Monday, June 11, 2012

First night

I like the night because of the view deprivation and the silence of your environment. If you stay long enough to listen the sounds of the darkness you may have a big surprise. Everything is different…especially your feelings can be overwhelming.
At 9 PM I have invited Slub to my place. He was frustrated and confused because for 1 week I didn’t answer his call, he left me a lot of messages, emails and nothing from my side. Until that evening.  I have called him in the morning and asked him to be at my place at that hour and bring something that he considers to be important to our future relation.
 I heard the bell ringing at 9.00 PM sharp. I knew at that point at least that evening will be exciting….I left him waiting at the other side of the door for a couple of minutes. 
I opened the door and invite him in. Before he had the chance to say something I asked him what he had brought for me. He handed me a small package, coved in black paper. Inside was a collar.
I got excited instantly…..
From that point I understood that his intentions were real, so real that he is giving me the power over him, not total of course but it’s a good start.
He was familiar with the BDSM world and the rules.  The basic rule of this type of commitment is to respect the other as much as you respect yourself or even more. To do everything in a manner that is safe, sane and consensual and never to try something with your partner that is not discussed and agreed upon. You must have always a clear judgment and take care of the other’s needs before yourself.  Respect other’s limits and never try to push it , unless he has been giving you the power to do that.
That evening we have discussed about all our needs, dreams, fetishes, limits and much more.  He was on his knees , with the collar put it on in a submissive state of mind and ready to start this journey.

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