Saturday, October 27, 2012

Welcome Slave, to the rest of your life...

I was looking for a online mistress to control most of my activities. I am such a slut that age doesn't matter.
I am also a sissy slut, I enjoy wearing female cloths and I would love for a mistress to send me things such as dildo's and panties, because even though I might seem confident on here, It's not the same case in real life, I am too afraid to go into a sex shop or even a panty store.
I have previously done many things like wearing my mothers panties. I had bought some nail polish and painted my toe nails. I would like a mistress who can help me and use me.
But with a lillte effort I found Her!
This webcam online femdom mistress is dominating , ruling and training me like the perfect sissy slave that I was not before I met her! I truly can’t even imagine what she will let me do today but I already know my humiliation on webcam is coming , and I will be completely humiliated and left on the floor!

Sissies, ATM’s piglets, Sugar Daddies. This live Goddess loves to dress you up, fuck you up, intoxicate you, abuse you, make you suck cum of real men from her panties (cuckold), DRAIN you completely. I promise – it will hurt you & you will be desperate and addicted… Financial webcam domination is becoming really even better than anything else !

You have to try a session with this Mistress and belive you will be intoxicated enough and completely addicted and depending on her!

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