Saturday, September 15, 2012


Here is truly BEAUTIFUL, INTELLIGENT, SOPHISTICATED, SMART, BITCHY, SPOILEDD, POSH woman. And for you this is a huge honor to be usefull and serve her, adore her beauty, shaped figure, long legs and long hair live on her BDSM chat room.
The BLACKMAIL(TEAM VIEWER) is her favorite thing to entertain herself. 
She is  specialised in financial slavery sissy training, forced bi, chastity, foot worship, heel worship, cuckolding, manipulation, humiliation, goddes worship and other fetishes. She might give you a chance to serve her and make you from useless loser to a more usfull pig.
So take it as rule : you must learn that pleasing her it's your only job and  worship your goddes its your single pleasure. 

CamContacts: HelenJonson

Im MISS_HELEN 25 yo,from London.Very skilled DOM WOMAN.

Here and now I give you a chance to be my slave. Isn't it your own dream to be abused by POSH, very beauitiful, sexy and, more over, smart as hell Mistress? MONEY SLAVERY sounds so nice and thrill minds, as mine, because  I love money more than ever, especially yours, because of your weakness to give everyything untill your last penny to your GODDESS, spoil her wishes and pay for her luxury life. And maybe you will recieve speacial treat like worshipping my feet or go shopping with ur GODDESS 

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  1. Really She must be obeyed and served

  2. I totaly agree with you. Maybe you should convince other slaves to obey her. I am sure that She will be quite pleased.

  3. I You tell me will try, but it's not easy. Each slave has diferent preferences.

  4. And what else I must do to please Her?

  5. My friend, this is not a question for me. You need to discuss all this details with the right Mistress. I can't tell you what to do or what to fell. There are plenty of Mistress out there so just find the right one for you. If I can help you with anything else just let me know.