Thursday, June 28, 2012

Bound Bliss - part two

After a long period of silence and discomfort, the gag is removed from my mouth, my arms are let down, and I am forced to sit on my knees. My leash is connected to a ring on the floor, so that I cannot escape. My wrists are once again handcuffed behind my back, and I sense someone standing before me. A hand is placed under my chin, lifting my face upwards, and I feel something firm placed against my lips. It feels like a penis. I am ordered to suck, but am reluctant. A hand tugs on my hair firmly, and I am ordered once again to suck the penis that is attempting to force itself past my lips. I finally open my mouth. A pair of hands grips my head firmly, pushing my head forward, and I suck on the invading organ vigorously, hoping to please my captors. My attention is slightly diverted as the chastity belt is removed, along with the plugs. I let out a tiny sigh of relief, but I am foolish to think that relief will last long.
The penis is pulled from my mouth momentarily, and the hood is pulled off my head, but instantly replaced with a blindfold before I have a chance to open my eyes. The leash is removed from the ring in the floor, and I am ordered to stand up. I stand up immediately, and I am pulled forward. I am pushed onto a soft surface.. a bed. My hands are tied to the headboard, and I sit there on my knees, tugging at the rope, though I know it is futile. I notice the bed sinking on one side, and realize someone has decided to join me. Fingers tickle my sides lightly, and I feel arms wrapping around my waist, and a very erect penis pressing against my rear. His hands explore me slowly, starting at my neck, trickling down my breasts and stopping at my nipples momentarily to pinch them. He takes his time rolling them between his fingers slowly, effectively rendering them erect.

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He rubs his penis against my eager sex lightly, teasing my clit with the tip, and I quietly beg him to take me. He leans back slightly, and I wait patiently for him to enter me. I gasp as I feel him pressing the swollen head of his member against my still tense ass. I tense up even more, fearing pain should he try and take me there, and a shiver scurries up my spine as I feel cold lube being spread over the newly deflowered orifice. With a quick thrust, he is inside me, and I yelp softly, my anus burning with a dull pain. He buries himself inside me as far as possible, his hands gripping my hips as he gyrates against my rear. The pain quickly fades to pleasure, and I attempt to move against him, but he holds me in place, and starts to thrust into me with a gentle rhythm. I feel the bed sink again, and another body slides beneath me, forcing me to straddle it. It is another man. He grabs my leash and pulls me down a bit, kissing me hard on the lips, snaking his hot, slippery tongue into my mouth and exploring leisurely.

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