, and I finally give up. Realizing that I have stopped trying, he gingerly thrusts up into me, bringing a soft yelp of pleasure from my lips. I tug on the ropes binding my wrists to the headboard, growling quietly, enjoying the feeling of being completely filled. 
The two men gradually begin to thrust into me faster, groaning and grunting softly. The man behind me kisses and bites my shoulder roughly, and the man beneath me plays with my breasts, squeezing them as he sucks my nipples hungrily. The bed sinks yet again, but I am by now too lost in my pleasure to notice. I feel a hand grip my hair gently, pulling my face up. My mouth is yet again greeted, by another penis. I willingly open my mouth, letting it lodge itself between my lips, and this third man begins to thrust his penis into my mouth eagerly.

The men beneath and behind me settle into alternate rhythms, the man inside my ass pulling out while the man in my vagina thrusts in, their speeds gradually increasing. I happily suck the penis in my mouth, my shrill moans muffled as it repeatedly slips in and out of my throat. Out of nowhere, all three men seem to get on the same wavelength suddenly, as they all begin pounding me savagely, thrusting with reckless abandon. 
The stimulation finally proves to be too much for me, and I descend into a bright abyss of ecstasy and sheer orgasmic delight, my body jerking and quivering with the power of my climax, my ass and vagina convulsing wildly around their invaders. The men all continue thrusting, and I feel the penis inside my mouth expand slightly, and hot jets of semen are delivered into my mouth and throat, which I swallow, not allowing a single drop to escape. The man behind me climaxes soon after, roaring out almost frighteningly as he explodes inside my ass, coating my insides thoroughly. The man beneath me grunts loudly, pulling out of me and spraying my stomach and breasts with his steamy essence.
The third man pulls out of my mouth and hops off the bed, untying my wrists, and I collapse on top of the second man, moaning softly as the first man pulls out of my ass. The man beneath me gently slides me off of him, wiping me off with a towel, and I am turned onto my back, my wrists once again secured to the headboard, and I am told to rest as I am covered with a blanket.

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