Saturday, November 24, 2012

Orgasm Control Training: They Can't Resist


Like dangling a carrot in front of a rabbit (or at least that works in cartoons), using orgasm control training in your slave training relationship can be highly effective. By teaching your slave when they can and can not orgasm, you will be able to control their mind as well as their body for your personal pleasure.
 The problem most people have with orgasm control training is that they often think that it's easier than it looks. All you have to do is tell the slave not to orgasm or to orgasm and they will do as you say - if only it were that easy. 
The problem with orgasm control training usually lies in understanding how to control the orgasm for your slave in order to show them how they can take part in the process as well. As a Dom/me, you need to realize that a slave needs to be persuaded to not have an orgasm or distracted from their body's natural orgasmic response. But if you can not learn these basics, you will not have an effective orgasm control training program. You need to be fully in control of this situation so that your slave doesn't attempt to have an orgasm regardless of what you are trying to do. This will causes the rest of your slave training to crumble -as soon as your slave sees any weakness on your part. The first thing you need to do is learn what makes your slave orgasm in the first place. 

This seems like a simple task, but with many female slaves especially, there are things that work for some, but not for others. The beginning of orgasm control training will need to be a sort of exploration into what makes your slave ready to orgasm. It will work well if you bring them to the point of orgasm and then back away to begin the orgasm deprivation phase of the training. Then, you can move into guiding your slave into having orgasms from things that they had never had orgasms doing before. For example, you might want to stimulate your slave in a known orgasm-making, but then stimulate them anally or elsewhere to start connecting these other points to causing orgasm as well. Once you create the sensations that they could orgasm from other kinds of stimulation, you will be able to control orgasms in many more ways then you even thought possible. You can also prevent them from orgasms 'normally' by giving a punishment at the same time or verbal humiliation. 
This will begin to change their associations and change how they respond to stimulation. Another tool in orgasm control training is masturbation for your slave. You might have them masturbate just to the point of almost coming to orgasm and then stop. This will help to control their desire to make themselves orgasm and hand over that control to you - where it should be. You might also have a slave on an orgasm restriction period or work with them to have them orgasm on command without any direct stimulation (this takes a while to achieve, but it can happen). 
Orgasm control training has many different variations and levels that will help you assert your control over a slave. You can choose from orgasm deprivation, for example as well as orgasm control by changing the sensations that your slave associates with 'normal' orgasms. You can also change what they orgasm from by incorporating punishments when they orgasm. The possibilities are endless. Once you can control the orgasms of your slave, you will be in complete control of their sexual satisfaction. And for many slaves, this is enough to get them to obey every time.
Enjoy !

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