Monday, June 11, 2012

First Days

I don’t know if this is the right place to talk about my life , but what I know is the  fact that many of you , who will end up here reading this , are  like me….kinky people with kinky ideas about sexuality.
I meet my Slub 2 years ago at a quite boring conference about people management. He was one of the organizers and had a nice speech about how we can motivate our employees, what are the best techniques to improve attrition and so on.  I was impressed by his experience.
By the time I was preparing to go home to have my perfect dinner , I was unexpectedly touched on the shoulder by someone.  It was Slub , who saw me from the moment I entered the room but It was too shy to talk to me. We exchanged business cards and we had a nice conversation about management, people, whether, books and movies.  This charming, submissive man just caught my attention. After 3 cups of Champaign we were much more familiar that I was able to be with a total stranger.
After a couple of somehow romantic dinners , one evening he invited me at his place and I accepted. From the moment I entered I knew that he will be my next submissive.
He invited me to sit on a black leather sofa, brought me a coup of red wine as I have asked, kneeled took my shoes off and start rubbing my feet with a special massage oil. I asked him if he were a slave before, or even submissive to Domina. He said yes...he was craving after those moments.

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