Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fantasy of a slave

My fantasy starts with my unexpected call to travel to Romania on business. I call you right away and you graciously offer me a place to stay, and a day and night to spend together. I don’t want to impose, but you insist with a wink. Of course, I obey.

The day comes and I travel from the airport to a café where we’ve agreed to meet for coffee. I arrive and immediately recognize you… you’re the most beautiful woman there, the most gorgeous I’ve ever seen. I find you in a deep red leather skirt that hugs your thighs and hips and zips up the front. A white silk blouse with an extra button unbuttoned…I can see a red shelf bra underneath, and the shape of your nipples showing through. You have on a thin black leather belt, and simple, classic, 5” (I’d guess) black stiletto heels of course. Black painted nails and your hair up with a 

long hairpin. Deep red glossy lips that match your skirt and smoky eye makeup to accentuate your seductive chocolate-colored eyes. My heart beats faster… my breath short.

We actually have an enjoyable time as we get acquainted in-person. I can’t help staring at your face, down your blouse, at your legs, your feet…and you catch me looking you over. You pull a bag out and tell me to go to the washroom, that I’ll know what to do. I comply of course.

Inside, I find a jelly butt plug attached to a cock ring with a rubbery cord. I know just what to do. I spit on the plug and slip it into my bottom imagining your fingers pushing it in. It fits perfectly… it stretches my ass open with just enough discomfort to be erotic. I then tighten the cock ring around the base of my balls and cock. So tight that every time my cock throbs, I can feel the plug move a little in response. Almost like you are moving it a little bit in and out. I come back to the table. You look pleased and give me a very long, sexy kiss, telling me I’ve obeyed my Goddess well. You then poke a heel under my pant leg, and slowly run it up my calf, deliberately leaving a long red scratch on my skin. I love that it hurts.

You take my hand as we talk for a little while longer. While I’m trying to stay focused, all I can think about is going somewhere to get very sexual with you, and you with me. Right then, you notice that my watch is still on my ‘home’ time. You’re very unhappy with me. I can see it in your eyes and in your posture that you’re frustrated with me to let something so important be so wrong. You tell me we must leave immediately.

We start walking to your apartment…you’re one step ahead of me as I try to keep up with you. I can’t take my eyes off of the perfect curve of your body sheathed in leather even though I feel like I’m very much in trouble. We duck into a secluded alleyway and into the closest doorway. You tell me to unzip my pants. As soon as I do, you reach down and tighten my ring -- the pain and pressure is excruciatingly perfect. I zip up and we’re off again, this time a little harder to keep up due to my discomfort. I’m so hard I feel like could cum already, and my ass is beginning to throb in concert with my heartbeat.

We make it to your apartment… climbing the stairs is a little more painful than I expected : ) We get inside and you demand that I strip. You slip on a pair of over-the-elbow satin gloves and you look as amazing as any woman on earth has ever looked. ‘Oh, my queen’ I say as I drop to my knees in adoration. My cock rock hard and point straight up. So thick… the skin pulled so tight it’s shiny an incredibly smooth.

You put a collar on me and tighten it. It’s hard to breath at first. Cuffs on my wrists and ankles. You put me on all fours and use a cane on me, leaving red marks with every stroke. You make me say “I am Goddess Clara’s slave” “She is my beautiful Queen” “I am nothing without her”…..

You pause, help me up and grab my cock in your hand and squeeze as hard as you can to make a little pre-cum come out. You take it on your finger and feed it to me. You give me a kiss, our tongues sharing the saltiness, and tell me to go into the kitchen and get you a drink. When I come back, your skirt is unzipped up to the waist, and you’re wearing a strap-on. You look so in charge and confident. Like my wild huntress. You tell me you bought it just for us. You take your drink and lie down on the couch, taking an ice cube and rolling it over each of your nipples. You tell me to lie on the opposite side, facing you. I obey of course. You take off your little black belt and wrap the buckle end around the purple head of my cock and lie back down, holding the end of it like a leash, tugging, pulling. The sensation is insane.

You slide a heel between my legs, pushing on the plug with the stiletto tip… fucking me with it. You then put the heel on my balls and start to push. And push more. And push harder. You’re stoking your strap-on while you watch my expressions and listen to the sounds of pain and pleasure I’m making. You tell me to slip one of your heels off and worship it, then each toe… every detail of your foot. I happily comply, but the other stiletto crushing my balls, cutting into me, the cock ring so fucking tight, plug so warm and squishy is almost too much to bear.

You pull me to your end of the couch and kiss me. Then, demand I suck your cock. I hesitate, so you give your belt a hard snap like a whip, and of course I obey. You’re talking so dirty to me. I’ve never wanted to give a blow job, but you have me so turned on and in pain/pleasure, I jump right in. Only for you. You pull my head onto it and to my shock I can swallow it whole. You grab my hair and pull me back and forth until you’ve had enough.

You push me to the floor, my elbows on the couch, ass up in the air. You sit on the couch, legs spread in front of me. You slip your fingers into your soaking wet pussy and let me lick them clean. You taste so sweet… like nothing I’ve ever imagined. I’m on all fours and I know what’s coming. But you surprise me. You tell me you have to go to the bathroom. I expect you to get up, but instead, you push your pussy on to my face and tell me to not miss a drop. I feel my mouth filling with your piss…warm, no…hot, sweet and bitter and salty at the same time. Filling my moth… I can taste your sex mixed in. I drink in every drop using my tongue to make sure your clean and beautiful.

You come around behind me and pull out the plug that I’ve been enjoying all morning. My ass is wide open, waiting for you. Still covered with my spit you slip it inside me and fuck me. Pulling on my collar, swearing at me, choking he shit out of me. You are completely unleashed. Time stands still.. I don’t know how long this goes on for. I’m exhausted by your passion. Panting. Moaning. Smiling. Shaking.

You pull out of me, drop your strap on and help me to my feet. You tell me what a good slave I’ve turned out to be. How you love how well I take direction, and how well I can take your abuse. You take me by the wrist cuff to your soft bed and lay me on my back. You tie me to the bed. You slowly take off your shirt. Your blouse. Your bra to show me your complete beauty from head to toe. You are stunning my Queen. You slowly remove my cock ring and the blood rushes back in making me bigger and harder than I’ve ever been. As you hover over me, you take your hair pin out… your raven hair cascading over your bare shoulders. Sitting on the tops of my legs, my cock standing straight up, it rides against your belly as you move on top of me. You take the hairpin and start to poke me with the sharp end, leaving little bloody pokes on my chest, shoulders, nipples. You straddle me, your sex dripping onto my chest. You back onto my cock… your body is so warm, your skin so smooth, your smell so delicious. As you slide onto me, you push your tongue into my mouth, firmly taking mine between your teeth, biting my lip to draw blood.

You use me for your pleasure until you’re completely satisfied……it’s like an out of body experience as I see your eyes close, your thighs tighten, your body quiver and your pussy squeeze around me as you let out a final moan and your body relaxes in a heap on top of me.

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