Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My Financial fetish....your obsession

Obsession can be a beautiful thing, when your obsession is ME. It’s easy to lose yourself in my world, consumed with the unending need to pleasure me. Pleasuring Goddess feels so amazing, it’s taken over your thought process, and turned you into a total drone whose sole mission in life is to earn slave wages which you can then serve to Me. I can’t help it that you’re completely obsessed and consumed by Me. I can’t help it that I put a spell on you and I’m just not going to EVER.. EVER… EVER… take it away. Oh no, it’s much more fun to keep you ensnared, trapped for me, under my control. A marionette for your Princess, so much fun to yank off the shelf and put to work serving me.

I know what you want right now, in this very moment in time. Nothing else matters but you and I, right here, right now. All that surrounds you are the words of your amazing brilliant and beautiful Goddess. The words that draw you in and make you tremble with need, and fear. The fear of losing complete control and the excitement of knowing that with ME you can. If only you open your mind to the power of my words, which is all that you can feel and see.. all that consumes you in this moment. This moment, filled with the electric rush of adrenaline that shakes your body as you give in and accept your weak, humble, submissive place kneeling before Me. 

This is the moment in which the you that you once knew is completely dissolved, gone from your body, and replaced by the BETTER, so much BETTER, version that I created. I created a BETTER.. more OBSESSED, more OBEDIENT, more LOYAL, more LOVING, more GENEROUS, more GIVING, puppet .. my own personal puppet.
Just like I’m your own personal obsession.
Running through your mind, on repeat. Constantly sabotaging your thoughts, never a moment without my voice softly taking over your complete being.
What an amazing feeling it must give you to have someone more important, more significant, to live for! Your entire life has new purpose, your existence is finally worth that you’re serving Me. Providing to My luxury with your financial sacrifice. And remember it really ought to be a sacrifice (but is it really a sacrifice when it makes Me happy).. a TRUE sacrifice, to show the depths of your love, your loyalty, your weakness, your submission.. for ME. For Goddess. 

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