Monday, November 5, 2012

Submission - by GODDESS Manuela

"True strength lies in submission which permits one to dedicate his life through devotion to something beyond himself" - Henry Miller

The quote above summarises the essence of submission in My opinion. A sub's first question when approaching a Domme should always be " How could I please You Mistress? " , and not things like "will you punish me?" ," let me worship your pussy" , " spank me , fuck me , etc". 

Don't come to Me with the "do me" attitude , cause I'll show you the exit door. This is not about you , pathetic prick , serving means being interested about My needs and desires and doing your best to please Me.
Don't abuse My generosity and take up My time in free text chat. Show some respect and pay for the priviledge of having My attention. Always address Me in a polite manner and ask permission before entering or leaving My chat.
Submission is a state of mind first of all. You get born with it , you feel it inside from very young ages. 
A person can be trained into submission and taught about being a better sub , but no one can be forced into submission if his mind is not set to work that way. All D/s relationships are consensual in the end.
It is a common misunderstanding , that only weak people are submissive. That is totally wrong ! There are many powerful , influent , intelligent men and women that are submissive deep inside. 
The modern society expects men to not express uncertainty or weakness , so they keep it inside . Submission allows a man to express all sides of his personality in a safe way. The so called "forced submission" is about those who know deep inside that they're submissive , but they're not ready to admit it to themselves. 
Through "forced submission" (which is only a consensual roleplay ) , they are experiencing their submissive side without being held responsible for their actions.Of course , it's only a consensual roleplay . I'm not particulary interested in any kind of D/s roleplaying. This is My lifestyle and it's very real for Me. If you need to be forced into submission , therefore forced into pleasing Me , you're in the wrong place.

" If I accept you as you are , I will make you worse. However , if I treat you as you are what you're capable of becoming , I help you become that" - Goethe


  1. Where can I find this beautiful Mistress, I want to serve her now!

  2. you can register on this link: and you will be able to leave her messages to set-up an online session.