Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bound Bliss - a story by Somenosuke

I wake up in my own bed, or, what I believe is my own bed, and it is dark outside. I sit up and look around, realizing I am in a strange room, and in a strange bed. I try to get out of the bed, but as I move my legs, I feel resistance, and cuffs on my ankles. I move the blankets aside to find my legs chained to the bedposts. Panic immediately fills my mind as I try to think of a way to get out of this predicament. My whole world goes black abruptly, as a thick hood is pulled over my head, and my wrists are seized and cuffed together behind my back. Before I can protest, a dildo gag is shoved into my mouth through the opening in the hood, and secured tightly at the back of my head.

I feel something being placed around my neck. A collar? Something is attached to it, and my ankles are released. I feel a quick tug on my collar, and realize that it is a leash that has been attached to it. I get out of the bed and walk obediently in the direction I am being pulled, knowing that the less I fight, the better the chances are of little harm coming to me. I hope. I am led into another room, silently wondering what it is that shall be done to me. I feel my clothes being cut away with a knife, and pulled from my body quickly. I shiver as the slightly chilly air in the room hits me, goosebumps forming all over me.
My panties are carefully cut and removed, and now I stand naked, shaking somewhat out of fear, and also from being chilled. The cuffs are taken off my wrists, and my arms are pulled forward to be tied, this time with rope. My arms are then lifted above my head, the rope placed on a hook, which is pulled upward, pulling me with it until I am forced to stand on the tips of my toes. This becomes uncomfortable very quickly, and I squirm a bit, wishing for more slack. My efforts to decrease my discomfort are answered quickly, as I feel a latex covered finger wriggle between the cheeks of my rear, coated with lube. The finger teases the tight pucker of my anus roughly, before it snakes its way inside. I bite down on the dildo gag harshly, whimpering and squirming as best I can in my current position.
The finger moves around a bit, and in and out slowly, preparing me for what's to come. The finger slips out, and is replaced with a small butt plug, coated generously with lube. As the plug is inserted, my muscles tense up in an attempt to push it out, but the resistance is not enough, and the plug is shoved in. I feel hands on my legs, pulling them apart and stroking my inner thighs. I feel something smooth and slick being dragged over the outer lips of my sex, and my body trembles in response. Without warning or preparation, the object is shoved inside me, filling me completely. The butt plug is tugged gently, and pulled out partially, then is thrust back inside me once again, and this continues for a moment, before it is shoved back in and left to sit. My legs are then guided into some sort of leather garment, and it is pulled up to my waist and tightened. I feel a thin, wide strip covering my violated orifices, holding the plugs in place. I squirm a bit, as the plugs are somewhat uncomfortable, and I realize I am now wearing a chastity belt. My shoulders have begun to ache terribly, but there is no relief in sight any time soon. I am left in this position for what feels like many hours, all of my orifices filled, my body completely available for whatever activities strike my captor's fancy.

To be continued....
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