Sunday, November 4, 2012

Letter no 2 - Ginger Experience...‏

My Temptress
I left work yesterday and stopped at the market. I picked out the nicest piece of ginger I could find. I pretended to have a cold so no one would wonder why I was there buying a single piece of ginger root after work. Later, I peeled the larger, straighter half of it and slipped it into my bottom just as you instructed me to. 
I was completely hard in anticipation, my tip already wet, not knowing what to expect. When I slipped it in, I loved the warmth and glow I felt, not just at the opening, but inside as well. After a bit, a delicious pain accompanied the heat. I imagined you standing over me while I'm on all fours. You in crazy sexy boots, one foot over each of my ankles in effect confining me... unable to move my legs. You demanding that I describe every detail. 
As I tell you about the heat, you slip two fingers between your legs to spread your beautiful lips and let a little golden pee out so it rolls down my back and my thighs. After a bit, you then tell me to take some of the ginger and chew it mouth and lips on fire...and you press my face between your legs...feeling my warm tongue and lips on you...inside you. 
Taking your pussy lips between my tingling lips... pulling them...stretching them....sucking on them... pulling you open to reveal my Queen's treasure....your red, slippery, pulsating clit like a jewel to be...

                                    Source: via Cecilia on Pinterest

Thank you for my three tasks. I hope I have performed them to your satisfaction.
Be happy my Queen.

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